Kpopalypse’s 10 most fappable k-pop music videos of 2015

Let’s be real for a moment and mention that apart from a few crybabies that can’t handle what I write, and a few other people who don’t follow k-pop closely and therefore appreciate the discovery value of finding stuff that they missed, nobody gives a shit about any of my lists apart from this one.  Favourite songs, worst songs?  Who the fuck cares about some Australian asshole’s opinion.  Christmas bullshit?  It’s a foregone conclusion that it all sucks, every year.  Don’t worry readers, I know what you really want.


The year has come and gone so now is the time you’ve been waiting for, where Kpopalypse reveals the most fappable faptastic k-pop FVs of 2015!  Prepare yourself appropriately and read on if you dare!


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Big boobs in k-pop guide part 3 – private parts investigations

In the never ending quest to determine boob size, Kpopalypse is back with the third big boobs in k-pop post!  Several new busty entrants in k-pop have appeared, plus there are still many existing idols who have not been covered.  Come on another journey into (or perhaps between) the breasts of your favourite Korean idols!


Be warned – this post is bigger than Qri’s implants, so it might lag a little on slower devices, like netizens’ brains.  Proceed with caution!

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Kpopalypse fashion class – polka dots

Hi there, cao ni mas!  Since Seoul Fashion Week is coming up soon, Kpopalypse is back with another episode of the much-loved Kpopalypse Fashion Class, and this time we’re delving into the fascinating world of polka dots!  This post contains all the trufax you need to know on how to use polka dots to enhance female boobs and look hot, or to make someone else look hot, with lots of k-pop girls as examples!  Grab yourself a drink and let’s get started!


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The KPOPALYPSE list of random girls in k-pop who I don’t find very attractive (but you might)

I’m a very positive person, and I never intended to write about the idols that I dislike.  However, since making idiots upset is super funny, and everyone keeps fucking asking me about this fucking shit like it’s any of their concern, here’s a list of some random popular girls in k-pop that I DON’T find attractive, and why.  Note that this is only what I think of their appearance, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like them as people, after all who knows what their personalities are really like.


This short list will probably upset some people, but hey, shit happens.  If you think you can handle it, read on!

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It’s been a year since the last Kpopalypse ass post, so that means we’re due for an update!  What’s changed in the world of k-pop ass?  Which k-pop asses are generating the highest amount of faps?


The results from the Kpopalypse ass survey are in and it’s time to find out the greatest k-pop ass masterpieces of 2015!  Read on and discover the trufax about k-pop ass!

WARNING: post contains lots of high quality GIFS of ass, they take a while to load!

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Kpopalypse fashion class – school uniforms

It’s coming up to Seoul Fashion Week yet again, so that’s a good excuse as any other for another episode of Kpopalypse Fashion Class!


We all know how fashion articles on other k-pop sites usually go – inane boring light-on-content list-post clickbait bullshit.  Instead, why not experience a fashion article that has actual information in it and experience what many other k-pop websites could potentially be like if they stopped catering to 12-year old fuckwads?  Also as a bonus, you can either perv on the pictures of hot k-pop girls, or learn how to look like a hot k-pop girl worth perving on by others!  Could this post be any more perfect?  Read on and find out!

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Kpopalypse girl group bias list compendium

I asked people a few days ago for questions that I could use to expand my FAQ.  Obviously I wasn’t thinking straight because I woke up today and realised “that’s right – nobody fucking reads FAQs”.  I also noticed that a large proportion of the questions I get generally are bias questions from people just asking me which girls I prefer in which k-pop girl groups.  So because I get ultra-sick of answering these questions because I get them constantly, here’s a big list of girl group members and who I like and don’t like so I can link people.  If you’ve asked me a question and I’ve sent you a link to this post, it’s because the answer to your question is here, so read on!

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