The Kpopalypse 2022 Objectification Survey results part 2 of 4 – best FEMALE and MALE ASSES in k-pop

It’s time for part two of the four-part Kpopalypse Objectification Survey results!  These results are all about ass – who has the best asses in k-pop right now?  Read on as Kpopalypse’s readers decide!

Is it true that k-pop fans really enjoy treating their favourite idols like objects?  Of course they do!  Just remember fans, that your bias is not an object – they are a person… with a great ass!  Let’s take a look at the best k-pop asses for 2021!

As per previous years, voters were asked to choose up to three nominees in each category, best first, and points were allocated as per the following system:

  • Your first choice was weighted 100% higher than your second choice
  • Your second choice was weighted 66% higher than your third choice
  • If you doubled or tripled on choices, only the first choice was counted
  • Choices after the third were disregarded in all cases

Scores were then tallied to give the final results across all categories.

The four results posts are as follows:

Part 1: FEMALE BOOBS and MALE ABS/TORSOclick HERE for the results!

Part 2: FEMALE and MALE ASSES – this post!

Part 3: FEMALE and MALE LEGSclick HERE for the results!

Part 4: OVERALL MOST ATTRACTIVE FEMALES and MALESclick HERE for the results!

Remember folks – that if you object to any of the choices here, you only have yourselves to blame as these were 100% your votes, not mine.  Kpopalypse does not even cast a vote – this isn’t like a rigged Korean TV show where the “judges” get a say and can overturn fan opinion.  If you want to see a certain result, then it’s your responsibility to spread the surveys to the people who are going to vote for your faves!




359 points

(2021 position – #1)

Once again the throne belongs to Nancy from Momoland!  Nancy has slimmed down a bit this year, and her votes in the ass category have also slimmed down accordingly, making the race for the top spot much closer than in previous years, but she still collected enough points to scrape it home.


330 points

(2021 position – #12)

Twice’s Mina on the other hand has been thickening up a little and it seems that Kpopalypse’s readers have been noticing.  Survey participants gave Mina lots of love this year, and as a result she rocketed up from last year’s twelfth spot to nearly snatch the crown!


276 points

(2021 position – #2)

Thanks to Mina’s meteoric rise, Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon slipped a spot, but she still actually collected more raw votes this time around than in last year’s polls.


196 points

(2021 position – #3)

Hwasa always does well in the polls and this year was no exception, with plenty of Mamamoo activity and solo performances keeping her relevant to Kpopalypse readers.  Note the big W in the video is for your safety because seeing all of Hwasa’s ass unobstructed could be a health risk for people with heart conditions, we love an OH&S compliant festival.


189 points

(2021 position – #6 (tied))

Twice’s Momo was tied with Red Velvet’s Seulgi last year, but this time around she’s narrowly edged ahead in a competition that was even more crowded than the shorts Momo wears on live stages.


183 points

(2021 position – #6 (tied))

Lots of activity for Red Velvet ensured that Seulgi collected many more votes than last year, despite not improving on her placement.


182 points

(2021 position – #5)

Some decent live stages plus Wonho-tier levels of gym time ensured that Kpopalypse readers didn’t forget about Apink’s Eunji, who kept pace in a very comeptitive year.  Now if only we could get more than one Apink song per year.


182 points

(2021 position – #13)

Eunha’s transition to Viviz has also seen an image transition to more objectification-friendly stage wear, with Eunha finally being allowed to showcase the kind of images that she’s been very obviously wanting to do all this time, and her votes skyrocketed as a result.  Many k-pop fans might be too reactionary and conservative to appreciate objectification, but many of their favourite idols don’t actually share that point of view, and feel way more comfortable flaunting some sexy curves than being shoved into whatever formless “innocent” clothes their CEO thought was a good idea.

#9 – CHOA – EX-AOA

157 points

(2021 position – #8)

Choa isn’t really active on the stage at this point, but her impact from back in AOA days as a top-tier visual is still remembered fondly by many Kpopalypse readers.  Her YouTube channel is also worth a look, where you can see a semi-retired Choa looking more comfortable in her own skin and better than ever.


