The Kpopalypse 2022 Objectification Survey results part 3 of 4 – best FEMALE and MALE LEGS in k-pop

It’s time for the third part of the Kpopalypse Objectification Survey results! Let’s take a look at k-pop’s best legs for 2022!

Is it true that k-pop fans really enjoy treating their favourite idols like objects? Of course they do! Just remember fans, that your bias is not an object – they are a person… with great legs! Let’s take a look at the best k-pop legs for 2022!

As per last year, voters were asked to choose up to three nominees in each category, best first, and points were allocated as per the following system:

  • Your first choice was weighted 100% higher than your second choice
  • Your second choice was weighted 66% higher than your third choice
  • If you doubled or tripled on choices, only the first choice was counted
  • Choices after the third were disregarded in all cases

Scores were then tallied to give the final results across all categories.

The four results posts are as follows:

Part 1: FEMALE BOOBS and MALE ABS/TORSOclick HERE for the results!

Part 2: FEMALE and MALE ASSESclick HERE for the results!

Part 3: FEMALE and MALE LEGS – this post!

Part 4: OVERALL MOST ATTRACTIVE FEMALES and MALESclick HERE for the results!

Remember folks – that if you object to any of the choices here, you only have yourselves to blame as these were 100% your votes, not mine.  Kpopalypse does not even cast a vote – these are NOT my picks but YOURS, and this isn’t like a rigged Korean TV show where the “judges” get a say and can overturn fan opinion.  If you want to see a certain result, then it’s your responsibility to spread the surveys to the people who are going to vote for your faves!




226 points

(2021 position – #1)

For the second year in a row, Twice’s Tzuyu tops the results!  Tzuyu certainly gave Kpopalypse readers the “feels” this year, as she hung onto the top spot by the thinnest of margins.


222 points

(2021 position – #6)

Eunha showed improved performance across all categories this year, and none more so than the legs category, where she rocketed up massively in the polls and came within a whisker of dethroning Tzuyu!  Just one vote for Eunha would have changed the order of this list, so if you didn’t vote for Eunha but really wanted to, now is your time to reflect and return with more mature voting in 2023!


165 points

(2021 position – #4)

Always a very strong performer in the legs category, Hwasa’s curves once again made a big impact on Kpopalypse readers, allowing her to cruise into an easy third place.


133 points

(2021 position – #10)

From here on out, very few votes separate any of the female contenders.  Red Velvet have had a very busy past 12 months, and voting for them has been strong.  Seulgi had no problems climbing a bunch of places in the legs category this year and edging above the pack.


132 points

(2021 position – did not chart)

Kpopalypse objectification surveys consistently favour veteran/older artists due to the site’s more mature audience (just look at the amount of barely-active second-generation artists who still consistently chart), and it’s extremely unusual for a k-pop performer to hit picture status straight out of debut.  Le Sserafim’s Kazuha is a notable exception who has smashed her way to the top tier of the polls after only a few months of activity, she probably has a big future ahead of her as a top-tier k-pop visual given her performance here.


129 points

(2021 position – #3)

Increasing competition in the legs category this year certainly explains why Joy lost a few spots, but don’t read too much into it, as the distance between her and the next two places up was less than one vote!  In any event she still performed impressively and remains a clear legs favourite of surveydoers.


125 points

(2021 position – #7)

Maintaining her position in a highly competitive field, Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon may not have saved all our environments just yet but she certainly saved herself seventh place in the Kpopalypse legs survey!


117 points

(2021 position – #8)

Did I mention that Kpopalypse objectification surveys consistently favour veteran/older artists?  I believe that I did, but just in case you need a reminder, Nana is still relevant to readers of this site nearly a decade after she stopped doing… well, pretty much anything except swanning around with handbags on her Instagram.  My readers mostly don’t give a flying fuck about some trendy new artist, they just want an Orange Caramel reunion.


110 points

(2021 position – #17)

Readers however always have lots of time for voting for their favourite Twice members, and this year Sana performed well in the legs category and gained several chart places!

#10 – MOMO – TWICE

103 points

(2021 position – #19)

It was definitely a big year for Twice in the legs category, and Twice’s Momo also gained several spots.  You don’t need to be a scientist to figure out that there’s plenty of Twice fans among Kpopalypse’s readership!

#11 – YUJIN – IVE

90 points

(2021 position – did not chart)

A surprise new entrant, I guess Kim Garam was right that IVE wouldn’t achieve the heights of Le Sserafim, at least where this poll was concerned.  Yujin’s performance however is still very impressive given that very few new groups entered this or any other category in the polls this year.


