QRIMOLE – April 2022

It’s time for QRIMOLE, the series where readers ask Kpopalypse questions!

Greetings Oppar,
So Twice is having an encore concert, and my friend wants to go (we went together to the last one in Feb), but I have much less desire to go.
The last one was my first concert ever, and it was very fun dancing and singing along. But there was some cons that weighed my experience down. The biggest one being the price, Twice tickets sold out so fast that we had to get resale tickets instead, and it was around $300 for a back row seat! Back row can be cool because you can see the whole view, but I could hardly see Twice themselves, I still had to watch them through a big screen. And oh god the screaming, the girl next to me shrilled so loud every time I felt like my eardrums would burst. Exiting the parking lot after the concert is also a mess, I had to go home later than my parents expected, and they worry a lot about me staying out so late. I know merch is unnecessary but I gave into it anyway, spending about $200 more.
People always talk about post-concert depression but I really felt fine afterwards, it’s like the concert never happened for me by the next day. Is this because my love for Twice has dwindled over the years that I can’t obsessively enjoy everything as much? My new obsession is Dreamcatcher whose concert I would also like to go too, but I also fear of having the same experience and not getting my money’s worth out of it. Any tips on how to enjoy concerts more? Or should I just not go to anymore at all? Are online concerts more worth it?

How to have fun at concerts is something I could write an entire post about, so I probably will.  However the big one is earplugs.  Wear them!  Don’t worry about looking stupid with earplugs in, trust me nobody is noticing, they are all too caught up in the event itself.

Online concerts – on the plus side they are a hell of a lot cheaper and you don’t have to put up with smelly, screaming, germ-spreading physical beings in your vicinity, but on the minus side it’s not that different to watching a video, it doesn’t feel very special.  Try as the group might to make you feel like you’re “there”, you won’t because you’re just not, and no amount of fake “engagement” systems or virtual reality bollocks can really change that.

Hi Oppar, recently you said Solar’s “honey” was the best Mamamoo solo in a while. That begs the question, what IS the best solo Mamamoo project/song? If the answer would be “Honey”, what did you consider the best before its release?

They’ve released so many solo songs between them that I’m not even sure if the answer I’m telling you now is correct, but if it is, it’s Hwasa’s “LMM”, which narrowly escaped an honourable mention in the year it was released.

Hi, how are you doing? Well, my question is, can Madonna actually play guitar? I mean, all her tours since confessions tour i guess she always play like four songs with the guitar, is she actually playing? Because i remember i thought the wonder girls were playing as well during their band phase, but you said on some article that it wasn’t all true

In this video from 2000 Madonna said that she was just learning.  Of course it’s now 2022 so I’d expect her to be a fair bit better nowadays.  Who knows if she really plays live or not but it seems that she would at least be capable of it.  In all the footage I’ve seen of her playing guitar (which isn’t much) she’s always with another guitarist who is doing all the real grunt work, while she just strums basic chords.  Which is kind of the same role that guitar had in Elvis’ career, it was pretty much a prop, guitar wasn’t his “main thing”, nor is it hers.

The Wonder Girls can in fact play musical instruments but that doesn’t mean they weren’t miming them a ton anyway.  Plenty of bands who are very skilled mime on live TV stages because that’s what the TV studio often requires, the bands who are actually live on TV shows usually had to fight to be allowed to, because logistically for TV studio staff it’s a LOT harder to set up a live soundstage and make it sound good than it is to get an artist to mime to a recording.

It’s only my impression or Bang Chan (the blue haired one) might be a future rival for meatboy wonho in the next objectification contest?

Well, that’s up to the readers!  If he takes his gym far enough I don’t see why not, but he also has to match Wonho for fanservice amount, which may be more challenging!  If you feel strongly about this, don’t forget to vote in June when the survey is posted – and don’t forget that in the meantime there’s another survey active right now that you can also do for at least another week or so.

Do you think Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Viviz’s SinB should come out as a couple? Like, even if they are not, just for the clout and schock value over those terrible conservative pseudo-fans?

Nobody should ever do anything for c-word.  C-word is the enemy of all that is good, virtuous and holy in this world.  No c-word chasing please.  

dear kpopalypse oppar: i’ve been having a very hard time with life lately and i think i have at least one if not both anxiety and depression. i feel like for a while i haven’t completely admitted to myself that i have a problem and i’ve just been destroying myself instead of figuring things out and dealing with the deeper causes of my suffering. a few days ago, i felt completely suicidal for the first time in my life and that really scared the shit out of me.
a few weeks ago my boyfriend told me that he wants me to get my shit together because he’s getting bad vibes from me and he doesn’t want to get hurt as a result of my personal issues. one of the things that’s been a slight issue in this relationship for me is my envy of him. i’m jealous because he knows how to have fun and his friend group seems more fun than mine. this is a general problem for me not just with him so my first question is: how do i deal with that?
another problem i have is a porn addiction that’s been sort of having a negative effect on sex with him. i still haven’t cum even once when he’s been sucking me off because i get anxious mid-BJ that it’s gonna take me way too long to cum and that takes me out of the enjoyment. do you think it will work to just not fap for a bit so i build up some tension?
and my final question: how do i stop feeling resentment for sluts? having a porn addiction has made me ironically disgusted and fearful of some sexual stuff and i don’t get why. i just wanna start being more sex positive and i think you can help me with that

Cutting back on the fap frequency might help sensitivity during sexual activities a little, but only if you’re already fapping multiple times daily.  It isn’t really the root cause of your issue, nor is it the porn addiction, which like fapping is pretty harmless in moderation as long as you can distance yourself a bit and don’t make it your entire life.  It seems to me the biggest issue is communication with your boyfriend, or lack thereof.  Given that he’s already told you to get your shit together, he sounds like he’s making an effort and would probably really value an open and honest discussion about the things that have been troubling you.  Have you told him about any of the stuff in your question?  It doesn’t seem like it, and it seems to me that that’s where you should start.  Relationships often live or die on how well the parties communicate so if you value yours I would suggest that you be very open with him about everything here and from there you’ll probably find it easier to work out what to do next.

Do you think female k-pop idols shave their nether regions? Or do you suspect that they’re as hairy down there as a lot of JAV stars?

I imagine that some of the ones who wear racier clothing probably at least trim a bit so the don’t have stray hairs sticking out of their space leotards or whatever their agency deems they should wear, but the vast majority of them wouldn’t need to do that because outside of the “adult-oriented groups” k-pop isn’t really very big on exposure in that area anyway so it wouldn’t be a requirement.  So it would just be the same percentage of women who shave, generally speaking.  Which is not very much, especially not in Asian countries where shaving pubes is really not as normalised as in the west.

Please, can you give us some more funny MV’s about toxic workplace like MINIMANI – PUO PUO

Office politics is actually a really common theme in trot videos, in general.

Seek and you shall find.

