The Kpopalypse 2022 survey of important trufax – THE RESULTS!

It’s time to look at the results of the latest Kpopalypse survey!  Read on for all the trufax!

Firstly, an apology.  This survey had a significantly lower turnout than previous surveys.  The reason for the low turnout was that a sign-in with a Google account was required to do the survey, and many readers didn’t have an account, or were worried about privacy if they signed in etc, which is totally understandable.  This sign-in requirement wasn’t my intention, I actually want you all to be anonymous so I get accurate results and your true feelings on topics – so why was a sign-in required?  Well, it was because I had the Sorn image submission question in there – as I found out only after the survey went live, Google won’t let someone host a survey that supports users uploading files and also support full anonymity.  I’m guessing that this is a security measure in case someone uses the survey to upload viruses or other illegal content.  Of course I know that my lovely readers would never do such a thing so this wasn’t a specific concern of mine, so I’m sorry for making you folks sign in.  Thanks to those who did the survey, and for those who abstained for this reason, if I include this type of activity in the future I will find another way to do it – splitting the survey into two parts, with the sign-in only required for those who choose to participate in the image submission part, might be the way to go for next time. 

Anyway, on with the results!

Question 1: Hi! How are you? Answer in as much or as little detail as applicable.

It’s time to check in with our lovely readers – enjoy these randomly selected replies!

hi! none of your business

Oh.  Okay then.

Tired. Fuck off.


I’m 27 and I have sciatica ;_;

Sorry to hear.  That must be fucked up.  Thanks for reading and doing the survey!

The son of a dictator who killed thousands and bled my country dry around 50 years ago has a high chance of winning the presidency after his father was ousted in a revolution some 30 plus years ago. KPop stans here are divided but a vocal segment has rallied around his biggest opposition rival, using KPop voting tactics to campaign for the candidate we believe has the best chance of restoring trust in public institutions, seeing as the governments that followed the dictatorship largely failed to uplift our people from poverty and miseducation. Honestly, too many factors have come into play here, but as a KPop stan and patriot, I can’t help but feel some hope regardless of the outcome of the election this May.

Gosh, good luck with that, you are definitely going to need it if they’re using “k-pop voting tactics”!  I’m just picturing some k-pop fans at the polling booth arguing about why they can’t just pay more money to get extra votes…

I am currently translating “Odosong” from Korean into English. They are poems buddhist monks write when they achieve enlightenment. I found one written on a sign when I was hiking up to a temple in Chuncheon in the north of South Korea. It read “심생종종생//심멸종종멸//여시구멸이//처처안락국”. As it is an old form of poetry, they were written in Hanja (Chinese characters), and they are much harder to comprehend (at least for me) due to the old language used. I translated this one as such: “When the mind arises, everything does.// When the mind disappears, everything disappears with it.// When everything disappears as such,// Everywhere will be paradise.”. In my little research, I found that there is almost no information about this sort of poem in English, and not many of the countless Odosong that Buddhist monks have left behind have been translated. I am generally fascinated by Buddhist literature, and I think these poems are particularly beautiful. I have also decided to, from now on, include a translated Odosong in every one of your surveys for my own amusement and the cultural education of you and others.

I support this initiative, I will expect the Odosongs fondly!

Ohmigosh hiiii! SO excited to be answering another Kpopalypse essay! Fighting! ^_^


Pretty good! Been accepted to a few Ph.D. programs in earth and environmental sciences, and currently trying to decide which one fits best. I think it’s important to let you know I’ve incorporated the phrase “not very environment” into my super-scientific lingo if I have to sarcastically reprimand my loved ones for doing something pretty inconsequential such as using plastic straws or some shit. If I ever use it in a paper, I’ll credit you.

Please do, it’s important that academics know who to blame for their language getting butchered.

I am living my best fucking life cunt.

Great to hear!

Lately I am a bit anxious because my mind constantly thinks of pessimistic thoughts which reduces my desire for fapping, wish myself to be a little more optimistic like Kpopalypse so I can have more feelings for fapping

Hopefully this post and others like it on this site can assist you to fap with a smooth action.

Mostly fine.

Got a somewhat stable job during the pandemic, eating 2-3 times a day, roof on my head, relatively fast internet connection, extra spare money for random bullshit I wanna buy, not a k-pop idol being straved and worked to death, hey life isn’t so bad afterall!

