Things Kpopalypse dislikes in music – R&B

Regular readers of the Kpopalypse roundup series and also the best/worst lists for each year have noticed a pattern forming.  Kpopalypse generally dislikes k-pop songs with R&B influences.  Why is this the case?

Not liking any particular musical style is of course completely fine and requires no justification.  However for those who would like to hear some reasons anyway for their prurient entertainment purposes, I have collected them below.  I hope you enjoy this completely self-indulgent post where I shit on one of k-pop’s favourite genres.

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Things Kpopalypse dislikes in music: Fender Rhodes

It’s the return of fun Kpopalypse technical learny posts that you all love!  In this episode of “I likey likey dis and I dislikey dislikey dat”, we’re going to find out all about the Fender Rhodes!


If you’ve been a regular reader of Kpopalypse roundup, you’ll know that a song featuring a Fender Rhodes is released about every week in k-pop lately, and that these almost universally receive negative write-ups.  But what exactly is a Fender Rhodes, and more importantly, why is its inclusion in a k-pop song synonymous with super-low song quality?  Read on to find out more!

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Things Kpopalypse likes in music: pedal-point harmony

Three things I have noticed about my readership:

  1. They would like to know what I’m talking about with some of my fancy-ass music terms
  2. They seem to dig my technical posts for some unknown reason
  3. They are interested in more information on why I like or dislike certain songs

So here’s a little post about pedal-point harmony – a musical term that I refer to quite often.  What the fuck is it?  Kpopalypse will explain all!  Although this is a music theory post, you won’t need to know anything about music to understand this post, because I’m going to attempt to explain pedal-point harmony in a way that any drooling fangirl can understand.  Or maybe not, but we’ll certainly talk a lot about drooling fangirls on the way, just for fun.  Don’t forget your napkin!


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