On your roundup of last March 28th, you included a video of Kihyun – Comma. Somehow, while watching the video on your page (and ONLY in it), some strange “metric bar” appeared right on top of the time bar. While I am not unfamiliarized with such thing on sites like pornhub, it’s the first time I ever seen such a thing on a YT player, hence my surprise.
Do you know what that is and how it appeared only for that video?

No idea but I’d recommend dejunkifying your computer.  Perhaps you have some malware?

Hello Kpopalypse oppar,
Currently I’m facing a situation that I didn’t know how to deal with it. The story revolves around an acquaintance of mine (I should call them A for easier following). Note that A and me only know each other through being friends/mutuals on social media

A had a mutual (on social media) that they were really fond of. Due to certain circumstances (cyberbullying) they deactivated their account and then made a new one (but this one they kept the account as private out of concern that they may get harassed again) and they lost touch with that mutual. In the time of the private account, A occasionally mentioned of that mutual. Recently A reached out to that mutual and expressed the intention of reconnecting their past bond (being mutuals again). That mutual replied them, saying that the reason why all these time they didn’t bother to search for and find A, hence reconnecting the relationship, was because they intentionally wanted to cut off A from their circle (technically the mutual just subtlely admitted that they ghosted my acquaintance).

This hurted A deeply and based on what they wrote on their captions, they felt unfine. They had been in a self-loathing and self-destructive state for 2 days, saying that all they wanted was death. A mentioned since they were “abandoned” by the mutual, who was a “pure and decent” human being, that must mean that my acquaintance was an irredeemable human being and deserved death. A also mentioned that the fact how it took that mutual until this time to admit that they “hated” and “didn’t want A to appear in their life anymore” further upset A, and assumed that all of their mutuals (including me) definitely hated them (well tbh I don’t always agree with their takes, but I truly never hate them because the reason why I approached them in the first place was because I loved some of their takes, which were a fresh breeze from usual shitty and misleading takes in our hobby community).

So my questions was: Should I just A what that mutual accused A of? I didn’t know the “valid reason” was because A was so ambiguous about it. I actually knew who A referred to (the mutual) in their self-deprecating captions but I didn’t want to appear nosy and invasive (after all we are just friends on social media). I really wanted to say something to cheer them up, but kept on feeling hesitant to express what I thought. Should I also said out what I really thought and proved to A that they weren’t that bad of a human being (well I actually had done and had far more cunt-ish thinkings. At least A was candid with what they felt and thought, I’m just good at hiding my dark side). And if you were in my position, what would you do? Should you abandon A and let them rant all they want (this is what I’m currently doing, as I don’t know what to do), or should you say something to stop them from their suicidal tendency?

P/s: Allow me to be petty here. I thought that mutual was not that “pure” like how A idolized them to be, because I… kinda saw myself in them (I even thought “damn can’t believe them to be such a passive-aggressive cunt like me”, as I’m also prone to ghosting).

If it were me I’d cut ties with A and forget about the entire situation completely just because it seems like a lot of drama and I just wouldn’t have the energy to even care.  Hell, I barely had the energy to read through three paragraphs of it.  A needs to sort their own life out, it’s not anybody else’s responsibility.  Of course I don’t know A, maybe they’re lovely, but that doesn’t mean I’d have energy to get involved in this stuff.  So do what you want, but I wouldn’t push the issue.  If A really wants to talk about it, and you’re feeling very receptive to hear about it, hey great, but I wouldn’t go there unprompted.  But then, I’m the kind of person who ghosts people all the time, it’s not because I hate them – I’m just extremely antisocial, so I could be the wrong person to ask this kind of question to.  Take my response as the outsider perspective that it is.

Hello sir! This is long, apologies, but at least it’s on topic.

I have been reading you for more than 5 but less than 10 years (I just took the survey). I started reading you soon after I got into K-pop; at the time you were one of only a few places that were pointing out the way idols are mistreated and possibly mistreating. (And now it’s even fewer outlets, I don’t understand why interest in idol treatment has waned even as we’ve accumulated so much more evidence that idols aren’t treated well, even Asian Junkie [whose heart is in the right place] will post a story about someone reporting repeated sexual harassment or never getting paid and then basically go, “Oh, well,” and then go back to talking about Dreamcatcher and whatnot… sorry, rant for another time.)

Anyway following K-pop has gotten less and less fun for me over time (as you might have guessed from the previous paragraph) but I still enjoy reading your work, so lately I’ve started getting more interested in the JAVopcalypse side of things, to make a long story short I definitely grew up with Porn Is Bad (and still find, here and there, the argument that women who enjoy sex with men are doing something wrong or brainwashed by the patriarchy or somesuch) so this is a bit of a mental shift for me. Recently I was on R18.com and discovered that they translate Yura Kano’s monthly FANZA column, and it’s an unexpected delight–she hypes her latest releases but also quotes Osamu Dazai and writes about stuff like getting her taxes done and worrying about a friend having surgery. And even when she’s hyping her latest releases she does so in a way that gives the impression that she actually gets a chance to think about what the meaning might be in the latest Classy-Sexy with My Stepfather/Boss/Group of Dudes on the Train, and what makes her work worthwhile. And it’s insulting to her to think, “Maybe this isn’t actually her, maybe this is a ghostwriter or someone coaching her,” but with idols I’m generally way too naive about their public presentations and I’m trying to correct for that.

So I’m requesting that you do the same service for me for JAV actresses that you did for K-pop idols: namely, puncture any overly rosy illusions about how they’re treated. I imagine JAV is not a monolith, and like any industry there are good and bad and horrific experiences, but from the bits you’ve dropped here and there and sources like Eimi Fukuda’s blogs, I get the impression that an actress who works hard enough and does well enough, plus has a little luck and a good sense of self-preservation, will actually have a pretty good work experience, much better than that of the average female K-pop idol. If that’s wrong, I’d like you to tell me. And if it’s right, I’d also like you to tell me: it’ll be a lot easier and more enjoyable to fap if I can believe that when Yura Kano gets up from her lunch in the park and says, “Okay, back to work,” she’s pretty satisfied with that work. Thank you!

PS: I do hope you get that interview with Daisy after she gets done with all the legal bullshit, she sounds like an interesting person.

The JAV stars who are more well-known, actually do alright financially and for the most part, emotionally.  While the job definitely has its challenges (let’s be real – it pays a lot because it’s occasionally unpleasant work) I would say without hesitation that the average JAV star would be far less overworked, and far mentally and physically healthier than the average k-pop idol.  Of course some JAV agencies are probably better/worse than others in all sorts of ways, and of course I’m sure there are some shady aspects especially on the more budget end of the JAV spectrum (beyond whatever the general shadiness of having sex on film for money is considered to be), but the high profile of the JAV industry means that it’s heavily regulated.  It’s absolutely without a doubt a safer, more regulated environment than the American and European porn industries, on average.  JAV of the month for March is JUL-903.