Yes, it could be worse, and remember that no matter how bad our lives are, at least we are not a k-pop.

Honestly I’m really sad that Soojin was kicked out of cube permanently. I know it seems silly but it’s just really tragic to me to see such a talented and passionate performer kicked to the curb and ostracized just because she may or may not have been mean at 13.

I agree, let’s all think positive thoughts for Soojin!

I’m living i guess, every week appears a debt my dead CUNT father made and me and my mom have to pay and i have to manage all the money to pay those, I’m 18 and i feel like I am 36 living a monotone adult life. I can’t go to a university rn because of money problems and I’m not that smart to get a full scholarship, hell i don’t even know what i want to do with my life maybe I’m gonna do what gives most money, I’m trying to get a job right now so I’m giving my resume everywhere but didn’t got a call or email till now. I don’t know what am I gonna do, but I’m living while i have will to.

Send me your resume (email in “about”) and tell me what type of jobs you’re going for, I’ll try to help with some tips to optimise it.

I was in pain yesterday due to period cramps, but I feel better now that I’ve listened to the new Brave Girls & (G)i-dle comebacks. I listened to their albums too. Brave Girls’ b-sides: “Love is Gone”, “Can I Love You”, and (G)i-dle: “Never Stop Me” are pretty good! Only 3 months in and kpop has been putting out some good stuff.

Brave Girls and G-Idle are now confirmed as treatment for period pain!

hello! asking for a friend, what do you think of guys who try to find girls in linkedin, of all motherfucking places?

Questionable.  “Don’t shit where you eat” is a phrase that comes to mind.

stressed about the future but hey i got into a top-10 grad school program in my field so that’s something; also trying to figure out how credit card applications work because america is fucked and still has credit scores

People who get all excited about China being a dystopia because they have a social credit system, well that may be true, but in practice once you dig into it their system is functionally pretty much the same as the USA’s credit system.  My advice about getting credit cards is don’t – but if you must, get one which has a high interest rate but no annual fee to keep, and then lock it away somewhere and never use it for anything ever.  Now you have an emergency borrowing fund should you ever need it, that is available to you instantly and requires no upkeep, use it only when shit really hits the fan like if a war/natural disaster/revolution is in your area and you need money to get to safety quickly etc…

I am from Ukraine, so everything is bad here.

…and that might not seem realistic right now, but you never know.  Good luck and stay strong.

Sadly my college doesn’t do online classes anymore, so going in person is making me go insane. Not only they are doing more assignments but also they are trying to make us more social, so I have to do more group work which is horrible. Is not like I hate people but I barely have time for myself 😦 . I wish I could go home and be with my family. Hope the best to you Oppar.

Your college sucks.  Good luck!

Currently a NEET and wondering if it’s possible to stay a NEET until death

I started playing in bands in my teens hoping to preserve my own NEETdom, until I then realised that was I was doing was actually employment AND education AND training.  By then it was too late.  Oops.

Hey… I’ve been feeling like shit lately because one of my cats went missing almost a month ago. My two cats are interior-exterior cats, because of the fact that they are free to go on the patio, but are able to leave the property. Ideally we don’t let them out at night, but sometimes they are just too hyper to stay inside all night and get quite stressed if not let out. She went missing for three days in the past, and we have no clue where she goes when she leaves the property. I have no idea what could have compelled her to leave, she is only two, and has never shown signs of sickness (I know sometimes sick cats will leave so you don’t see them suffer or die), this is so out of character of her. Also, she’s always wearing her collar with our info on it. I’ve already posted missing posters around the neighborhood , but so far no one has reached out. I’m so scared for her, I can’t imagine how she’s managing out there or if she’s still fine, I really am worried sick. I feel like a shit pet parent for putting her on danger in the first place, thinking that maybe they should have never been allowed outside or that we could have done more to fence around the whole house or something. My cats are siblings that were adopted together as kittens and I can really see how Rubi going missing has affected her brother. I’m just devastated and still hoping for a miracle. It is times like this where I hope I could be religious so I could pray for her and her safe return…

Some people think having cats indoor only is cruel, but it really isn’t.  Cats are meant to be around humans and have adapted their behaviour over thousands of years for human companionship, it’s not essential that they go outdoors and hang with other animals.  My cat occasionally gets let out into the backyard because she likes the sun, but all play is strictly supervised 100% of the time, the area is tightly enclosed (she can’t jump the fence) and she never gets to decide when she goes out (never let a cat outdoors if they scratch/knock on the door, meow at it etc – not even once, because if you do you’re training then that whining about not being outdoors will instantly get them let outdoors, and they will never give you a moment’s peace after that).  Too late in this instance of course so I just hope your cat is okay.  I would pray too but god probably considers me too problematic to listen to the prayers of and would likely just do the opposite to spite me so perhaps best that I not.