87 points

(2021 position – #12)

If this poll were my picks and not yours, Twice’s Jeongyeon would be a lot higher, and your bias would be a lot lower, but it isn’t, so Jeongyeon only gets to hang onto her position from last year.

#13 – YVES – LOONA

85 points

(2021 position – #13)

Did you know that this is the third year that Loona’s Yves has been at the thirteenth spot in the legs cateogry?  Perhaps it’s an omen, Loona’s CEO had better watch out or Yves might sneak into his room while he’s sleeping and use those thighs to crack his neck Uma Thurman in Kill Bill style if she doesn’t get better backstage snacks and more Chuu time.  Anyway my gf walked in while I was writing this and said “nice shoes, I like the preppy look” so according to her Kpopalypse readers have taste!


#14 – Mina – Twice

#15 – Ryujin – Itzy

#16 – Hyomin – T-ara

#17 – Lisa – Blackpink

#18 – Wonyoung – IVE

#19 – Seolhyun – AOA

#20 – Sunmi – ex-Wonder Girls

#21 – Choa – ex-AOA

#22 – Sooyoung – Girls’ Generation

#23 – Nayeon – Twice

#24 – Chaeryeong – Itzy

#25 – Shuhua – (G)I-dle

#26 – Hani – EXID

#27 – Aisha – Everglow

#28 – Giselle – aespa

#29 – Eunjung – T-ara

#30 – Karina – aespa

#31 – Yoona – Girls’ Generation

#32 – Yuna – Itzy

#33 – Yura – Girl’s Day

#34 – Swan – Purple Kiss

#35 – Yuna – ex-AOA

#36 – Sua – Dreamcatcher

#37 – Umji – Viviz

#38 – Irene – Red Velvet

#39 – Jiu – Dreamcatcher

#40 – Isa – StayC

#41 – Uee – After School

#42 – Jinsoul – Loona

#43 – Mijoo – ex-Lovelyz

#44 – Seunghee – ex-CLC


Of course we’re only halfway done – now it’s time once again to take a look at some hunky trunks of man-meat – yes, it’s time for the male legs category!




690 points

(2021 position – #1)

Here he is.  I know this is the same ‘leg day’ video I linked last year, but I think it’s important to have regular reminders about how to keep your legs in shape.  I initially felt proud of myself when I watched this video and noticed he was doing 240 kgs on the leg press because I thought “ha, that’s no big deal, I can do 240, so what, he ain’t that good” and then he was like “well, that’s warmup over, time to lift some actual weight” and increased it to 360, holy shit.  Thanks to those of you who voted for me in this category, I’m honoured but clearly I have much to learn from the master.


133 points

(2021 position – #16)

Haechan from NCT had a fantastic year in 2022… okay, not compared to Wonho, but certainly compared to everyone else. 


126 points

(2021 position – #2)

Still polling well but pretty short on fanservice, at least we get to finally see some Shindong knee flesh thanks to those Squid Game cosplays, hopefully this is enough for you to get your fap on.

#4 – KAI – EXO

119 points

(2021 position – #4)

Most of the other k-pop men were just as low on fanservice this year however.  It’s little wonder that Wonho is scooping the polls.  Make an effort, men!  Still, reader favourite Kai did manage to do just enough in the public eye to hang onto his position.


109 points

(2021 position – #11)

Stray Kids members did quite well this year, with Lee Know shooting way up in the legs polling.  Maybe it’s my reputation as a Stray Kids fan (even though I only like about 2.5 of their songs) which is bringing more fans to the site who then vote for Stray Kids members in the survey.  Or maybe Lee Know’s legs really are that good.


104 points

(2021 position – #18)

It’s definitely not any bias of mine that’s bringing Seventeen fanvotes in, given how their songs usually get shat on in roundup.  Seventeen did a lot better in the surveys however, and DK ascended to picture status for 2022!


95 points

(2021 position – #6)

Slipping a placing but actually gaining slightly on his votes from last year, BTS’ Jungkook is a regular entrant in the legs category and probably isn’t going anywhere soon.

#8 – WOW – A.C.E

93 points

(2021 position – #3)

Believe it or not, there was a time just two short years ago when WOW from A.C.E. ousted Wonho for the #1 position in the legs category.  No chance of that happening in 2022 because he just doesn’t do fanservice anymore – I had to dig deep in the archives just to bring you the above picture and video.  Here’s hoping he can pick up the pace and be a realistic competitor in the future.


