Kpopalypse’s 10 most fappable k-pop music videos of 2020

Kpopalypse’s favourite songs of 2020Worst songs of 2020?  Nobody cares about that.  Despite the constant claims of k-pop fans that “Kpopalypse is so disgusting and creepy, I would never fap to idols”, I know what list you really want the most, just one look at any random day of website statistics tells me this.

Posts tagged “fap” represent a slim minority of all posts on this website, so there’s only one explanation for this trend – you’re all a pack of deviants.  So I don’t need to tell you to please enjoy the following post of Kpopalypse’s most fappable k-pop videos, as I know you definitely will!

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The fourth Kpopalypse compilation of important Honey Popcorn drama reviews

Gosh, it’s been a quiet year for Honey Popcorn, with no comebacks from the group since last year’s excellent “De-aeseohsta“.  While there’s no denying that they’ve earned their rest, fans remain frustrated by the lack of information coming from the Honey Popcorn camp – who knows if or when this legendary k-pop group will resume their activities?  At least the girls have been very active in their Korean drama appearances, and as we all love a good k-drama, to tide you over through the comeback drought, Kpopalypse now presents to you this recap of all Honey Popcorn related drama activity within the last 18 months!

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