I doubt that Daisy will bite for my interview offer in the near future (especially given the ongoing legal stuff which probably prevents her from being able to say all that much) but you never know, maybe she will if enough people suggest it to her, if nothing else it’s obvious that she has a lot on her mind.  If she’s reading she should click “about” on my website header for the contact info.  However she should only do it if she’s keen, half-hearted interviews always fail, the best Kpopalypse interviews are all the ones where the person being interviewed really wanted to do it and was excited about it.

Your fellow Australian Christian Yu went from being an idol in C-CLOWN to a music video director and founding member of DPR. It’s not often that idols manage this kind of transition successfully, what do you think it takes to continue in the industry after an idol career? Is it all about networking and have the right contacts?


Positive post: Chuu?

Not necessary at this time.  People are having no trouble thinking positive thoughts about Chuu.

What do you think of Hunie Pop 2: Double Date (regardless of whether you’ve played it yourself or just watched gameplays)

I don’t own it.  I really liked the first game, but the idea of “double dates” doesn’t appeal.  Worst of all, the best character from the first game (Audrey) is absent, but they’ve actually kept hideous cringe characters like Jessie and Lola in the sequel.  If the devs looked at their character roster and thought Audrey was the one to dump then it’s a safe bet that they’ve also made a lot of other bad decisions, so I’ll be waiting until it’s VERY heavily discounted before buying.

kpop people usually cover other kpop people with minimum to none change, except slightly different way of singing and their charisma on stage. do you feel that and bias are enough for the covered song to be better

Usually it makes no difference to me who covers a song.  I don’t care about voices or charisma specifically.  They have to radically change the song musically in some way for there to be much impact, positive or negative.

I know you said that usually you turn off videogames’ background music when you play them, but, if you were to make one for a game how would you approach it?

I actually scored an entire orchestral soundtrack for some Chinese RPG devs when I was at Uni.  There was a “good town” song, a “ghost town” song, a “rural” song, a “battle” song, a “boss battle” song, a “climbing the icy mountain” song etc etc, it was all pretty generic fantasy RPG stuff and I didn’t put that much effort in because I was doing it for Uni and nobody was paying, they were getting this for free.  I also talked to the dev team a lot about sound design, telling them lots of things they didn’t want to hear because they had a really lazy attitude towards it.  I don’t know if the game ever came out though, they hadn’t even given it a name at the time I was working with them.  Overall your question is kind of broad though, because approaching a song for a computer game isn’t really that different to approaching a song for any other purpose, you just have the practical considerations of the game to add onto it.  For instance, in computer games instrumental songs are much more viable, because vocals in a song can detract from the dialogue of characters etc.

Oppar, does this song have 8 didferent rotating chords or is it just 4 chords but just inverted or something? Also, can you pls pls tell me what those chords are as well?

I know I know it’s a bullshit music question again but I mean someone’s gotta combo-break all the negativity and ranting in QRIMOLE once in a while right? 😁

The chord structure here is actually pretty involved, there’s 16 chords if you count each suspension as separate harmony, and it would take a while to do, and every QRIMOLE already takes two days of solid uninterrupted writing.  Going to pass on this one because I’m not here to do other people’s homework assignments.  

I know youve been asked a ton about this but I’m just not musically smart enough to elaborate this to the people i talk to but what is this recent uprising of imaginary sub genres like city pop and hyperpop? Is it just an attempt at feeling special by creating a whole sub genre and trying to write it off as different to its “parent” genre?

It’s just marketing.  “City pop” is literally just disco, rebranded for the 2020s, just like “acid jazz” was disco rebranded for the 1990s.  “Hyperpop” is literally just various types of pop music, made with today’s tools.  People do this genre-inventing because it’s easier to hype something if you’re selling it as “new genre!” than “some old genre we’re trying to sell you again!”  Marketing gurus are just trying to find new ways to make you care more about music, so they can make money, because hardly anyone in the music business these days is actually making any.


Interested if you care for hyperpop, since hyperpop artists usually bill themselves as trying to make the poppiest of pop music, something I think you’ve said you enjoy before. A couple kpop acts have taken cues from it now but pretty conservatively, mostly just the plate crashing sounds and commitment to being annoying

Not really no.  Pretending that the label actually means something tangible for a second beyond “I’d like to sell you music”, nothing I’ve heard with that label really grabs me.  That’s not to say something won’t however.

Ok so what the fuck is going on with Jeongyeon’s styling in Twice? In a general sense, why do some groups get good styling for everyone, but other groups have only a few members that consistently get the best outfits/makeup while certain others are always dressed like shit?? Or groups that look good except that one “singled out” member. I seriously don’t get it, training kpop idols is so expensive, wouldn’t it be in the best interest of companies to have every member looking their very best always?

There’s groups like Red Velvet, Oh My Girl and Blackpink that have a center/visual but every member is dressed according to their “role” and no one looks particularly bad compared to the rest. Even in that horrid zimzalamess era everyone in RV looked equally horrible. But then you have Twice (I’m not including the eras where they had uniform outfits) with Nayeon on one extreme with great styling always and Jeongyeon on the other extreme with horrible styling always. Or groups like Loona in the So What era where everyone’s military-ish uniforms were okay except for Vivi who clearly got the short end of the stick with some potato sack looking dress. But Jeongyeon’s case is what really intrigues me. Does someone at JYP really hate her and is bribing all the stylists or what

You’re not the first person to have this thought:

She’s been getting thiccer and kind of has a square figure anyway, and Koreans with their starvation-level beauty standards plus obsession with hourglass figures have no idea how to deal with that.  She’s always wearing some shapeless bullshit because they’re just trying to cover her up half the time out of embarassment, but for me she’s always been the hottest one in Twice… if she’s even still in them at all at this point, I’m never quite sure.

In this video everyone on the comments are saying she failed intentionally but excelled at the second try. Is it me or are there autotone one 2nd try? If it has autotone is it really a high note? And also everyone are saying they would cut the scene if she didn’t purposefully failed which I don’t think would be true. What are your comments oppar?

