I’m in D-D-D-D-Danger – truth, fiction and f(x)

Fans of f(x) are always complaining about the group getting minimal comebacks and basically being neglected by SM in various ways compared to the label’s other flagship groups.  Is it true?  If so, what’s the reason for it?  Could things be changed for the better?  I thought it would be fun to explore the answers and possibilities in a fictional story about f(x) fans and their hopes and dreams.

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I live in Australia, which is a country where we don’t have many of those fancy “rights” things, like what some of you other swanky posh countries get.  Freedom of speech enshrined in the law?  Not fucking likely, cunt.  Right to bear arms?  You can’t even carry around a gun that fires fucking vegetables.  And if they arrest you for carrying that super-deadly shit, you don’t even have the right to remain silent, you filthy fucking criminal scum.  I’m jealous of you folks who live elsewhere and can just whip out the old “you’re infringing on my legal rights” line when the shit goes down, that’d be some cool shit to be able to do around where I live.  Australians are pretty much lucky if we’re not in jail 24/7.  Oh wait.

All of this harsh oppression that I experience daily (exacerbated by my heritage which is German and Chinese, two countries well versed at various periods in history with “shut up and lie in that ditch over there” so you can imagine what my upbringing was like) means that I sympathise heavily with anybody anywhere who flaunts their legal (or imagined) right to act like a complete cuntfaced bitch in public.  Latest exhibit: Sulli of f(x).


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