Kpopalypse & AustralianSana podcast – 5th May 2023

Kpopalypse & AustralianSana are back for another podcast!

Timestamps below!

0:00 – Introduction: What is AustralianSana drinking tonight?
1:42 – Is Coke really as tasty as NewJeans said?
6:28 – Twice’s Australian concert
12:43 – Casting the “Show Me Love” movie, and biases
16:04 – Obligatory BTS ramble/conspiracy theory assessment section
25:13 – Parallels between Tate’s supposed trafficking methods and shadier kpop agencies?
31:55 – Did NCT Dream capture AustralianSana’s attention given that their target demographic is “auntie fans”?
34:25 – Can AustralianSana replicate Kazuha’s ballet moves from Le Sserafim choreographies?
36:13 – SM, Karina and puritanism (where Kpopalypse somehow mixes up Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs despite being the sober one)
41:43 – Possibility of longer topic discussions?
42:30 – K-pop lawsuits, fandom overreactions and the C-word
44:19 – Garam bullying situation and HYBE
48:41 – Kim Lip crying in Chicago when the audience chanted for Vivi
50:13 – Star Wars Jedi order filled with pedophiles?
54:08 – Nile Rodgers is officially nugu
56:35 – Can AustralianSana or Kpopalypse solve a rubix cube? Fuck no, we got other shit to do.
57:29 – AustralianSana’s favourite horse breed is…
57:43 – Ugly dresses for the bridesmaids? Features highly problematic colour discussion where AustralianSana doesn’t respect Kpopalypse’s visual impairment tsk tsk
1:03:30 – Does AustralianSana get accused of having a white saviour complex?
1:04:30 – If your legal name was Harry Potter, would you try to change it?
1:04:46 – Nobody in Australia under the age of 80 uses “dinky di”, seriously.
1:05:24 – Do you look into the toilet bowl before you flush it?
1:05:40 – If somebody rooted a clone of themselves (made in a lab), would you consider that to be incest?
1:05:56 – Daemon Targaryen from House of the Dragon, fappable?
1:06:30 – M&Ms suppositories
1:06:54 – Wrestling questions
1:10:18 – Conclusion, also give us money uwu

Thanks to all readers who submitted questions!

Do you have a topic for the AustralianSana and Kpopalypse podcast series?  If so, use the question box below!  If no box appears, you can use the Yeojin link on the sidebar to submit your topic request!  Stay safe, caonimas!

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