Ah YouTube shorts, how I fucking hate them.  They won’t embed, the vertical mobile phone format sucks, you can’t rewind them to look at anything more closely… fucking useless.  To me it honestly looks like she could be lipsyncing the lot of it, both the bad AND the good take, because she pulls her microphone away from her mouth just a little bit too early at the end of the first phrase.  At least I’m pretty sure, I couldn’t really check properly because YouTube Shorts suck and are the most disgusting thing on the planet.

hello kpopalypse oppa. idk if i was supposed to delete the “my question” thing before this so sorry? i’m also like kinda drunk so sorry about that too lol

first of all, i’ve been listening to a lot of 2nd gen girl groups and i truly think that’s where kpop peaked for me. i know you love t-ara but if you had to pick another 2nd gen group that you really love who would it be and why is it 9 muses?

anyway. i’ve been lying to everyone around me. everyone thinks my masters is going GREAT but it’s not. i’m super depressed and super burnt out and i just don’t think i’ll be able to finish it in time (worst case scenario i need to have it ready by september i think?) i just can’t seem to bring myself to work on it even though i actually enjoy the subject. i don’t know if i should just quit and try again in like 1 or 2 years or just do a shitty job and hope it’s enough.

apart from that, i think my long term relationship isn’t actually working for me. i’ve never really been in love with my partner but we were very compatible and we get along really well. my family LOVES my partner as well. it’s just that i can’t picture my life with this person. i can’t imagine myself marrying them or spending the rest of my life with them. they’re like a best friend i have really good sex with BUT i feel like the romantic aspect has never been here and it feels like i’ve invested too much on it to quit now. i think we’d both feel really shitty about it too but if i keep this relationship going i truly feel like i won’t be happy. should i just cut my losses and break up?

sorry this is long. tbh it’s cool if you don’t answer. just typing all of this made me feel a bit better somehow. thank you for this and for all the content you’ve been providing for years! i actually met you because of antikpopfangirl and i’ve been following you ever since. it’s been a long time! i’m not super into kpop anymore but whenever you say a song is worth listening to i usually check it out 💕 (i’d say i’d show you around if you’re ever around southern europe but probably wouldn’t happen lol)

Oh come on, you can write a masters, it’s fucking easy.  Seriously just push yourself to get it done, then you can relax and forget about it.  I did a masters and it was like just me rambling incoherent bullshit, even worse than my k-pop writing, and I still passed somehow.  Remember also that you don’t have to pass with a certain GPA, seriously no employer gives much of a fuck about Uni grades, so just phone it in if you can.  But if you really honest-to-god just can’t bring yourself to do it, then just defer it.  One of the great things about the university system is once you’re in, you’re in.  So don’t “quit”, instead “defer studies” and that way you give yourself the option to pick it up later when you’re feeling better.  I imagine this decision isn’t the end of the world anyway, as if you’re qualified all the way up to pre-masters you can still land a decent job with that, probably, depending on the field.

Your partner – you’re very compatible, you get along great, you have great sex, you’re also great friends… shit, that all sounds pretty good to me.  Fuck romance, under those conditions I could certainly live without it.  But then I’m not a very “romantic” type of guy in general, I don’t crave flower-giving, putting-my-coat-over-puddles type of shit, I just like a simple relationship with a girl who likes cats, where we get to hang out and have fun sometimes and occasionally the fucking dick goes in the pussy.  Maybe I’m the wrong person to ask about this, but I think you should be like Sechskies and “let the pussy roll”.

do you think not taking themselves too seriously work better for artists or not? i love stray kids and i can take a bad song or two but sometimes i cant help but cringe at some of their songs or lyrics, esp when the song is slow af and i can only focus on the caption. at least with their upbeat ones i can ignore the lyrics and enjoy most of them, but i dont think stray kids have a good ballad at all. the problem with self producing group is i immediately know who to blame.. dont even get me started on their english songs, seriously i just dont think the native speakers have it in them to write in english. i wish someone else would just step in when needed to say no to some of their choices but not enough that they become a different group. sorry if this q (or rant) is all over the place!

I think that pretty much almost all pop lyrics are crap across the board, and that if I’m going to listen to anything in a pop music style I have to put on my most forgiving lyrics hat ever.  It’s simply not music where the lyrics matter a great deal, yes of course there are the rare exceptional good lyrics but most of the time it’s just junk and this is just something people need to get used to.  Or don’t, and keep letting it bother you I guess, but personally I’ve got better things to worry about!

Have you ever heard about demisexuality?

So, I consider myself one. But in addition to that I’m also bisexual. I have never been in a relationship because I never really felt real attraction to anyone in my life (already in my 30s). And maybe I never will, but, somehow, instead of full-blown asexuals out there, I actually appreciate love stories and such portrayed in media, even with their re-used tropes and stupid ideals.
The problem is that right now I’m kinda fixated in a specific type of fiction (or maybe not?) where people on the web catches “evidences” about couples in K-Pop (gay couples mostly, example here about Felix and Changbin from SKZ, and seeing this apparent imagery of those supposed couples navigating their true identities and relationship in the context of a conservative society full of hate like Korea seemed to resonate deep within me.
In your opinion, do you believe that this type of content, being veridical or not, is actually damaging people’s expectations in a real relationship?
Do you think that I may be actually changing myself in the asexuality spectrum while consuming and reflecting about such contents?

I’ve heard about demisexuality, although I’m not sure if I believe it’s really a sexuality, at least not in the traditional sense?  Apparently “demisexual people only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional bond with the person” but that describes a ton of people of all sexualities and doesn’t necessarily replace any other type of sexuality (as you point out, you’re bisexual), so I think “demisexual” might belong more on the “level of horniness” spectrum rather than the “sexual types” spectrum.  Imagine a sliding scale with “straight” on one side and “more gay than a Chuu/Siwon fanfic” on the other.  Where would a demisexual fit along that scale?  The obvious answer is “well, they could be anywhere”.  I think demisexual might belong on a different sliding scale, a “horniness” scale with “asexual” on one end and “Frank from Blue Velvet” on the other end.  I think demisexual might be further toward the asexual side of that scale… it’s not like you’re not interested in sex at all, but it’s not the primary driver and the emotional attachment comes first.  I don’t actually know if you’d call that a “sexuality” or not.  I guess you could, as it’s still a “sex factor” you’re talking about, but it’s definitely different to the “straight/gay” sex factor.  Of course I’m no expert on sexualities, this is just how I see it.

I think any “information” about k-pop idols and their sexualities, whether real, fictional, or in some grey area, should be taken with a grain of salt, or maybe a large bucket of salt.  Perhaps an entire salt pan.  That’s not to say that there aren’t gay pairings in k-pop (there absolutely are, just based on the mathematics of gay occurence in adult populations alone, it’s impossible for there not to be some), but idols are forever conscious that when the camera are rolling they are on display and that certain types of fans like to see certain types of content.  Some k-pop idols may be gay, but all of them are conscious that they are being watched.

Is JYP trolling us with NMIXX?


when will you and asianjunkie planning on retiring?

I will retire when SM, YG and JYP all agree to lift all non-disclosure agreements for all current and past artists on their agencies.  As at that point, my mission will be completed and there won’t be a need for a site like this one as you can then get the trufax straight from the source.

Asian Junkie will probably retire a few weeks after I retire.