90 points

(2021 position – #39)

TXT’s Yeongjun was a big mover this year, thrusting massively up the charts and entering picture status for the first time, he also represented one of the very few newer groups to do well in the polls – Kpopalypse reader preference for veterans applies equally to the male performers!

#10 – JOHNNY – NCT

79 points

(2021 position – #10)

One of the only k-pop men besides Wonho to do decent legs fanservice this year, NCT’s Johnny at least had this neat pole-dancing video.  Really he should have been rewarded a few more votes for his efforts but at least he maintained his placing.


73 points

(2021 position – #12)

There aren’t too many places on where Hyunjin from Stray Kids beats out Hyunjin from Loona, but one of them is the legs category of the objectification survey!  Hyunjin gained a place this year and also made a video that not only flashed his legs but also mrds

#12 – SEHUN – EXO

69 points

(2021 position – #5)

EXO’s Sehun can run from the Kpopalypse objectification survey, but he can’t hide.  Sehun slipped several places this year, but when it comes to Kpopalypse objectification survey results, 69 points isn’t such a bad place to be.


68 points

(2021 position – #9)

SHINee’s Taemin finishes off our leg results for 2022!  Congratulations Taemin!


#14 – Moonbin – Astro

#15 – RM – BTS

#16 – Soobin – TXT

#17 – Jooheon – Monsta X

#18 – Bang Chan – Stray Kids

#19 – Shownu – Monsta X

#20 – Chanmin – TVXQ

#21 – Baekho – Nu’est

#22 – Minho – SHINee

#23 – Taeil – NCT

#24 – Vernon – Seventeen

#25 – Sunoo – Enhypen

#26 – Junho – 2PM

#27 – Mingyu – Seventeen

#28 – Hyungwon – Monsta X

#29 – Jaehyun – NCT

#30 – Jun – A.C.E

#31 – Siwon – Super Junior

#32 – Jimin – BTS

#33 – Kang Daniel – ex-Wanna One

#34 – JYP

#35 – BM – KARD

#36 – Eunwoo – Astro

#37 – Key – SHINee

#38 – Suga – BTS

#39 – Changbin – Stray Kids

#40 – D.O – EXO

#41 – Taeyang – SF9

#42 – S Coups – Seventeen

#43 – Bambam – Got7

#44 – Chanhee/New – The Boyz

That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse will return!

6 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse 2022 Objectification Survey results part 3 of 4 – best FEMALE and MALE LEGS in k-pop

  1. Leg Velvet doing well in this category.

    Eunha got noticed more in Viviz than she was in GFriend, while Lisa is no longer in our area and plummets down the ranking.

    • I enjoy this comment! Haha. Personally would put Joy above Seulgi, but hey, that’s what I get for forgetting to vote.

  2. wonyoung at #18? ew. shes not even legal in most countries and she really looks it. plus shes clearly emaciated, theres not much leg to speak of. shame on yall for voting her

    • People ask me if I edit out votes for underage idols and the answer is no, I don’t alter the voting data in any way except to remove manipulation/cheating, because the results are worthless if they’re not accurate. I can only assume that it’s underage readers who vote for underage idols. If I was 17 (and some readers are), I’d probably vote for a 17 year old too, that would make sense. However most readers are older, nobody has ever got enough votes to get into picture status before 18 years of age AFAIK and it probably won’t ever happen because my readers almost universally care about old idols over new, so the vets have a huge advantage.

      • That’s quite true carrottop but at the same time since she’s tall over 170cm I thought she would at least be on the top ten just by appreciating her genetics. Oh well maybe next year then…

  3. The picture of Jeongyeon here is like, WOW. Good leg pic for Sana too, but she has got scarily thin, as have most of Twice. Seriously hope that they don’t get any thinner.

    Not sure if anyone knows, but since JYP seems to be incredibly body-fascist (Momo was made to lose 7kg in a week before debut, which makes me want to smack him up), does anyone else suspect that the consistently poor styling for Jeongyeon is some twisted attempt to shame her into being thinner? The only members of Twice who receive consistently good styling are the ones who are closest to meeting Korean beauty standards, namely Dahyun, Nayeon, Mina and Tzuyu. Despite her popularity, Sana’s styling has been… Questionable. Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung though, it’s like someone has a vendetta against them.

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