I’m stressed as fuck about university requirements yet here I am doing a Kpopalypse survey.

This is why I try to have educational content in my posts.  You can write it off as study time!

Question 2: How often do you read Kpopalypse posts?

About 90% of readers are reading at least once per month.  The rest of you don’t really give that much of a fuck, which is probably a good thing because it means that when you do finally get to read stuff, there’s more stuff to read!  How the people who voted “never” even found the survey in the first place I’m not sure, but I salute their super Boram ESP powers plus their determination to complete a survey that most of my actual readers didn’t even do.

Question 3: When did you start reading posts at

About 1/6th of readers who did the survey started reading in the past year, the rest of you have been reading for a lot longer!

Question 4: Important demographic question: your chilli tolerance?

One of the best things about being a writer with thousands of people checking into your website each day, is that you can ask random questions that you’ve always been curious about the ratio of but that you’ve never seen any actual hard data on, and just get a semi-reliable answer quite quickly.  It would be unfair for me to not share this power with my readers, so if any of you have any generic questions like this that you’d like to see in the next survey in 6 months time, leave them in the comments below!

Question 5: Tick all that you are SUBSCRIBED to (not just that you read)

Wow, Chuu+ has more followers than I do on most of my social networks, she really is becoming smarter.

Question 6: How feminist or feminist-aligned are you?

It might surprise some people, especially the ones complaining about all the “oversexualisation” on (like that’s even a thing), that the majority of Kpopalypse readers consider themselves to be, or aligned with, a feminism!

Question 7: This is a photo of my cat.

Kpopalypse readers demonstrated 100% cat observance compliance!  Good work, surveydoers!

Question 8: Blackpink didn’t have a full song as a group in 2021, why not?

Looks like Blackpink were too busy paving the way.  Not many readers thought it was Putin’s fault however, I guess the revolution isn’t in his area (at least, not yet).

Question 9: Kpopalypse doesn’t write erotic fanficiton, at least not in the traditional sense. Should I?

Opinions were hotly divided on whether I should attempt to tackle erotic fanfiction seriously by drawing on my wealth of knowledge from playing Wonho games, or just not bother knowing that anything I write would just quickly degenerate into a Try Not To Have Gay Sex With Yves style trollfest.

Question 10: Kpopalypse is always trying to be helpful to people with OCD tendencies so they can overcome their disorder. With this in mind, when presented with two survey options do you tend to pick the first one or the second one?

It’s understandable that the first option (or is that the second option?) was more popular, after all, while rapists, pedophiles, wife-beaters and Nazis are certainly all problematic, absolutely nobody wants to be called an All***p reader.  I hope this question helped you to come to terms with your OCD if you were suffering from it.

Question 11: Here’s a fancam of Billie’s Tsuki, that went viral just recently:

Apparently this ‘facecam’ went viral due to Tsuki’s expressions, but what’s the real issue that people are not talking about?

Most people wanted to know – what’s up with the tent?  So here’s another facecam video of Tsuki doing the same song, but wearing something that actualy mrs

Question 12: Have you sexualised Wonho lately (before just now)?

Kpopalypse readers entrusted Wonho with the task of handling his own sexualisation.  He seems to be doing pretty well at it, so why interfere?  Unless you really wanted to?

Question 13: AustralianSana – what level of inebriation do you prefer?

Readers didn’t express a strong preference for getting AustralianSana completely smashed before a livestream.  However for anyone who wishes to partake in making this happen, note that the Kpopalypse Patreon doubles as the AustralianSana “let’s get hammered” slush-fund so to contribute specifically for this purpose, donate to this and leave me a message to the effect of “this is for AustralianSana to get shitfaced and pass out and wake up in a pile of her own vomit on a park bench somewhere three suburbs away with no memory of how she got there” and we will do our best to make this happen.

Question 14: If you answered “drunk” above, advise what it would take to get you to donate to the AustralianSana alcohol fund (this question is optional – look AustralianSana I’m trying ok)

a how to guide to send money to australiansana

See above!

