Gosh, nothing much happened this week so here’s a random post full of random things

Just another sleepy week in k-pop where not much is really happening, so enjoy this post full of random things!

Gosh, if only something interesting would happen in k-pop that I could write about.  Don’t you just hate it when it’s a slow news week.  Luckily I’m here to entertain you all and keep you off the streets!  When I’m bored I often do a computer cleanup, I have the nasty habit of using my desktop for random storage of random things, so I think now is a good time to clean some stuff up by posting it publicly so I can then file it away!  Please enjoy these random offerings so I can get some order happening on my computer.

A while I did some of these ‘expanding brain meme’ posts on various topics that I was going to use somewhere, but I forgot where.  They’re fairly old now and I want to get them off my hard drive, so I’m just going to share them with you now.












Did you know that the new “Try Not To Have Gay Sex With Yves” game is under development and due to be released in Pride Month 2022?  You’ve possibly already seen them if you follow my social media, but if not, enjoy these previews!

Some social media highlights for your enjoyment, I’m pretty sure I was keeping these for a reason but I forget why.

Wonho’s “underwear”

Shannon Williams LGBT queen

I can’t remember why she’s thanking me, it was probably the fashion class posts

Speaking as my role as “menace to society” I do love a good ad hominem:

#ArmyConfessionTime (click to enlarge)

Of course I love BTS really, so I made this:

People think I just make stuff up about dog-whistle in idol songs, but no

The song in question for those out of the loop.

The Seoheechopath video on YouTube that I added subs to remains my most popular YouTube content.  Some demographics on that:

This actually happened, I got copyright struck for sharing my “improved version” of Oh My Girl’s “Shark”.  The improved version’s “improvement” was that the sound was completely muted.  I think John Cage should file a cross-lawsuit against Universe app.

So because of that, I ended up making this:

I think I have a point here:

Gosh, this didn’t age well:

One final thing I’ll leave you with – I’m sure lots of readers are enjoying the “Kpopalypse Hot Takes” TikTok which is run by a fan and regular reader, I know that I certainly am loving it a lot and if it continues to be a success I may even sidebar it as “semi-official” content.  You don’t need the TikTok app to check this out, you can check it on your web browser by clicking here.  I did notice however that many comments followed a fairly predictable pattern, so I thought you might enjoy a friendly game of TikTok bingo:

That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse will return!

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  1. very excited for TNTHGS4 as i have been speedrunning the 1st game lately, currently on sub9… this post reminding me to get back to the grind

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