The 2022 Kpopalypse mega boring annual site data post for OCD nerds

Many k-pop websites care very much about likes, clicks, engagement and as such they guard their site data carefully so they can sell it to advertisers or use it to make sneaky marketing decisions. Not Kpopalypse, who doesn’t give a fuck about anything apart from being a caonima, and happily shares all site data each year for your entertainment! It’s that time again, so let’s take a look at all the site statistics that are relevant to kpopalypse dot com!

Firstly, let’s take a look at the yearly visit count!

Kpopalypse dot com reached its visitor peak six years into its ten-year history, and has been sliding downhill ever since, as old-school k-pop fans who have read the site for years gradually move onto other things and newer k-pop fans don’t feel a need to visit kpopalypse dot com as it goes against everything their favourite k-pop agency’s marketing tells them. However viewcounts have recently leveled off at approximately 1,142,069 views per year, which seems to be about the right number for a site like this. Note that because this data post is created in mid-December, not late December, the 2022 count unlike previous years doesn’t include the effects of the very popular end of year lists, once this is factored in the popularity of the site is probably going to be about the same this year compared to last. Not that it matters to me, this site carries no advertising so I don’t really gain anything tangible by being more popular or less popular. It is nice that people visit though, so thank you for being here and reading this!

What countries visited this site the most in 2022?


A trend I’m noticing here is less views per country, but spread more evenly across more countries overall. Realistically nobody is going to beat the USA for k-pop view of an English language k-pop site any more than anyone is going to beat Wonho for objectification survey results over the next few years. Countries with less than 1000 views haven’t been included here because they do not meet required standards and need to reflect.

Here’s the usual compilation of loser countries who only visited the site once this year and never again:

Never go to these countries. If you live in one of these countries, please stage a coup and overthrow your government, and put in something which requires mandatory visits to Kpopalypse dot com for all k-pop fans thank you. North Korea still gets the booby prize (or maybe the lack of boobies prize) for being the only country in the world that has never visited here ever, clearly I need to post more Irene content so I can get the one man in the country who actually has Internet access to visit.

What sites brought the post people to kpopalypse dot com?

As you can see, most of my traffic comes from people searching for content, and very little of it comes from site referrals, because most places are way too scared to drop a link to my site on theirs. But, what could those people who ended up on my site be searching for? K-pop song reviews? Commentary on the latest k-pop news and events? Information on nugus, perhaps? Guides on how to be the best, kindest and smartest k-pop fan they can possibly be? Could you guess? Here’s the list of the top trending search terms for the year that brought people here…

Hmmm, I think I notice a theme with most of these. For those of you who searched “kpopalypse funny looking” I hope I met required funny looking standards.

What were the most popular individual posts?

There’s definitely somewhat of a theme emerging here as well, k-pop fans and their interest in ‘fashion’ is noted, you can trust Kpopalypse to keep bringing you content! Other than this, best and worst lists performed predictably well, my interview with Eric from The Boyz’ alleged bully victim had a lot of traffic this year mainly because fans of The Boyz keep finding that post and being horrified by it every few weeks, and my k-pop concert guide also did well, probably because so many k-pop concerts have been such a fucking travesty this year and people could really use the advice on how to get through one.

Here’s the most popular sites by post tag type. Ignore the “views” which should just be considered a relative popularity gauge rather than a reflection of actual viewcount. Notice “nugu alert” doesn’t feature anywhere, it’s true what I say that nobody reads those posts.

So let’s now look at the traffic flowing in the other direction – what do people click on the most, after they visit here?

It makes sense that most people visit YouTube given the amount of embedded videos on this site, and gosh that’s a lot of traffic being directed over to Asian Junkie dot com, he really should be linking me a little bit more given how much I link his site, a few links wouldn’t kill him, he clearly needs to reflect tsk tsk ahem.

To finish this post, now it’s time for the top ten “blind YouTube clicks” – what YouTube videos did Kpopalypse troll encourage you all into visiting the most this year in order to enhance your life and expand your cultural awareness?

10 – Public Image Ltd. – Rise – 214 views

9 – Goodfellas ‘funny guy’ scene – 216 views

8 – NCT127 ‘Sticker’ – rock version by Naomi King – 219 views

7 – Tiffany Young – I Just Wanna Dance – 231 views

5 – Refinery39 – Tiffany Young drinks gross shots while singing – 297 views

4 – John Cage ‘4:33’ performed by William Marx – 315 views

3 – Necro – Licinpusse – 326 views

2 – Sechskies ‘Chivalry’ – live on MBC Top Music – 359 views

Let’s finish up with some all-time-stats!

Yay! That’s all for this post – hopefully you’ve enjoyed this look at website stats! Kpopalypse shall return!

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