Well,….. would $50 USD help? ^__^

Yes!  Although it wouldn’t buy as much booze as you might think, believe it or not.  We’d probably get about two bottles of Baileys from this.

To be honest, I didn’t have a preference, but if AustralianSana is more honest and ranty when drunk, then yes, I will donate so that she can summarize kpop news every month with her vast knowledge of kpop history as well as her opinions presented in her colorful, interesting way.

I wouldn’t say that AustralianSana is more honest or even more ranty when drunk, because she is already extremely both of these things when sober, but she’s certainly more “colourful” and she probably also enjoys herself a lot more (although maybe not so much the next morning).

I think it would require a major change in the way Australian welfare is funded, so that everyone gets a universal basic income. Then I’d contribute to Australiansana’s slosh fund by paying my taxes, and she’d get a little of my money through her universal basic income. It’d be great for everyone.

Not likely with the dickheads we have in power at the moment, they’re too busy funding their own overseas trips and Hillsong meetings.

It’d take my country’s currency going back to a fucking acceptable level

Variations of this answer came up a LOT.  I definitely feel the currency-doesn’t-buy-shit pain.  Note that if even $1 of Patreon is too much, you can also donate your worthless shitcoins to these wallets here.

Is liquor not cheap in Australia?

Liquor is very expensive in Australia, the government taxes it heavily.

Just ask nicely

This is AustralianSana we are talking about.

bitch its 2022. if you dont take ur ass to ACT and get zooted off of an gargantuan amount of weed are you even human

Actually South Australia has higher quality weed than ACT.

Your cat has a very pretty coat 🥰


Thanks for all your suggestions! 

Question 15: This is a picture of my cat, checking out Wonho’s Instagram:

Why is she here?

Believe it or not, the least popular answer here may be correct, as my cat has shown shoe-fetishist behaviour before, she loves munching on shoes, my girlfriend actually needs to keep most of her good shoes locked away for this reason.  However my cat also does like meat rather a lot, so who knows for sure.

Question 16: South Korea just elected a new president who has a more conservative policy platform than his predecessor, what will be the most important political outcome of this?

Everyone loves a good political question, and this wasn’t a good political question but thanks to those who did it anyway.  There was a slight feeling that skirt lengths might decrease, but overall the majority of data showed that very minimal change will happen in this area.

Question 17: Was G-Idle’s Soojin really a high school bully?

Readers were strongly divided on whether Soojin was guilty or innocent, but there was general agreement that she is attractive, which seemed like the more important issue.

Question 18: Kpopalypse will by popular demand be collating “JAV Of The Month” in these surveys. Which “JAV Of The Month” did you enjoy the most since I started collating them? (Note some haven’t appeared in posts so I have added the serial numbers so you can research before submitting this answer, if you choose.)

82% of readers who filled out the survey advised that they did not watch any of the JAVs listed.  Out of the other 18%, here’s your picks, from least popular to most.

8th: February 2022 – Even The Mother-In-Law Wants To Get Pregnant – SPRD-1518

7th: September 2021 – Sweaty Ex-gangster Housewife Has Filthy D***k-Fucking Trip With Her Younger Worker. Miss Nishimura, 36 Years Old – CLUB-651

6th: December 2021 – J-cup Divine Big Boobs! Mom’s Big Tits Are Mine – Miso’s Mom Lovingly Fulfills My Desires In This Story – OKSN-341

5th: October 2021 – Jiggly Colossal Tits On A Beautiful Y********l In Uniform For After School Creampie Amateurs – JUNY-047

4th: July 2021 – I Thought My Girlfriend Hated Her Manager But She Loves Getting Fucked By His Dick – SSIS-134

3rd: August 2021 – Seductive Girl Natsuho Comes To Work Wearing Outrageously Sexy Office Casual! Bukakke! Businesswoman Suit Club 21 – KTB-047

2nd: January 2022 – My Girlfriend’s Older Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits And Her OK To A Creampie – PPPE-001

WINNER: November 2021 – Eager Teacher Gives A Bad S*****t A Home Visit With Her Incredibly Gifted Colossal Tits. Female Teacher Gets Taken On In His Dirty Room, While This Male S*****t Gets A Full Hard-on On His Huge Dick, It’s Just Too Much For Her To Resist! 2 – NGOD-160

Thanks to everyone who voted!  For anyone else who hasn’t seen these videos, you know you can trust the opinions of Kpopalypse readers!