Once I start sitting in one place in class I like to sit in the same place for the rest of the semester. And in my experience, other people tend to do the same thing. so i began noticing that this dude who sat next to me in one of my courses kept coughing. At first I thought he had COVID and was very happy we had masking policies at our uni. But as he kept coughing into the semester I figured maybe he had some weird fucking asthma or something, since people test at our school for COVID regularly and if it was COVID he probably wouldn’t just keep showing up in class.
There was one day in a class he kept fucking coughing and coughing and it got so bad he ran out (coughing all the way down the hall) and then came back in the room, still coughing but less annoyingly so. When he isn’t coughing his entire lung out he’s perfectly fine and coherent. He’s not unhealthy looking (from his figure it seems he works out) so I found this to be very strange.

A few months into school I showed up to class late and sat further away from mr. cough than usual. I noticed that he didn’t cough at all when I wasn’t next to him, which concerned me. I worried about whether I smelled bad or not, and had both a close friend and my parents confirm that I had no B.O. issues.

I told the same friend about it and she mentioned it might be a tic. I suppose that makes sense since it’s not a productive cough, just the dry type. But I wasn’t satisfied, so I asked my parents. My mom was bewildered, but my dad said the guy (asian) was racist and it was some sort of unconscious “reaction” to interacting with a black person, in my case i’m a black girl. He then showed me this article and talked about his own experiences with non-black people acting weird around him.

We got into a debate about this, because I thought it would be disonant to be interactive/friendly with someone you have such an extreme prejudice against. Why sit next to me at all if you have such a problem?
But he was pretty convinced and just told me I was being “super naive.” There are no other black students in that class so I have no ability to confirm what my dad thinks. But since then from what I’ve noticed now that I try to sit far away from him, he doesn’t cough at all, and it seems to trigger whenever I get within talking distance of him.

So far I’ve just sat further away from him, but I can’t help it if i sit somewhere and he decides to sit close by and start hacking his fucking lungs out!!! ugh so annoying.

Just to clarify, no one else in the class (or anyone in my life tbh) has interacted with me in such a way at all before. I’ve experienced racism, but it’s not weird like this.
Maybe you have more know-how with this sort of behaviour since you experienced a lot of cruel bullying.

It is true that there are many types of bullying that I have experienced, it’s very rare that I hear about a new form of bullying that I haven’t personally experienced.  This is not one of those times.  Yes, this has happened to me!

Although I didn’t handle it well at the time (I just tried to ignore it), here’s how I’d handle it now, although disclaimer – I’m a cunt, so this is going to get a little weird, but I promise you that if you do this, it will work.  So – here we go.  The next chance you get, sit right next to him, as close as you can reasonably get away with.  As soon as he starts coughing “oh, you have a cough… are you okay?  Can I help?”  Offer to be as helpful as possible.  He’ll probably say that it’s okay and keep coughing.  Don’t take no for an answer!  Keep insisting that he seems to be suffering from some kind of medical condition and you just want to help, be as friendly as you can be, do this with zero malice in your voice.  If he runs out, chase him down and keep asking!  “Why are you running?  Is this a medical emergency?  I’m just trying to help you!”  Insist on getting to the bottom of his issue, because you’re just so very concerned about him, and whatever happens stay with him, so he keeps doing it.  The next time you see him, do this again.  And again.  Never stop, until he stops.  Two things will happen, either he’ll eventually quit that bullshit (in which case make sure to remark “I’m so glad you’ve gotten over your illness, just know that I’m here for you if you should ever fall ill in the future” and then you can leave him alone after that) or, he’ll eventually come clean about what he’s doing and why, in which case now you can really “help” him.  “Well that’s a shame, but you can’t go through your life living like that, so from now on I’m going to give you some exposure therapy!”  Then, sit next to him at every possible opportunity, insist on hanging around him, make sure to always get to participate with him in any school group activities, basically terrorise the shit out of him – but with a smile on your face the whole time, never raise your voice or be violent, be nice until the end.  He wants to cough?  Fine – make sure he never stops.  But when he finally does, make sure to let him know about how you’re so happy that you helped him get over his illness and then leave him alone.  If he then starts coughing again, as before, stay right on his tail, always – when he’s coughing, he’s yours, you own himDoki Doki Literature Club is far more terrifying than the Friday the 13th movies.

Or, you could just tell a teacher I guess.  But that’s boring, and they won’t do shit.

Hey kpopalypse I have a questions I wanted to ask for a while

I agree with most of your views on objectification and sexualization. I ask this question thinking about a situation not related to kpop rather just normal life. Imagine that a person you objectify or whose physical traits you find attractive and you talk about those traits with others close with you. Somehow the said person overhears and finds it uncomfortable to be talked about in that way. How would you go about it then? Are there times where you should not think sexually of someone or communicate those said thoughts to someone close. Or in the kpop scenario, if a group says they were uncomfortable with people looking at them sexually (the group might have any concept – sexy, cute or badass) how would you see the group after that

If that happened and someone found it uncomfortable I would just be honest, and say “well, I said that because I do actually find you attractive, I’m sorry about that, I’m happy to talk to you behind your back about your attractiveness instead of to your face if that makes you feel more comfortable”.  However that’s never happened to me, because in situations where I find someone else attractive I generally don’t talk about it to others, I usually just talk about it to the attractive person, or not at all (the only exception would be seeing a stripper or similar).  I’m a firm advocate of not discussing my tastes in a real-life individual with third parties, because in the past said people have agreed and then gone on to make the moves that I didn’t make because I was too busy talking about it like an idiot instead of doing something proactive.  Although since I’ve been in my current long-term relationship (12 year anniversary coming up soon folks) I’ll definitely talk about my tastes with her…

If a k-pop group is uncomfortable with people looking at them sexually, they should probably not be in the music business at all, because the fact is that no matter how you look or what sort of image you present, people will always look at you sexually if you are in a group, as long as the physical appearance of the members is known, you can’t prevent it.  People look at me sexually when I’m onstage also.  However if a k-pop group is uncomfortable with a very overtly sexual image, they could talk about that with whoever is doing their marketing.  It’s not an issue between the group and their fans (because fans will always be led where they’re told to go by marketing forces), it’s an issue between the group and their agency.  This is the big mistake that so many k-pop fans make about “objectification” – it’s not me or you or the people on fap reddit or whatever doing the objectifying, everyone’s just reacting to the objectification that’s already there.  It’s the agency that is creating the product.

Orbits have been saying that this song sounds like something LOONA, especially Odd Eye Circle, could put out… Imo they’re doing a disservice to the strong songs LOONA have released but heh what do you think? I’m not an Orbit so…

The keyboard sound is similar to one that Loona have used in the past.  That’s really the only similarity at all, so it must be what they’re picking up on.  It doesn’t take much to get k-pop fans excited, I guess.

Does “Tell Me” from Wonder Girls have any autotune or other vocal processing on it? I always assumed it didn’t because it sounds very “raw” (if that’s the word) even compared to songs of the same era. (Tbh I also feel like the instrumental sounds a bit chintzy even though I grew to like it).

This was prompted by Weeekly’s relay dance, sorry Jiyoon’s still on hiatus for anxiety though:

Aside from the rapping sections (where they only use it maybe 50% of the time), all k-pop vocals from any A, B or C list company has autotune.  No exceptions to this.

