Kpopalypse dreams VI

After a long hiatus, Kpopalypse dreams is back!  The reason for the slow pace of this series is that I don’t have dreams about k-pop very often these days, but when I do, they’re still pretty fucked up.  Now that the ultimate in “wow, Kpopalypse really doesn’t give any fucks about popularity, self-respect or being liked” series is here again, it’s time now to delve deep into the subconscious of Kpopalypse, with sixteen bite-size fanfictions that I probably wouldn’t have thought up if I was awake at the time!

WARNING: this post is highly disturbing and contains content that should not be read by anyone.  Probably stop reading now.

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Escape From The Idol Dungeon: an adventure game by Kpopalypse

Are you ready for the new game by Kpopalypse?  Probably not, but here it is anyway!

Just click on the picture of ViVi above, or click here, to download the latest Kpopalypse game for FREE on!

System requirements: any old piece of shit toaster PC that runs Windows XP or greater, or MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion or greater.

Will not run on mobile devices.

Install size: 191 MB.

Although this game is FREE, you can support Kpopalypse on Patreon if you’d like to see more bullshit like this in the future!

Happy playing, caonimas!

The second Kpopalypse compilation of important Honey Popcorn drama reviews!

Shocking news has hit the world’s Korean pop fans – Honey Popcorn is going through some lineup changes.  Miko Matsuda has left the group in order to concentrate more fully on her drama career, and there are plans for new members to be added to replace her.  Now seems like a good time to update Kpopalypse readers on all the important drama productions that Honey Popcorn members have been involved in from the time of my previous drama reviews, up until this moment.

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The second KPOPALYPSE list of random girls in k-pop who I don’t find very attractive (but you might)

People are always asking me about some k-pop girl who I honestly don’t give a fuck about.  The first Kpopalypse list of girls who I don’t find very attractive fulfilled a valuable community service by letting you all know that there was no need to spam me questions about some random girl in k-pop who I don’t care about wearing a thing.  As the landscape of incredibly uninteresting women in k-pop has changed somewhat since the first list was published three years ago, here are now some more k-pop girls that I honestly don’t give a fuck about (even though you might), so now you can stop asking me about them because you will know exactly what I think.  Read on and enjoy – if you can stay awake!

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