Help for k-pop websites who don’t know exactly what to write about Sulli

Sulli’s death is a big thing in the news right now.  Tragic, right?  Of course we’re all very upset about this horrible incident, me included.  Having lost several friends and even a partner to suicide, the issue is quite close to my heart.  However finding exactly the right thing to write about someone’s suicide on a k-pop website is hard.  Kpopalypse is here to give website owners a hand so they can maximise their web traffic heartfelt and entirely appropriate feelings of mourning during this awful time.

Look at this picture of Sulli.  One image is worth a thousand clicks.

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Kpopalypse language class – The Korean alphabet

It’s a constant source of embarrassment to me that I DJ a k-pop radio show yet I can’t speak a word of Korean.  I’ve got no plans to go to Korea or anything like that, but it sure would be nice to be able to read CD album liner notes and pronounce track titles correctly.  Also, it’d be great not having to rely on shady Netizenbuzz articles with creepy anti T-ara editorialising from NB herself in them for my netizen translations – it’d be especially nice to cut that particular umbilical cord.  Learning Korean language has been on my to-do list for a while now, but the trick is – how to get motivated to learn this shit as well as fit it into the rest of my busy schedule?  So I thought I’d make myself a blog post about it.


I always find that I memorise things much better if I’m forced to write down or type out the stuff, so by making this little alphabet post, it’ll (theoretically) help me to remember the Korean characters and how they sound.  So this affair isn’t one-sided and you the reader also get some value out of this even if you don’t necessarily give a shit about learning Korean yourself, I’ll use each letter as an excuse to extrapolate a bit on some things that are Kpopalypse-related that I’ve been asked about or that may be of interest to readers (or not).

Note: your browser/computer obviously needs to support Korean text reproduction or you ain’t gonna see shit.

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EXO bullied Kris out of the group: the ironclad evidence*

Like everybody else who follows k-pop, I’ve been reading about Kris leaving EXO, after all it’s been pretty fucking impossible to avoid.  In fact it’s even interrupted my blogging schedule – I had a completely different blog about 80% completed and then this fucking shit turned up and crashed the blogging party, demanding that I write about it, simply because I know people will not stop asking me about this stuff if I don’t write about it.

While I honestly have no major emotions about EXO in any particular direction (other than at least “Overdose” is better than “Growl”), it’s been vaguely interesting to watch the reaction to their line-up situation in Korea.   Many people are calling Kris lazy and sticking up for the rest of the group… but a thought occurred to me: if it were a female group, this would never happen.  Whether it’s T-ara, Girl’s Day5Dolls, miss A, Sistar, Jennie Kim, SNSD, Crayon Pop… it doesn’t matter which group it is, when a member is having trouble, that member is an angel and the rest must therefore be evil bullies.  Because anonymous people on the Internet said so.


I thought it would be interesting (to me, maybe not to you or anyone else but oh well) to turn the tables.  How would the EXO/Kris situation be received by the hive-mind if they were judged by the same standards that netizens use to judge female groups?  Read on in the following hypothetical scenario (I have to bold this part or some dumb motherfuckers won’t understand the point of this blog) and find out.

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POSITIVE post: 3 people who I like in k-pop right now

I’ve recently been alerted to the fact that some people think my k-pop blogging is “negative” and that I’m just hating on everything I can for cheap jokes and generally getting off on being a rude and unpleasant person.  Gosh, what a strange perception.  This is obviously untrue as clearly someone who genuinely hated k-pop wouldn’t spend so much time writing about it, so why are some people so easily confused about this?

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