Kpopalypse’s 2020 clearing house roundup post!

Welcome to the Kpopalyspe 2020 clearing house post!  This post contains not only the last week’s worth of songs, but also earlier tracks from 2020 that missed being featured in Kpopalypse roundups but were eligible!  It’s not a complete list (I received literally over a thousand submissions and there’s no way I can cover everything, Kpopalypse roundup is NOT meant to ever be a “complete” look at everything, that’s impossible) but it’s all the stuff that I figured people would care about most.  Let’s take a look!

BTOB’s Ilhoon is our final scan-dol for 2020, depicted here showing fans how to make a rollie that stays together for hours using a simple sticky-backed envelope.

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The fourth Kpopalypse compilation of important Honey Popcorn drama reviews

Gosh, it’s been a quiet year for Honey Popcorn, with no comebacks from the group since last year’s excellent “De-aeseohsta“.  While there’s no denying that they’ve earned their rest, fans remain frustrated by the lack of information coming from the Honey Popcorn camp – who knows if or when this legendary k-pop group will resume their activities?  At least the girls have been very active in their Korean drama appearances, and as we all love a good k-drama, to tide you over through the comeback drought, Kpopalypse now presents to you this recap of all Honey Popcorn related drama activity within the last 18 months!

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The Kpopalypse 2020 end of year survey!

Here’s a short survey to entertain you while you wait for the Kpopalypse 2020 end of year lists!

Click pirate Eunha to do the survey!  I’ve also embedded the survey below just in case you’re trying to do it on a phone that is a piece of asspaper.

The survey will remain up until the Kpopalypse honourable/dishonourable mentions list is published, which will be after Christmas – enjoy, caonimas!

Kpopalypse’s site stats, metrics and general nerdy jerking off post for 2020

All k-pop websites give their owners lots of stats, data and metrics, but most website owners keep their data safe and secure so they can then on-sell it to advertisers to shove useless products up your ass.  Kpopalypse however has no advertising and doesn’t really give a flying fuck about licking the sweaty ballsack of some SEO company, so each year I allow you the lovely reader to enter deep into the rabbit hole of my website stats purely for your entertainment!  Let’s take a look at Kpopalypse website stats for 2020!

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