A site created by me so I can write about k-pop related stuff.  Most of it is just random shit that I felt like writing. All of it is primarily for my personal amusement, although if you like it too, that’s fantastic and I love you.


Warning: certain posts might occasionally be considered offensive, if you’re an easily offended fucking cunt maybe go read something else instead, thanks.

Oh, and don’t forget to read the FAQ!

Postal address (send toilet paper!): Kpopalypse, PO BOX 2 Brooklyn Park SA 5032 Australia

Do you have red-hot information about the k-pops but are worried Google or Microsoft’s employees might sell you out to [insert k-pop agency with ties to organised crime here]?  Send ultra-hot tipoffs, interview requests, media enquiries etc to my high-security Protonmail: kpopalypseoppar@proton.me

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31 thoughts on “About

  1. I just wanted to let you know that you are my absolute FAVORITE. I read some of your stuff over on asianjunkie and was like NEED MOAR!!! Lol just wanted to let you know that I really like your writing and I think you awesome. Good Day to you Miss. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say I like your posts, I like opinionated posts on the Kpop industry. There needs to be more.

    I hope when you have the time, you can check out some of mine plus I’m still writing my travel entries when I went to Korea last year. I’d appreciate if you took a look 🙂

  3. As much as I love some K-pop groups/ singers/ songs, it’s frustrating to see crazy fans and their annoying blind love for idols. It’s very rare to see critical comments on an idol’s work, the industry etc. Thank you for your logical, rational, detailed and insightful writing on the K-pop industry. I’m really glad to have found someone who approaches the industry like me. Please do continue your work! Love reading it!

  4. You literally make me cry laughing! And can I say that your sense of humour is impecable! I lost it at “if you’re an easily offended fucking cunt maybe go read something else instead, thanks” 😂

  5. Hi, I just want to say I stumbled upon your blog, read a few of your posts, and have decided you are a GENIUS. HAHA. Seriously though, I love your opinionated writing and you know what you’re talking about (in terms of music, and what goes behind it all as opposed to just being a very dedicated fan). Looking forward to your future works and thoughts!

  6. I love your douchey language. It’s easily deserved and warranted because you actually know your shit and raise some good points, so it’s like yeah whatever…this guy can talk like an asshole if he wants to. He earned it!

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  8. Seriously, I’ve found my match in sass. If only people liked sarcasm, wit and the guts to call bullshit bullshit, my (kpop) site would have more personality (and readers). It seems like if a writer/blogger/journalist wants to quell their own fire, they can get paid for high society gigs. But if we want to shout it out loud, make our cheekiness or dissatisfaction known, we get stuck with the ‘hobbyist’ (read unpaid) route. Whatever, it’s just kpop, man LOL.

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  13. Can I just say I LOVE your blogs! You’re so funny and I can definitely count on you to cheer me up! I love your sass and humour and I’ll for sure be sticking around! I’ve been wanting to do Kpop blogs myself.

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