Wonder Girls “Tell Me” does have a very “dry” vocal sound though, which means minimal effects, it’s not drenched in reverb and aural excitation as much as most pop music vocal is.  Nobody ever records vocals with no effects though, that’s just crazy talk.  At bare minimum the vocals are certainly compressed… and Autotuned of course.  All k-po vocals have Autotune.  Did I mention that before?  Well it’s even truer nowadays than it was nine years ago when I first wrote about this, but it was still true back in Wonder Girls days too.

When you reviewed Lovelyz Ah-Choo (near its release date and for the top 100 list), you said it had a very compelling harmonic structure, and while I am not knowledgeable in music theory, I believe that the song does have a cool “sound” to its backing synths. However, when looking at its chords on the Hooktheory TheoryTab Database (which tends to notate song chords mostly accurately), I saw that nearly every chord in the chorus is an extended 7th chord (according to a certain Reddit thread I can’t be bothered to find again, a very “jazzy” progression), which you said in a recent music theory post you tend to dislike. Would Ah-Choo then be an example of using “jazz chords” correctly, or would it be an ambiguous case similar to one from the same article, where a second melody being played over the “base” or “triadic” chords makes them extended 7th chords by technicality (e.g. the violin playing B over a C major triad, which could theoretically be called a Cmaj7 chord)?

This duo guitar version might make the answer clearer due to less density of sound:

In short, yes there are lots of 7th chords.  I don’t completely hate all 7th chords all the time, a lot depends on context, it’s just that rarely are they used well.  Obviously I like the harmony of “Ah-Choo!” so that’s an example of them being used well.  However yes I do understand what you’re saying about notating a “7th by technicality” (a cheeky thing that jazz-trained people tend to do when they shouldn’t) but that’s not what’s happening in this instance.

I thought you’d find this interesting
It’s a video about a BDSM themed Korean movie called love and leashes staring Seohyun and one of the U-Kiss guys

I am aware of it.  Hopefully I get to check it out in more detail soon, but with my touring schedule picking up I’m not certain about when.  It is on my radar though.

youre actually pretty kind. even you still answer your supposedly trash Qs with some humor, thats still an effort.. thank you

Cheers, I try.

Two nights ago, one of my friends (X) got drunk and snatched another girl (Y)’s phone and started talking to a friend of Y about some private shit about Y. Y got justifiably mad so I told her that I could talk to X about it and point out it’s not been very nice, but she doesn’t want me to. This is gonna be a huge problem for my group of friends – thing is, they don’t like X (even before this happened), so I’m not intending on inviting her anymore to our nights; however, if she’s the one planning the night and asks me to invite Y and everyone else, I’d feel bad inviting people who don’t like X and forcing them to tolerate her, so I’ll have to come up with an excuse to justify their absence, but the truth will eventually come up and she’ll get very pissed. Ugh, I wish friendships were so much easier. I’ll keep you up to date if anything happens.

and then

Update on the friends called X and Y: yesterday, X texted Y to ask if she had arranged something for Friday, which probably means that X thought Y did something but did not invite her. This is starting to make me a little worried. Once again, I’ll keep you updated if needed.

I read this question a whole bunch of times and I found it really hard to follow for some reason, but I guess it probably doesn’t matter as whatever has happened has probably happened by now.  Anyway, X dug their own grave a bit here by being a dick so why worry about it, maybe they’ll learn something for next time.

¡¡¡Hola!!! Leí su sitio durante años, aunque no tan periódicamente como me gustaría. Respeto tus opiniones que me parecen, así como bien fundadas que las mías, sonrí lo suficiente con sus listados y comentarios, aunque a veces es negativo y descalificado hacia mi favorito. Nada pasa con eso. Bueno, quería preguntarle sobre un artículo que recientemente leí sobre aquellos que reciben las mayores régimen de autorías y producción musical en Corea, y cómo en esa lista es solo IU y GD. ¿Cómo es eso posible? ¿Es para los años que conducen como ídolos? Sé que no comenta a nadie de BTS, pero, en general, podría explicar por qué estos grandes muchachos, y otros grupos, de los cuales “su capacidad de composición y producción” (Suga, JK, V, etc.), no logran aparecer en tal lista. Así, hay otros que producen por lotes como RAVI y que tampoco aparecen entre los pendientes. Pido disculpas por escribir en español, pero es mi idioma … leerlo, debo usar un traductor. Así es como parece mis inserciones. Espero que su respuesta sea divertida y fundada.

No puedo comentar sobre qué tan autorizado es un artículo si no estoy familiarizado con el artículo. Sin embargo, creo que en muchos casos, la etiqueta del “compositor” se usa como bombo y no refleja la realidad. Si un ídolo se facturó como un compositor, pero está obteniendo una mala división de regalías, probablemente significa que alguien más realmente hizo la mayor parte de la escritura. Además, hay una gran diferencia entre las canciones que son populares entre los fanáticos y las canciones que son populares entre el público en general. IU y Bigbang tendrían mucha más popularidad con la población general coreana que no le importa la música de ídolos, que muchos grupos más nuevos. Esto haría una gran diferencia en las ganancias de las regalías, porque a pesar de que los ídolos se ponen en la televisión, la radio solo va a reproducir canciones populares con el público en general, y la radio repetirá muchas canciones en una lista de reproducción, mientras que en la televisión el ídolo. Solo puede aparecer ocasionalmente.

Hey, for whatever reason the form for qrimole works fine, but your survey (also hosted by google forms) requires a sign in. For those of us who prefer to opt out of google’s tracking, could you disable that for future surveys?

Yeah the reason why the survey requires a sign-in is because of the image submission question.  It’s probably Google checking that you’re not uploading anything illegal or whatever I guess, I dunno.  Sorry about that.  Next survey I won’t include an image submission question.

Update on the Wonho LPSG thread, it has slowed down despite Wonho doing the most (I found out about his slutty cropped sportsball cosplay from Twitter when usually they would have had the gifs and pics ready to go but hey). What does get the thread a buzzing is that apparently Edward Avila talked shit on Wonho and thus they’ve realised how much a loser vulture he is which makes them 99% better than most of the kpop companies working with his mediocre ass and have been circlejerking about it for about three weeks now. Though it’s only been today that someone mentioned the Kyla incident you’d think that in the three weeks they would have led with that given that’s the reason all sane people don’t like him you included.

But as a question, how much do you think that the LPSG thread is comprised of Wonho fans, Kpop fans and people who generally just go on a gay porn forum? There’s been a lot of conversations about kpop in general in there, half of them seem to be iffy on Wonho’s music (it was like Reddit on the day Blue dropped) and the porn has crawled to a minimum. Do you think it’s just one of the places fans hang out like the old Soompi forums but fifty percent more likely to see dick?

