Kpopalypse & AustralianSana podcast – 11th August 2022

Kpopalypse & AustralianSana are back for another podcast!

Timestamps below!

0:00 – Introduction where we confirm the Internet is actually working, and apologise for being a couple of slack bitches… just kidding, no we don’t
2:26 – AustralianSana on the BTS anthology/hiatus/future directions
11:11 – NewJeans, how creepy is their concept, really?
20:25 – Starship and marketing to uncle/noona fans with IVE and Boyfriend
26:04 – How much responsibility should public figures take for the actions of their fans?
34:27 – BREAKING: AustralianSana mistaken for a Russian prostitute while living in Korea
36:31 – Dreamcatcher’s climate change message?
37:24 – AustralianSana at the Coridel meeting in 2016, all the SM employees who lurk this site just skip straight to this bit
42:29 – Do you think that Pledis girl groups After School and Pristin would’ve gotten treated better under HYBE?
43:00 – BTS tea request… does AustralianSana have any she hasn’t disclosed yet?
51:04 – A message for BTS casual fans?
52:57 – Do BTS do hard drugs?  I mean, they obviously smoke weed, but…
55:55 – Sebastian Stan – fappable?
56:47 – Taxidermy for pets?
57:16 – Is IVE’s demographics a good indication of current k-pop marketing trends?
1:03:47 – Sorry, we still don’t like Bruce Willis.  Listen to his shit pre-acting-fame music here if you dare.
1:05:16 – Are songs entirely in English really “k-pop”?  What defines a “k-pop” song?
1:08:26 – Cancellation of Australian daytime TV soap opera show “Neighbours”
1:09:26 – Differences between Earth and Kwangya?
1:09:53 – Saying “cunt” is now a bannable offence on Twitter, allegedly. As an Australian does this make you feel discriminated?
1:10:21 – Jae from Day6 calling Jamie a “thot”
1:17:41 – Apink’s “Dilemma” delayed due to bullying accusations – why are bullying accusations such a big thing in k-pop?
1:22:28 – Kpopalypse tunes out while AustralianSana talks about Olympic figure-skating
1:25:47 – Jeju Island: what’s the big deal?
1:26:38 – Girls On Top – why no CSJH f(x) members?
1:27:41 – Squid Game [spoilers]
1:30:22 – Is the Snuffleupagus real?
1:31:19 – Are Mnet survival shows the Call Of Duty of k-pop?
1:32:02 – Favourite idol group from a survival show?
1:34:15 – Astrology is “space racism”?
1:34:51 – Wrestling questions because AustralianSana linked the question form to her wresting social media account
1:36:48 – SCROTUM SKIN
1:38:17 – Conclusion

Thanks to all readers who submitted questions!

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