Kpopalypse’s music theory class for dumbass k-pop fans: part 8 – harmonics, equal tempered tuning and the circle of fifths

The Kpopalypse music theory post is back!  This post takes a look at harmonics, tuning systems and the circle of fifths!  What do harmonics have to do with tuning and the circle of fifths, how is the circle useful, and how would readers rank the Loona members if they had to allocate each one a pitch?  At least two of these questions are probably answered in this post!

This post combines some knowledge already shared in the posts about determining keys, harmony basics and timbre, and expands on these areas, so if you’re a music theory noob you may wish to read over those posts again so this one might then make more sense.  Of course if you’re just here for the k-pop references and stupid humour this may not bother you, and if you’re super-clever and already know this stuff you may not give the ass of a rodent – the choice is yours!

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