Kpopalypse & AustralianSana podcast 9th January 2022

It’s time for the first Kpopalypse & AustralianSana podcast of 2022!

Timestamps below!

0:00 – AustralianSana has a COVID-induced meltdown
5:03 – AustralianSana’s top 5 k-pop songs of 2021
8:49 – Australian TV show “The Slap”?
9:52 – Adam Driver
13:27 – Lyrical analysis of Oh My Girl’s “Shark
15:13 – Tips for coping as Irene’s stylist?
19:55 – BTS’s Taehyung following Blackpink’s Jennie on instagram
24:43 – Vin Diesel (Kpopalypse’s review of “XXX Return Of Xander Cage” here)
27:13 – The future of Chinese k-pop idols
31:25 – Rania’s “Style“, would 2NE1 or Blackpink do a better job?
37:47 – Why does AustralianSana like professional wrestling?
39:34 – Soju
42:04 – Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis in a k-pop movie?
44:22 – Why do girl groups have better music?
45:03 – Favourite and least favourite k-pop producers
49:54 – How stan Twitter fosters a culture of cyber-bullying
55:58 – Should Travis Scott be charged with manslaughter/go to prison?
59:36 – Why do people deny the impact of “Gangnam Style“?
1:00:13 – Conclusion

Some very good last-minute questions were just a little too late to make it into this episode – these will be covered off in the next episode!

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