Kpopalypse dreams VI

After a long hiatus, Kpopalypse dreams is back!  The reason for the slow pace of this series is that I don’t have dreams about k-pop very often these days, but when I do, they’re still pretty fucked up.  Now that the ultimate in “wow, Kpopalypse really doesn’t give any fucks about popularity, self-respect or being liked” series is here again, it’s time now to delve deep into the subconscious of Kpopalypse, with sixteen bite-size fanfictions that I probably wouldn’t have thought up if I was awake at the time!

WARNING: this post is highly disturbing and contains content that should not be read by anyone.  Probably stop reading now.

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Important checklist

Hi, caonimas!  It’s Kpopalypse once again, this time coming through with a quick but important checklist.

Hopefully this is useful reference material to some of you.  Feel free to refer to this handy checklist when making decisions about which k-pop related people to stan for on your social network of choice.  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

Oh, and I just got a new phone recently.  It’s great!  Just coincidence.