Question 19: Here is a video of Velvet at the video arcade:

What’s the most noticeable aspect of this video?

Onto a more wholesome topic, readers voted on the most notable aspect of this video of Korean v-tuber Velvet having some good clean fun at the video arcade.  The result was some of the most evenly distributed results that a Kpopalypse survey question has ever seen!  Clearly Velvet is a topic that brings out the many and varied opinions of Kpopalypse’s readership!

Question 20: After claiming the Kpopalypse “Way’s Girls” fanfiction concept as his own, and copying Kpopalypse Roundup with his “rundows”, what’s next for Asian Junkie?

Another question where readership opinion was very much split, I’m just glad that Asian Junkie didn’t decide to do one of these for April Fools because he totally would have fooled me into thinking he was serious!

Question 21: How many caonimas (grass mud horses) are in this picture?

None these are llamas you can tell by the ears. Also the image is literally called “llamas.JPG”

This was the correct answer!  Not that I even knew this when I posted the question, but this diagram may help you (and me) in the future:

Truly one of the worst questions on here, remarkable

Possibly also the correct answer!

I have a headache and don’t feel like counting, plus there have not been enough Twice references in this survey so far, so I’m gonna say there are Mina caonimas in this picture.

Given that Mina is not a number, this could also be the correct answer!  Congratulations to the winners!

Question 22: Is too packed with in-jokey references that newer readers wouldn’t understand or appreciate the context of?

Most readers seemed to be okay with it, but I still like to be mindful of newer readers who might not be in on all the humour.  I don’t mean to be deliberately cryptic, so please consult the Kpopalypse Lexicon for anything you don’t understand, it is updated on a semi-regular basis to include new terms!

Question 23: Pick the actual search term that directed someone to, that you feel most accurately describes your experience visiting the site.

Just checking in on the kind of experience that readers are having on the site.  Hopefully, it’s meeting required standards!

Question 24: Here’s a pretty typical email reply from me to an advertiser who was repeatedly soliciting advertising offers to my inbox.

What is this advertiser person doing now?

Wow, that’s a very symmetrical looking result.  It looks like a country’s flag.  Could I have just created the official flag of the caonima fandom?

Question 25: I asked ex-Momoland Daisy for an interview but have so far received no reply. Why? (The following options below are all “suggested responses” by Google’s survey-building AI, please pick the “best fit”)

Neither this question nor the results of it really make any sense, but al least we have confirmed that Chuu+ is definitely more intelligent than her equivalent over at Google Forms.

Question 26: Whenever I make comments on a site these days that has Disqus as their commenting platform, I always get upvotes from random porn bot accounts now. Why is this?

I don’t know if anyone else gets this, but I welcome out new porn-bot overlords to the website, if they’re reading.

Question 27: This survey took longer to write than expected due to important Wonho game evaluations. Do you play the games in the Wonho games review posts?


I hope that the 9.7% of my readership who actually plays Wonho games appreciate the lengths I go to reserach their favourite gaming content!  As for the rest of you, hopefully you’re at least entertained!

Question 28: Optional caonima activity (this requires a sign-in, but the rest of the survey does not): here is a picture of K-pop singer and ex-CLC member Sorn, with an owl.

Make a caption for this photo and reupload it. Maximum file size 1MB. The best entries will be featured in the results post!

Unfortunately the bit about only this question requiring a sign-in was a lie, sorry about that.  Anyway, thank you to those who chose to participate, and here’s the best results!

Runners up:


And the winner, it had to be because of the amazingly groan-worthy pun:

Ahahahahaha congratulations, 10/10 dad humour!

Question 29: Thank you for doing the survey! If you have any feedback for Kpopalypse, or anything else you’d like to say, please put it here. This question is optional.

Some selected responses, and my replies:

Who’s Annie and why does she wants to fuck Taeyeon? PLs explain

See the Lexicon for information about Annie, although only she can explain why she wants to fuck Taeyeon.

