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Show Me Love – a Korean pop fiction novel by Kpopalypse (Shin Hana book 1)

Estranged from her family and a target of relentless bullying, Hana endures one harrowing day at a time, fighting back in the Korean school system with no friends, no freedom and no aspirations for her future. When she is suddenly and inexplicably scouted by a talent agency, Hana sees the opportunity to escape, and leaps at the chance for inclusion in an unknown, yet-to-debut idol pop group. With nothing to lose, and potentially much to gain, the notoriously high-pressure training environment of the Korean pop industry couldn’t be worse than school… or could it? Can Hana close the door on her turbulent history to find peace, love and fulfillment, or will she be thrust forward into an even more violent future?

SHOW ME LOVE is the first novel from controversial Korean pop writer KPOPALYPSE and this book is completely fictional. You can trust us.

Paperback version – 402 pages, 127mm x 203mm

ISBN: 978-0-6457192-0-8
e-ISBN: 978-0-6457192-2-2


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Love Light – a Korean pop fiction novel by Kpopalypse (Shin Hana book 2)

Coming in 2024… or maybe later in 2023 if I really get my shit together…


Get to know the main characters of the Shin Hana series better with these candidate reports straight from the filing cabinet of True Miracle Entertainment’s friendly talent scout, Mr Choi:

CLICK HERE to read the original “Show Me Love” short story that inspired the series. Note that the novel “Show Me Love” is essentially the same story as this short story, just MASSIVELY fleshed out. Due to this, the short story does contain spoilers of the novel’s main plot arc, and vice versa if you read the novel first. However there is a lot of other material that is only in the novel, and a couple little things that are only in the short story.

Front cover and candidate report photo illustrations by Caius Augustus

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Show Me Love – short story draft version

This is the original short story version of “Show Me Love”, which was later expanded into a full novel.

Click here to pre-order the Show Me Love novel on Amazon (release date 1st March 2023).

Please note that the below story contains partial spoilers of the novel, as it is actually the same story in some respects (but not all). If you haven’t read this story yet, you may wish to read the novel first (or not, if you’re one of those weird people who actually enjoys spoilers).

DISCLAIMER: Trigger warning: everything.  I’m not even joking.  No, really.  Not joking about this.  So not joking.  You have been warned.

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POSITIVE post – Soojin (G-Idle)

Many people on the Internet say that Kpopalypse is a mean, nasty place full of bad things like worst-of-kpop lists, dull essays and links to leaked Blackpink songs, but as usual this is always a misinterpretation of my aims.  Nobody in the k-pop online world is more POSITIVE than Kpopalypse, and to prove it once again, it’s time for a new POSITIVE post!  Let’s look at all the POSITIVE things about G-Idle’s Soojin!

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Try Not To Have Gay Sex With Yves 3 – in 3D

Kpopalypse computer games are BACK for Pride Month!  Everybody loves a good 3D sequel, and everybody also loves gay sex, and while this game is actually neither of those things, you could still play it if you wanted!  Have fun controlling Chuu on her quest to have gay sex with Yves while you try to make her do the exact opposite – who will emerge the victor?  (Spoiler: probably not you.)

CLICK HERE (or click the picture of Yves and Chuu above) to download in Windows, Mac OSX, Linux or Android, or just run the play-in-browser version at the same link!

Enjoy, caonimas – and stan Loona!

The fourth Kpopalypse compilation of important Honey Popcorn drama reviews

Gosh, it’s been a quiet year for Honey Popcorn, with no comebacks from the group since last year’s excellent “De-aeseohsta“.  While there’s no denying that they’ve earned their rest, fans remain frustrated by the lack of information coming from the Honey Popcorn camp – who knows if or when this legendary k-pop group will resume their activities?  At least the girls have been very active in their Korean drama appearances, and as we all love a good k-drama, to tide you over through the comeback drought, Kpopalypse now presents to you this recap of all Honey Popcorn related drama activity within the last 18 months!

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