Kpopalypse’s mysteries of k-pop: Kyla’s weight

Ever since Kyla from Pristin debuted, I’ve been receiving lots of questions about her.  Obviously interest in her is high because she’s part of Pledis’ hot new girl group Pristin as well as the new Kpopalypse sidebar girl for 2018.

It’s no secret: I am very unashamedly ideologically pro-Kyla.  I’m fed up with all these stick-skinny idols and I would like to see more Korean pop idols debut who look like Pristin’s Kyla, I believe that all idols should obviously strive for a healthy weight range such as the one that Kyla exhibits and this would contribute greatly to the health of the k-pop industry overall.  However, is my belief correct, or am I full of shit?  How much does Kyla actually weigh?  How can I request other idols to copy her weight if nobody even knows what it is?  Also, is Kpopalypse telling the truth that Kyla’s weight range is actually healthy?  Time for Kpopalypse to unravel the MYSTERIES OF KPOP and answer the burning questions that no other k-pop website dares to touch!

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How to support your favourite k-pop idols (without supporting their shitty agencies)

Everyone knows that all idols are perfect angels who can do no wrong and should be loved at all times.  Everyone also knows that every k-pop agency is mean and nasty and only exists to oppress idols and stop them from spreading their beautiful wings like a butterfly of k-pop love.  So naturally, inquiring minds wish to know: how does one support their favourite k-pop idol without supporting the mean nasty agency?  This post has the answers!

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Let’s talk about Apink’s Bomi and her Saturday Night Live appearance.

You’ve mostly all seen this by now, thanks to Asian Junkie’s spectacular true trufaxual journalistically true coverage of truth.  We all know what the problem with this is too.  However nobody really wants to talk about that, so Kpopalypse is going to go where other bloggers don’t dare and spell it all out for you motherfuckers.

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