Kpopalypse is going to KCON SYDNEY

Just a quick announcement to all readers that I’ll be in KCON SYDNEY this weekend, as KCON organisers have kindly given me a media pass for this event. I’ll be taking photos of your faves on the red carpet (yes you read that right), experiencing all the Korean cultural stuff and things, and checking out the Friday night concert with EXO, Girl’s Day and others. A full report will be posted when I return!

If any readers are going to KCON as well and see me and feel like saying hello, please do – just look for the caonima with no hair who does not fit in AT ALL.  Happy k-popping!

All about Three D Radio and Kpopalypse’s Radiothon

Astute and observant caonimas who regularly listen to the Kpopalypse radio show will note that every year I do one particular show where I talk a lot about listeners giving the radio station money and on that show I also give away a ton of my k-pop collection to people who do so.  If you’ve ever wondered what that’s all about, this is the post for you!

[Note: all views expressed in this article are Kpopalypse’s views only and do not represent those of Three D Radio as a whole.  Also it’s well-documented that the Kpopalypse website is full of shit very subjective and sometimes satirical.  Please read with this in mind.]

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