You really notice many things that I don’t even pay attention to so whenever I did the “most noticeable thing” in the video questions, I always go “huh?” because not a single option is something I think of when watching the video. For example in this survey, when I watch the Tsuki fancam, my impression is that she’s energetic and sometimes her twintails fell in her face. I don’t even realize she wears granny clothes or she doesn’t sing to the song until I read the options. Or the Velvet video, only until you mentioned that she didn’t do the sanitising that I realize she didn’t do that. I only think she’s enjoying her playtime and she wears a top that shows off her cleavage.

Attention to detail is what sorts out the wheat from the chaff in this k-pop writing game!

I work for the aussie government abroad and I swear to God the people in Canberra spelt the word ‘knowledge’ wrong on every damn page of some training I had to do.

This doesn’t surprise me at all, given how unfamiliar they are with knowledge in general.


My heart is like the autumn moon,//
the pond clear, white and clean.//
Nothing compares to this.//
How could you ask me to beg to you?

Odosong mrs

You’re a cunt, and that’s why I love you. A pity Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, The Rock and Saitama exist, otherwise you’d be my favourite bald man.

I’ve got to admit, it’s a crowded field these days!  I do my best.

one more cat pic please

If you search my Twitter followers carefully you may find a source of further cat pics.

I just want to thank you for writing the blog, I recently found it, and it’s helped me take a step back and not take k-pop so seriously. It also helped me be more sex-positive (fap more), and I feel like it is part of the reason I’m more comfortable with my sexuality.

Glad to hear!  Kpopalypse making the world a better place!

I’m curious to know if the free text responses are less depraved than they usually are since this survey is non-anonymous

Actually not much difference.  And you’re all still anonymous anyway, at least to me if not to Google itself (or if you’re not, I don’t know how to look you up).

booby tits fuck and cum

See what I mean.

Suck my dick

And so on.

Thank you for continuing to make posts, they always make me really happy!

Glad you are enjoying!

I really liked how much kpop lore you imparted to us plebeians during your worst 100 songs live stream as well as in the post itself. I appreciate the work you put in since it was totally unexpected 2 years after the decade finished. I probably started reading in 2015 and it felt like a Christmas present (I’m usually out of the loop with news except for the random headlines I read on Youtube.)

On the other hand: I definitely acknowledge that one of kpop’s main elements are attractive young people put out to see. You directly address the superficiality of the industry and do it with humor and absurdity that amuses me. However, I think your yearly “top fappable” list could do with a wording makeover. I know, I know, it’s a mainstay for your site, one that I’ve read for years, but it just feels like an old joke to me that has gotten flat with time like an old soda I can’t enjoy anymore. With incels out and proud and with the continuing hostile environment against women (and Asian women specifically, see the 2021 Atlanta spa shooting), I feel like there could be a better reference to attractiveness than just referring to fapping. As an Asian-American woman myself, I get kind of tired of the reminder that women keep getting treated like objects and all the repercussions from it–issues in kpop/S Korea that you do keep addressing. Maybe it’s the polarized environment in the US, where I live, that’s beating me down (in Texas, you can now get $10,000 if you successfully report a person that you suspect had or helped an abortion…including a driver.) I understand the appreciation of aesthetics and what’s attractive, and, hey, if you’re truly talking about what you get off on on your own website, then of course you would. Yes, directly referencing the sexualization is a form of humor, too, since no one really acknowledges it and pussy-foots around it in kpop review circles. I just wonder if there’s a better way for you to do the list, maybe a little more absurd and a little less…real. Reality for women just hits harder these days, I guess.

Thanks for listening to our feedback and reminding me to stay more neutral and skeptical on things. I love your discontent and honesty–it makes you sound genuine in your views and more rational when you have the humility to admit that you don’t know something or don’t care to know. Keep being real, and stay tuned for future fanmail~

I definitely get what you’re saying and I agree that times are tough for Asian-American women right now due to unfortunate circumstances and currents in society that are absolutely no fault of their own, I agree that this sucks.  However I think the right approach isn’t for me to change my wording just because there are assholes in this world, I think the right approach is to reclaim that wording from the assholes and use it in a positive way (as fapping definitely is a positive activity, it’s only negative when people do it inappropriately i.e in public etc).  Also I always think it’s important to address the elephant in the room, so I definitely won’t stop talking about fapping simply because mainstream k-pop media will never acknowledge this all-pervasive aspect.  If I changed my wording, there’s no guarantee that would satisfy anyone anyway, it would probably just give people a new reason to be offended, plus remove some of the honesty from the site which  I think is part of what attracts people – the face that it is a kind of perverse straight male point of view that is presented honestly, but also with an appreciation of the bigger picture of how society in general shouldn’t just be exploitative but should give people their due and respect the rights of performers and audiences.  Everyone let’s fap respectfully!