132 points

(2021 position – #10)

The problem with AOA members past and present still getting lots of love in the ass category is that they’re so inactive that it makes providing current videos and photos for the results posts extremely difficult.  I think the video is fairly recent but the photo is probably from 1863, anyway here’s hoping the remaining members of AOA get some more to do over the coming year so next time when you inevitably vote for Seolhyun again I’ve got some fresh content to share with you.  

#11 – YUNA – EX-AOA

127 points

(2021 position – did not chart)

Did I mention that AOA members past and present are still getting lots of love in the ass category, because that’s a thing.  Yuna didn’t even get enough votes to make the list last year, but she’s attracted a lot more attention from readers lately due to her pilates and yoga classes.  Kpopalypse readers are always interested in health improvement, and rewarded Yuna appropriately!


109 points

(2021 position – #9)

Among a landscape of results dominated by industry veterans, Itzy’s Chaeryeong is one of the only newer idols to be making serious waves in the ass category, and has consistently entered the results for a few years now.  While researching this post I came across quite a bit of disturbing content claiming Chaeryeong to be a “visual hole”, but Kpopalypse readers clearly disagree and were happy to show Chaeryeong some love!

#13 – VIVI – LOONA

95 points

(2021 position – #15)

Loona’s Vivi rounds out the picture results in the female ass category for 2022!  While Blockberry might be content with giving Vivi about three words per song, Kpopalypse readers were quick to make up the attention shortfall in their appreciation of Vivi ass. 


#14 – Saerom – Fromis_9

#15 – Sohee – Alice

#16 – Arin – Oh My Girl

#17 – Sana – Twice

#18 – Kazuha – Le Sserafim

#19 – Dahyun – Twice

#20 – Giselle – aespa

#21 – Jessi

#22 – Hyomin – T-ara

#23 – Sua – Dreamcatcher

#24 – Hyuna – ex-4minute

#25 – Jihyo – Twice

#26 – Chaewon – Le Sserafim

#27 – Joy – Red Velvet

#28 – Yura – Girl’s Day

#29 – Hyunjin – Loona

#30 – Seungyeon – ex-CLC

#31 – Yooa – Oh My Girl

#32 – Yuna – Itzy

#33 – Ryujin – Itzy

#34 – Soyou – ex-Sistar

#35 – Hikaru – Kep1er

#36 – Tiffany – Girls’ Generation

#37 – Hani – EXID

#38 – Isa – StayC

#39 – Yeonwoo – ex-Momoland

#40 – Johyun – ex-Berry Good

#41 – Ahin – Momoland

#42 – Chanmi – AOA

#43 – Sihyeon – Everglow

#44 – Sunmi – ex-Wonder Girls

Now it’s time to turn the tables and objectify male ass! Here is the list of the top male asses according to Kpopalypse readers!




827 points

(2021 position – #1)

Wonho’s domination in the ass category is as certain as it is unsurprising, with him barely leaving any votes for anyone else this year!  Will anyone ever get close to Wonho again?  Perhaps not this decade.  Note that due to the stress it places on the spinal column I don’t recommend the exercise shown in the GIF above unless you actually are Wonho, in which case it’s probably fine.


176 points

(2021 position – #2)

Wonho’s domination in the ass category was so assured this year that even Shindong’s votes suffered, but he still managed to pull away from the pack by a sizeable margin.


147 points

(2021 position – #5)

There’s not too many numbers separating everyone else in the male ass category this year.  Ass fanservice levels across the board with the men were at an all-time low, yet some of you were willing to dig through the scraps and worked out that D.O still had an ass worth objectifying.

#4 – MARK – NCT

135 points

(2021 position – #7)

Is it really Wonho’s fault that the other guys don’t have many ass votes this year, or does everyone else just need to lift their ass game.  NCT’s Mark seems to be showing plenty of lift these days and Kpopalypse readers happily allowed him to also lift a few extra votes, lifting him a few places in this list.

