The Kpopalypse 2022 Objectification Survey!

That’s right folks, it’s time to objectify your favourite Korean pop idols once again, in the Kpopalypse 2022 Objectification Survey!

Please fill out the form below to participate.  Be sure to read the instructions and follow them to make sure that your vote counts!

If the form doesn’t appear, clicking HERE, or clicking on the picture of Velvet, will open the form as a separate webpage!  Have fun voting and expect the results in a month or two!


5 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse 2022 Objectification Survey!

  1. It’s a shame I can’t cast my vote for Yves, Yoohyeon and Seulgi in a best female abs category. Yes, I know people complain about it every year and you still won’t do anything about it, I’m posting this just to slightly annoy you as a little revenge

    • The real reason why I don’t include female abs is that I’d be forced to make it a separate category to female boobs, so then I’d have five categories not four and the survey results take several full days just to compile with the few categories there are. Precisely zero chance I will add more.

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