Kpopalypse dreams IV

The bite-size fanfiction series nobody asked for, Kpopalypse dreams returns again for episode four!  Read on and give yourself  “a new hope”, knowing that your dreams aren’t as fucked up as the ones in this post!


WARNING: if you’re actually the kind of person who requires warnings before blog posts, you’re a dickhead.

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Kpopalypse dreams III

Welcome to the third episode of Kpopalypse dreams, where Kpopalypse delves into the most disturbing depths of his subconscious mind to bring you entertainment!


TRIGGER ALERT: watch out if you’re offended by sex, violence, T-ara, dreams, k-pop, reading short things, reading long things, reading in general, thinking, the Internet, breathing, life, determination and/or pictures of people with Roman numerals on them.

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