#5 – SEHUN – EXO

132 points

(2021 position – #4)

Less than a single vote separated most players in the male ass category this year, showing the importance of getting out and voting for your faves!  EXO’s Sehun did pretty good this year despite his general lack of recent fanservice and not much EXO activity in general.

#6 – JIMIN – BTS

112 points

(2021 position – #3)

The ongoing criminally awful reputation of ARMYs ensured that fewer people could hold their noses and vote for Jimin compared to this time last year, but enough of you managed to put the behaviour of BTS’s human garbage can fandom out of your minds long enough to be able to cast a vote in his favour.  Which is a good thing because it’s not Jimin’s fault that his fans are a bunch of hate-filled bigoted doxxing cyberbullies now, is it.  Who says Kpopalypse readers aren’t objective in their objectification.

#7 – JUNHO – 2PM

102 points

(2021 position – #6)

Junho always seems to perform about the same every year despite him never really doing anything all that much lately.  I’m not sure how old this image is, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of pose one who refused a friendship with a homosexual man would make.


91 points

(2021 position – #13)

Haknyeon from The Boyz managed to gain quite a few spots this year, probably thanks to being actually active and doing things, unlike a lot of other people on this list!


80 points

(2021 position – #19)

It was a good year for Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, who performed better than usual across all categories.  He can be seen here, lifting his groupmates up both literally and figuratively.


75 points

(2021 position – #12)

In the picture above, is Baekho backstage, or in jail?  I don’t know, but this veteran idol is still getting the votes even in these tough post-Wonho times so it seems more jail probably wouldn’t stop him.

#11 – KAI – EXO

74 points

(2021 position – #11)

A popular Kpopalypse poll favourite across all categories, EXO’s Kai hangs onto his place from last year.


71 points

(2021 position – #10)

Seventeen still don’t have a killer song yet, but Seungkwan was decided by readers to have a killer ass.  He’s slightly down but not out, still hanging onto picture status for this year. 


69 points

(2021 position – did not chart)

Rounding out the ass category for the men this year is Super Junior’s Siwon, a new entrant to the list after all this time!  It’s good to finally have some LGBT representation in this list, let’s cheer him on for placements in future years!


#14 – Junsu – JYJ

#15 – Eunwoo – Astro

#16 – Changbin – Stray Kids

#17 – DK – Seventeen

#18 – WOW – ACE

#19 – S. Coups – Seventeen

#20 – Jinyoung – Got7

#21 – Jungkook – BTS

#22 – Yeonjun – TXT

#23 – Hongjoon – Ateez

#24 – Jay – Enhypen

#25 – Shotaro – NCT

#26 – Shownu – Monsta X

#27 – Taeil – NCT

#28 – Jooheon – Monsta X

#29 – Yohan – Wei

#30 – Yunho – Ateez

#31 – Felix – Stray Kids

#32 – Minho – Shinee

#33 – Huening Kai – TXT

#34 – Mingi – Ateez

#35 – Beomgyu – TXT

#36 – BM – KARD

#37 – Dino – Seventeen

#38 – JYP

#39 – Lee Know – Stray Kids

#40 – Taehyung – BTS

#41 – Moonbin – Astro

#42 – Byeongkwan – ACE

#43 – Hongseok – Pentagon

#44 – Jaehyo – Block B

That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse will return soon!

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  1. It’s quite amazing how Ryujin managed to slip from fourth place to 33rd in just one year, meanwhile my fave remains stable at sixth.

    • Ryujin has been looking pretty weird in general these days. I watched the music video for ITZT’s new song earlier and I hardly recognized her.

  2. Can’t argue with the results but also can’t believe no one votes for WJSN. At least in the ass category, go watch Yeonjung in Idol Room or Weekly Idol, forgot which one it is, where she’s doing yoga and dances to Havanna and you’ll see what I mean.

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