Kpopalypse Fashion Class – Karina

Yes once again it’s the return of Kpopalypse Fashion Class!  Let’s once again look at important fashion information!

There’s no doubt that most readers of Kpopalypse are very familiar with the “big boobs in k-pop” investigative series, after all these are the posts that bring many readers to the site initially according to my site data, which never lies.  Last year part 8 of this important scientific series dropped, giving much information to the k-pop community, however many astute readers noticed one important person who was missing from the analysis – aespa’s Karina.  Why was she missing?  Was I doubting Karina’s busty credentials?  Was she not popular enough?  How could, the #1 site for k-pop boob appreciators everywhere, make such a tragic oversight?

As it happens, the truth wasn’t that I didn’t think Karina was popular (she is) or busty (she is that, also) – but that there just wasn’t enough material to work with for a good pictorial.  This is because SM Entertainment are highly skilled in the art of boob reduction, and followers of the label’s artists are all too familiar with SM’s double standards here.  Fans of Girls’ Generation’s Sunny are used to being treated like lepers by the agency, resorting to scratching at crumbs of her group’s videos for tiny fragments of fanservice while the agency’s male idols continually cavort in a gay topless frenzy.   You can tell that the pressure comes from above, as any female singer who has left the confines of SM Entertainment era is always very quick to cast off the shackles of SM’s ultra-conservatism and embrace a more boob-friendly look, just compare any Tiffany video footage while she was part of Girls’ Generation to any post-SM Entertainment era Tiffany footage to see the difference immediately. 

So we know SM Entertainment are complete cunts about this and very much afraid of the boob, but exactly how do they achieve these sinister feats of boob reduction?  For this episode we’re going to look at aespa’s Karina for more data on how this is achieved.  It’s time for an “anti-Kpopalypse fashion class” where we use Karina as an example to examine the science of NOT enhancing boobs!  Hopefully this is useful to boob owners out there who want to reduce their impact, or to those who prefer to look at less boob and more not-boob!  So let’s now take a look at aespa’s Karina and see what we can learn.

The above picture is classic example of Karina-wear.  Fabric with industrial-strength stiffness, confusing patterns that make it difficult to determine shape and poor fitting overall combine here to produce the absolute minimum possible bustiness.  Seeing the same outfit again, from another angle, shows just how much curves were hidden in the above picture.

Even with the much more advantageous semi-profile angle, Karina’s boobs still don’t really get their chance to shine.  She has quite a bit of size for her figure, but the stiff bumps of her dress conspire to make her chest look like just another, slightly larger fabric wrinkle.

More confusing-ass patterns from Karina here, messy lines and colours that conflict with Karina’s shapely body by providing other unrelated shapes of their own.  Consider the following video:

Busy-looking patterns with very little easily-discernable form are a perfect way to reduce apparent volume when directly facing someone, because it’s hard to determine light and shadow on a contoured surface such as clothing stretched over boobs, when there’s so much extra information.  The animation on the patterns makes things even more weird of course, but remove them and the effect isn’t that much less.

You wouldn’t know that Karina was one of the more busty performers in k-pop just from looking at the picture above, showing Karina in a frontal view, because those bus-seat patterns make the difference between light and shadow on a surface more difficult to determine.

Once again a side view of the same outfit makes her volume more obvious, showing just how much the patterns concealed, but these views are very fleeting in the video.  Of course to determine boob volume an observer needs to get to an angle like this in the first place.  So how do you block such an angle and stop those pesky k-pop perverts from determining boob trufax?

Hair, and lots of it.  Karina has long-ass hair and in the rare instances when she is forced to wear clothing that actually showcases some boob volume, she uses her hair to cockblock views of said volume at every opportunity.  If you’re lucky enough to maintain a mane of similar magnitude you certainly can do the same, but if not, ludicrous extensions should do the trick.

There’s a fine line between “gosh that’s pretty” and “now that’s just in the way”, and Karina knows all about where to stand in relation to that line for maximum frustration.  Whenever a flattering piece of upper body clothing is deployed, you can guarantee that Karina’s hair will be running down the front of her shoulders and getting in the way of relevant information.

Aside from the hair, and the obvious large anti-perv armour that a long leather jacket provides, black is a very reducing colour.  As the colour that reflects the smallest amount of photons, you can count on black to be your friend in a situation where you want to show less boob, less of the time.  The blacker the better, black shirts that are faded and actually more of a dark grey are not your friend, you need “none more black” shade of black only.  The is demonstrated even more in the following video:

Again, big coats and lots of black means that any shadows that would normally enhance boob volume are just swallowed up in the none-more-blackness.  It doesn’t matter if Karina’s sweater is tight if you can’t see the curves anyway due to the lack of light, the only times when it’s possible to determine boob volume are the rare few seconds where she’s changing coats and tilts to the side a little, and you can see the contrast of her shape against the white bedding in the background, but within that shape it’s still just a black hole. 

Without the coat, black still has a reducing effect, even when wearing an outfit that should theoretically provide at least some enhancement.

The last thing to mention is that any underwear should obviously be very much ‘comfort fit’ and not ‘push up’.  Rocking underwear that is too light can give rise to jiggle, which is another form of enhancement and thus best avoided if you want to tone down boob perception, but the goal of any undergarment or other outfit in direct contact with boob flesh is to cradle and lock in place the boobs rather than lift them.  Observe the following outfit:

This chunky multi-layered ensemble keeps Karina’s boobs locked down, with ‘down’ being the operative word.  There’s not much room here for her chest to move about at all, there is simply no way she is jiggling her way out of that thing.  There is also zero push-up in effect – Fu Yaning’s boobs may go up, but Karina’s don’t. 

That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse shall return!

6 thoughts on “Kpopalypse Fashion Class – Karina

  1. SM has gotten a bit more generous since the days when Sunny ruled supreme over all the big titted kpops because now the invention of the dance practice and the dance tiktok trends have allowed the stylists to shove Karina in tight sportswears and y2k slutty tracksuits and let her around bounce everywhere with plausible deniability. But only occasionally, as a little treat to all the r/kpopfap sadbois so they preorder the next album and thirst over the table scraps that is her styling most of the time.

    That and ruched tops. She loves her ruched tops

  2. Wow, I….. had NO idea Ms. Karina was so well-endowed.
    And I have your fashion sense to thank for revealing all!

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