Kpopalypse dreams V

The latest Kpopalypse survey is still going at the time of writing, but one of the overwhelming responses is that most readers think that the Kpopalypse dreams series is fuckin’ stupid.  I already knew this because my website stats don’t lie, but seeing it confirmed was amusing.  Naturally this has prompted me to finish Kpopalypse dreams V, because I blog for my own entertainment first and foremost!  Read on and enjoy the crazy, and perhaps be thankful that your k-pop related dreams are probably not this fucked up!

WARNING: these dreams are actually completely fucked.  You should probably stop reading now.

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Kpopalypse dreams IV

The bite-size fanfiction series nobody asked for, Kpopalypse dreams returns again for episode four!  Read on and give yourself  “a new hope”, knowing that your dreams aren’t as fucked up as the ones in this post!


WARNING: if you’re actually the kind of person who requires warnings before blog posts, you’re a dickhead.

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