Also Wenees in general have become less one eyed recently about the sexualisation of one Wonho due to all his blatant loving of the said sexualisation so do you think the thread has become less of an escape for folks looking to nut to Wonho now that you can find that shit on Twitter without possibly seeing disgusting hairy holes and/or virus and not be afraid of being cyberbullied?


I don’t spend enough time on k-pop forums, k-pop reddit or LPSG itself to know with any authority how much of any of them resembles any of the other.  I mainly just lurk these places for info on rare occasions if I need context on something, or an example of something.  It’s good that more people are realising Edward Aliva is trash though, maybe justice will prevail and he’ll become even more hated than me one day, but he probably won’t.

When do you think the K-Pop sector as a whole will inevitably end? Or to better put, when do you think general Twitter K-Pop audience will move on to the next big thing? Or this K-Pop thing stays forever somehow by new groups and new fans and whatnot.

Also, I’ve found the best ASMR ever to every horny American out there. Maybe you’ll use this in your weekly music posts the next time any group does something to appeal American audiences.

I don’t think the k-pop audience is going away now that it’s here.  It’s possible that no new groups emerge to replace the really big groups around now and k-pop might therefore become a bit untrendier, but to be honest the companies will do everything they can to try and keep the ball rolling.  Thanks for the ASMR, any Americans who might be feeling less American these days due to fatigue or stress might like to watch it to recharge their patriotism batteries.

What do you do when when you are in a group project with people who refuse to put in effort after constant reminders? I had a group project for english class shakespearean play only a small act. (A 5 minute video) I am attending class online so we had a group with all the online members. We decided it would be best to record it together on a online meeting and get it over with as exams were approaching. However after conducting 4 meetings we werent able to record the meeting as 1 member wasnt joining ( to be fair he joined everytime but he left with the same excuse that he needs to change his device) Already a week had gone by so we decided to send the videos of us speaking our part so we could do it any time we want. 2 of the members responded and send the video after 2 reminders. However 1 member after 2 weeks has still not send the video. I sent him a message on whatsapp which he didnt respond to. I also called him. The deadline was 3 days ago. I had called him just now and he said he send it to me through teams chat but last year because of chatting during classes the teacher disabled it. I checked but I could not see the video. (Maybe he did sent it) He told me he would send the video on another platform. He said that an hour ago and he still has not send the video. Today is Thursday and next monday our final exams start. How do you deal with these sort of people when you meet them ( sorry for the long rant )

It’s a really good question and I don’t know the answer.  I had the exact same problem at Uni trying to organise chamber ensembles to play pieces, do you think I had even one rehearsal where every player fucking showed up?  And I was super nice to them all too, even though they kept stuffing the parts up (due to not turning up to rehearsal, a circular result obviously).  I never figured it out.  Well apart from the lead violinist who was a junkie and didn’t want to do rehearsals because he needed to busk for drug money, I knew why he wasn’t attending, but the rest of them I never figured out.  Good luck!

So random not kpop related question but from everything I’ve gathered the group The Veronicas are generally… Not hated but disliked by australians despite being aussie themselves. Now I only care about the song Untouched.

But it’s always been one of those things where I’m just like why? And maybe you can fill me in ❤ thanks oppar.

I wouldn’t say the Veronicas are hated here or even disliked.  However their release scehedule has been super-patchy and they’ve never really been able to sustain the momentum, they never quite got to the “household name” level of Kylie Minogue.  Most people who have heard the name but aren’t really in-the-know fans perceive then as a bit of a one-hit wonder, which isn’t actually true but that’s definitely the perception.

Hi kpopalypse, I hope you’re not colour-blind because my question is colour related.

Oh boy.  Well, let’s go anyway.

In this clip at 07:38 Wonho gives Hertz an imaginary sesame leaf wrap and she is wearing a green cardigan. Seconds later her cardigan is blue. After rewatching from the beginning, I noticed that camera 1 is always showing her in green and camera 2 in blue. There are subtle differences in other colours too, for example Jane’s nails go from a bright shade to a duller one. So my question is: how can this happen? Aren’t cameras calibrated to film the same colours? And how come the people who put the final clip together didn’t notice?

TV studio cameras have colour calibration and I guess the calibration was a little bit out on that one camera.  Maybe the people who edited it didn’t notice because they were colour blind like me (I wouldn’t have noticed this, although I can obviously see it now that you point it out).  Or maybe they did notice but just thought “this is stupid idol variety TV and we’re getting paid peanuts, I’m not gonna waste my time fixing this for the less than 1% of audience who is gonna even notice or care”.

The time you take to read through the longer submissions and thoughtfully respond is admirable. It’s a bit funny how much we all care about your opinion, even on little things – there’s no real reason to, yet you’ve sort of conversely become a comforting figure like a kind uncle/diary/8 ball. I think you take on the role well.

I know a lot of the struggle I feel in my individual life is just life being life, but I constantly am trying to find the right answer to each of my emotions and problems. It results it periodic frustration and a feeling of burnout regarding my desire to keep living. I feel like I spend most of my time stuck in the middle place between being sick of trying and not wanting to die. I go through waves of mustering up my energy to try to make it better for myself and give myself a guide rope to keep following; sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s a fight. That’s just the way it is, huh?

It shouldn’t be that morbid.  I would definitely recommend seeing a doctor if you’re having thoughts like these, and also talk to family or close friends about it.  It might seen minor or just something that you “have to deal with” because that’s the way it’s generally been and you’re in the pattern, but it really is not normal or good to have to fight like that so much.  Definitely worthy of a health check, both mentally and physically, so please go and do that, and if you’re unsatisfied with the doctor try a different one.

Do you have favourite K-pop dance moves / routines?

Not really.  I care about music but I’m not that passionate about dance, I don’t keep track of my taste here.  Generally speaking I notice that boy groups get better dance routines but I don’t have any strong opinions on who is better than who, nor do I really know that much about what’s involved in dance.  One area where I don’t have expertise, so other than “I like what I see” I generally bow out of any discussion here.

It’s only my impression or does Stromae actually agrees with you on the sex worker thing?

Looks like he might.

It’s been over a month since the Russia-Ukraine war began (though obviously the two countries have had contentious relations since Crimea’s occupation), and it feels worse every day. Russia’s obviously looking far worse than before the invasion, but it just seems like pushing Putin in a corner will just escalate the atrocities and weaponry involved. Have you seen the pictures of Bucha? It’s absolutely horrendous, and I feel like it’s only the beginning. It also doesn’t look great for President Zelensky. He looked like he aged two decades since the start of the war in his photo at Bucha. I don’t want to hero worship or anything, but I feel like if that man collapses, Ukraine’s morale will plummet.

I guess the worst part for me (and Holy Fuck I feel so selfish for saying this, especially anonymously, as someone with no relatives affected by the war directly) is that I feel like I can’t do anything. I can’t urge my country to join the war since that’d be WWIII. I can’t donate since I’m still suffering from the impact of COVID and don’t have a job currently. I can’t protest or lobby for more Ukrainian support to any meaningful effect.

