Kpopalypse’s site statistics, metrics and OCD-friendly data-mining post for 2021

It’s time to once again delve into statistics with Kpopalypse’s annual site data post!  Come on a journey with Kpopalypse and read about all the secret data points that other websites dare not show you because they’re too busy fellating advertiser penis and trying to increase their “engagement”!  Yay!

Firstly, let’s take a look at yearly visitors to!

Kpopalypse is still on the downward trend that has continued since 2018, registering at just over a million views for 2021!  This is no surprise as I’ve been a little bit less active with new postings thanks to having so much work on (thanks COVID ahem), so visitors who used to visit twice or three times a week are now visiting once or twice a week, which actually makes a lot of sense!  Here’s a funky new stats panel showing where we are at the moment:

Most websites would be tempted to hide a downward trend in their site visits, because of the fear that revealing such information might scare off advertisers or make people think the site wasn’t ‘cool’, but Kpopalypse is always as untrendy as possible anyway, and carries no advertising at all, so I’m happy to tell all of you about my site visits.  I think the lack of a proper boobs post last year probably had a lot to do with the traffic downturn, and also the fact that most people these days choose to get their k-pop boob material from weirdo deepfake sites instead of the rigorous science and trufax displayed at, sadly such is the age we live in.  Nevertheless Kpopalypse will continue to fight for what is important in the world of the k-pops!

Which countries showed the most love in 2021?

As the most populated English-speaking country, the United States easily dominated results as usual. however there was also lots of appreciation for Kpopalypse in many other parts of the world!  Most notably, India really shot up in the rankings this year, probably due to Kpopalypse’s appreciation of Ganesha the Elephant god, good work India!  Nigeria will eventually overtake the USA as the country with the most English speakers according to current population predictions, but not many of them are visiting yet, gosh they had better step it up a little, maybe this is where the next generation of k-pop boob appreciators will come from.  Still, they’re doing better than the below pathetic countries who could only muster a single visit to this website:

Fuck these countries.  Mind you even all of these pathetic loser countries are still better than North Korea, who haven’t visited even one single time in the site’s existence.  You’d think they’d be a little bit more inclined to turn up here than most folks given the site’s subject matter, but I guess they’re too busy doing North Korean things, hopefully they manage to make some time in their hectic lifestyles soon to check out what this site has to offer, I’m sure they won’t be disappointed.

Which sites brought the most people to

As you can see, most website traffic to Kpopalypse comes “organically” rather than through referrals, but some of the referrals are very surprising, with a certain site under Kpopalypse boycott that shall not be named outperforming a lot of other places.  Most notable is that just one thread on gay-friendly site managed to net more traffic than the site I used to write for,!  Which is certainly very disappointing given how much traffic flows the other way…

While I link to sportball site Asian Junkie on a near-weekly basis, they’re too scared to link to me, or even to let their community do it in comments sections (recommend you try it just to time how quickly he deletes it though, there’s probably a fun drinking game in that).  Reddit/kpop are another lot who are far too scared to host any links to me these days, with the vast majority of my Reddit traffic actually being from my own subreddit as well as various other unusual places (and if you can’t find the links, they were probably deleted from those places too!) 

As you can see, Kpopalypse is quickly becoming that site that everyone still visits, but nobody wants to admit to visiting.  I wonder why this could be?  Perhaps this is partially explained by the most popular posts on the site this year:

Or maybe the most popular search terms that led people to the site, as helpfully collected by Chuu+ the Kpopalypse search terms bot:

Interesting to note that there are more search attempts for nip slips that led to this site, than there are actual nip slips in k-pop!  Including for the guys!

Here’s the most popular post categories which also tell an interesting tale of secret reader preferences:

Unsurprisingly, the “nugu alert” tag is too low to even rate a mention, and the large amount of nugu alert postings might also have a bit to do with this year’s traffic decrease.  The least popular post for all of last year, across the entire site, was an episode of Nugu Alert that deliberately focused on the least popular artists possible, with less than 100 views on each video.  All of those videos are now well into at least the 300 range so never let it be said that Kpopalypse isn’t willing to sacrifice some popularity to increase the fortunes of others less fortunate!

All of this is fairly predictable however, less predictable are the blind YouTube links that Kpopalypse sends people on.  Which videos did readers daringly click the most in 2021, while not necessarily knowing what they would get on the other side?  Let’s look at the top ten amazing reader picks!

10. Naked Girls – adult k-pop group R-rated showcase – 160 clicks

9. Perfume – One Room Disco – 165 clicks

8. Wonho workout compilation – abs, legs, body – 186 clicks

7. Chopper: “Here, there’s no cash” scene – 190 clicks

6. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights – 233 clicks

5. Next Level: Hobbs & Shaw OST – 254 clicks

4. KARA – Pretty Girl – 287 clicks

3. BTS – Dynamite – 303 clicks

2. Wheein – Water Colour (band version) – 350 clicks

1. Oh My Girl x Pororo – Boggle Boggle – 371 clicks

Finally – some all-time stats, which show that Kpopalypse has now broken the 10 million mark for total all-time views!

That’s all for this post – hopefully you’ve enjoyed this look at website stats!  Kpopalypse shall return!

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