Kpopalypse’s stats, metrics and not-so-secret data-hoarding post for 2018!

Other websites like to keep their data away from prying eyes so they can sell it to third parties, use it to generate traffic in sneaky ways, or just to be general scumbags.  Not Kpopalypse – in this post I will share with you all the fun data collected about Kpopalypse traffic, readers and habits over the course of 2018, just for your entertainment!

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The Kpopalypse 2018 end-of-year survey!

It’s getting towards December and the start of the bullshit Christmas season, which means that most of the decent k-pop stuff for 2018 has probably already come out, so it’s time for Kpopalypse readers to have some fun and throw down with their picks for the 2018 Kpopalypse end-of-year lists!  Consider your favourite songs for the year and then do the very short survey below, or if no survey appears underneath the picture of T-ara’s Eunjung, click the picture itself to open the survey as a separate webform!

This survey will stay open until the publishing of the Kpopalypse honourable/dishonourable mentions lists in late December.  Vote and enjoy!