The Russia/Ukraine situation sure sucks for citizens of both countries, with Ukrainians having to put up with the horrors of war in their backyards and Russians having their living standards dragged back to the Soviet Union era.  Putin must has suffered a really harsh rejection from his high school Ukranian girl-crush to go on the warpath so badly, it sure sucks that so many other people have to now pay the price because she “liked him – as a friend”.  It also sucks for everyone else who would potentially like to do something to better the situation but may not be able to, and honestly I wouldn’t know the right thing to do about it anyway, it doesn’t seem like there are all that many good options.  I’m probably not the right person to talk to about potential political activism or global affairs or whatever, I just have to hope that smarter minds than me are working on the problem.

Can AustralianSana do another write up of what was said at the Coridel meeting she attended in 2016? If she still remembers or has that info

I asked AustralianSana this.  She said she’d take a look at her notes, and that we may visit this in the next podcast.  You may want to drop this question over in the podcast question box so that way we remember to cover it.

On the internet, I’ve encountered people who seem to genuinely prefer how women look on when they’re on the curvier/chubbier side (as opposed to just saying they do to be politically correct.) I’ve also met people who prefer how women look on the petite/skinny side. While I respect everyone’s right to express their opinion, one thing about the internet is that opinions can get magnified and extreme sometimes, to the point of feeling like an echo chamber where everyone finds you ugly. Someone can feel kind of disheartened if they don’t match a “common preference” (the idea of being thiccer and not meeting most people’s preferred preference, or of them “settling” for you, is pretty painful. Even if there’s someone out there who finds a particular look attractive, the idea of wading through rejection or put-downs to find those people can be disheartening.) While k-pop standards are pretty extreme, I also think they’re exaggerated estimates of population tends to find attractive (i.e. very thin women.)

Do you think that many people openly expressing their preferences for certain looks and expressing distaste for others can lead to an unhealthy environment for women? And if so, what is the solution? (Because I don’t think shaming people for their sexual preferences is ideal.)

I think it’s completely fine for anybody to express preferences.  Can it lead to an unhealthy environment for women… or anyone, for that matter?  Depends.  A lot of women express preferences for guys who look like Wonho, and that’s fine – they should be allowed to do that, just as I might express certain preferences for certain types of women also.  Now, of course I don’t look like Wonho, and honestly I don’t stand a chance of ever attaining that level of physique, and I’m sure neither do a lot of men.  Now I could internalise that, and become disheartened by it, and buy Men’s Health magazine and look at the ripped dudes on the front and worry about never meeting people’s standards, or work myself into a frenzy trying to meet those standards, or I could just go on about my day and not worry about any standards except my personal ones.  I don’t think it’s the responsibility of people to just shut up and not express their thoughts, I think it’s the responsibility of the individual to find their own self-worth, and yes it might be a bit more difficult if you don’t fit the archetype, but it’s certainly far from impossible.  If my writing teaches anybody anything it should be that the media machine is giving you a distorted view of reality.  For my part, I often point out that while I might like X, others might like Y or Z.  That’s why I have a series on “women who I don’t find attractive in k-pop (but you might)” where I look at generally very attractive people and explain why they’re not my type.  The “but you might” part of the title isn’t there by accident.  I hope that people understand that there’s room for all types, that sexual preferences are a lot more varied than the media machine would make you believe, and that no matter what you look like, you’re definitely still going to fit somebody’s preference.

This is actually an area that pornography gets right and the music industry gets wrong.  The music business caters to “what do people want to see in relation to the marketing of specific music” and sometimes they hit the mark but quite often the don’t, but it doesn’t matter too much.  Pornography on the other hand is purely catering to “what do people want to see” and nothing else, so they have to get it right, and there are ALL different body types of people in porn as a result of that.  If you do a web-search for “porn with [X]”, it doesn’t even matter what X is, you will get results, and plenty of them.  Rule 34 exists because there are a ton of people who want to see a ton of different things, and who get turned on by that.  Tastes are more impossibly varied than anyone can imagine, so people concerned about sexuality should just be their sexy selves.

Kind of a question kind of statement of fact but how is it 2022 and Narsha and Miryo are still the 2 hottest kpop (slight lie your mom is #2 always), these new girls need to step up there dedication.

See what I mean?  People like all sorts of weird shit, some people even like Brown Eyed Girls members who are not Gain.  I don’t understand it but I won’t judge.

Why did you decide to do random bass covers as opposed to say, random electric guitar/keyboard/drum covers?

I started picking up more session/contract work as a bass player, as well as more bass guitar students, and I actually felt that my bass playing was a bit sub par and not really up to the standard that I would like it to be for what I was doing.  So the channel is really a tool to help me learn songs quickly and hone my practice and technique.  Playing for a video is trickier than playing for yourself, every mistake is recorded and noticeable.  Listening back to myself I can check up on my own playing and make improvements.

Whenever you reference a very popular 80s pop song why do you act like your audience is too young to know it? We have parents you know, parents play oldies radio and oldies means 80s nowadays. IDK maybe I’m the weird one.

I don’t make any assumptions about what my readers might know or not regarding music, so I present everything as if it’s possible that they might not know it.  Hell, there’s quite a few “oldies” from the 80s that I didn’t know about, that my readers introduced me to!  So I don’t try to guess what you know or don’t know, I just put things out there so if you don’t know it, you can learn about it, and if you do, you can just say “well, okay then”.

Hello oppar, glad to see the Billlie praise continue, not that I’d care much if it didn’t. I don’t have a question, this is just appreciation for the Taeyeon fashion class as I have the same type of boob and to see oppar give fashion tips to those such as I, it is nice as boob advice is not always so useful? And I felt the part about push up but no cleavage, so frustrating. But now I can wrap it softly.

Great news, glad I could help!

Why do some directors deliberately choose to maake movies too hard to hear? Christopher Nolan got complains about sound mixing from both his peers and the audience yet this is his answer

I get that it’s a stylistic choices choice but does it really work if nobody can’t even understand the dialog?
And how can people working in the industry think that these type of sound mixing is acceptable since it got Oscar nomination for sound mixing.

Believe it or not, this topic will be addressed in an upcoming part of the music theory series on this site.  Planned for later this year.

Why should I never ever watch, or spread, a video narrated in a computer voice?

Hey Kpopalypse!
I’m the one who sent you the long rant about living in a developing country like India, career, family.. and everything under the sun plaguing my mind then. Honestly didn’t think you’d reply since it wasn’t a question and too damn long.
This time I do have a question. I agree with what you said that a more caonima attitude will do me good in life. The problem is some days I convince myself to be that bur most times fail miserably. How does one get better at this?

I get asked this almost every month, all I can say is: keep reading the things I post on this site, it should help!

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