The Kpopalypse 2017 objectification survey!

It’s back again for another year – welcome to the Kpopalypse 2017 objectification survey!


(If the embedded survey doesn’t work, ensure Javascript is not blocked.  Also you can click here for a direct link.)

Kpopalypse’s anniversary fun, stats, metrics and data-mining post for 2016

Welcome to the 2016 stats post for Kpopalypse blog!


Other k-pop websites suck because they keep their super-secret stats a secret for sneaky data-mining purposes, or on-sell the data to annoying advertisers for quick pocket change, but Kpopalypse, being someone who gives very little fucks about web traffic or being popular or liked, is willing to share all his secrets!  Let’s take a look at Kpopalypse data for 2016 and celebrate another year of Kpopalypse blog!

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