Kpopalypse’s guide on how to write fanfiction (or any fiction) that doesn’t suck balls

Those of you who are regular readers of Kpopalypse dot com have probably noticed that I like writing fiction from time to time, and that I can write a bit, and as many readers will know I’m now working on a full-length novelisation of the most recent Kpopalypse fiction “Show Me Love” so writing fiction is very much on my mind right now. However I know it’s also on the minds of my readers – over the years many such readers have asked me “Kpopalypse, I write fiction stories but they kind of lick crusty assholes, how can I write fiction stories and make them better?” This post contains all the useful things that I think are important to know about and that I like to keep in mind when writing. If you follow it, it may make your stories better – or maybe it won’t. Read on and find out!

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