Thank you for being so constant when everything else in the world is so chaotic!

I try, thank you for reading!

I find your cat cute


Hope we’ll still be around after WWIII

Here’s hoping!

i was the caonima who did the stats for the kpopalypse 2010s best songs of the decade, and i kinda wanna do the 2010s worst, but im lazy and i dont rly want to remember those dogshit songs, so maybe i shouldnt. would you appreciate it you old barren witch? thank you for your site.

I would definitely not blame you if you didn’t do this!  It took me two years to motivate myself to do the list in the first place, after all.

Bro when is the next objectification survey? LOL your boob content is what I like the most because its funny 😀

June every year.  Expect it fondly!

I love you

I love you too!

In light of South Korea’s new presidency, I will calm accept all the straight-conservative-regressive-anti feminist-alphabetphobic-incel bait-kpop cock that my psyche will dare to handle. I will become NCT and TXT’s queer fag sissy boy while simultaneously attaining my college degree. Wish me luck!

Good luck!

I had to sign in even though I didn’t want to make a caption for the poor terrified owl 😦
Also a thought: Maybe the advertisers sending you emails are lonely bots that want to be introduced to Chuu+
Regarding your in jokes: They’re fun, except for your technical posts that I want to show non kpoppies but won’t since I don’t think they’d appreciate kpop examples (not a flaw of your writing, I’m just still looking for a post that explains the circle of fifth as well as yours does but still works for my folks)

Noted, thanks for the feedback!


Thank you for reading!

Thanks to all readers for doing the survey, and even if you didn’t do the survey, thank you for checking out this results post!  Kpopalypse will return, and expect a new survey like this fondly in September!

6 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse 2022 survey of important trufax – THE RESULTS!

  1. I am glad my Odosong have been received well. Here’s another one:

    During the seventh day, I, in the audience, listened to Buddha’s preaching;
    dignified thunder clapping shook heaven and earth.
    I wanted to know the unspoken truths of heaven,
    but the cold bell’s sound was stuck in the temple’s door in this autumn night.

    I am actually a bit unsure about this translation. The first three lines are simple enough, but the last line gives me some troubles, so take it with a grain of salt. I still like the poem like this, even if I misunderstood it. The guy that wrote it is long dead, so what is he going to do about it?

    • I really like your Odosong translations! I’ve been a bit more spiritual than usual lately and these poems seem to capture snapshots of life and thought. Would you host your translations somewhere like on a wordpress blog or a site? I would read them if you did, even on this site as a comment for every post, hahaha!

      • I’m very glad you like it, and it’s nice to hear that it can be of some use for someone. As I said, I will continuously gift a poem to kpopalypse oppar and his readers in the future as long as I have Odosong left to share. I am also compiling a (not even close to comprehensive) list currently, that may or may not get published on my wordpress blog that I think you can find by clicking on my profile name. Cheers!

  2. “but it’s just really tragic to me to see such a talented and passionate performer kicked to the curb and ostracized just because she may or may not have been mean at 13.”

    Can’t believe I still have to say this: it’s not because she was mean at 13, it’s because she refused to apologize for it. If Irene could scream at stylists for 20 minutes, apologize, and come out totally fine, Soojin could have too.

    • Otherwise, I appreciate the pet cat wisdom. I understand the sentiment of letting a cat roam free, but would you do the same for a dog? I’ve had many a friend tell stories of a cat gone missing without any clue why. Cats love getting into trouble at home, I can’t even imagine what kind of chaos they get into outside. I, of course, can’t tell anyone how to live their lives or how to treat their animals, but I always recommend keeping cats indoors.

  3. I’m an older woman, so I have no clue what “fapping” means in the context of korean pop. I take it that younger western-minded fans are trying to bastardize language as they usually do, and take away the meaning of something spiritual like the gays did with the rainbow flag. It’s mindboggling how they are so unaware that koreans pay respects to their performers in different ways. Whereas little Johnny will deprave his anus in the concerts of Ariana Grande, Koreans would rather sit back and drink boba tea in silence whilst say Tsuki is doing her latest round of theatrics. So if Koreans want to fap, then so be it! I seriously worry over this generation, dear god..

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