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Did you know that Hyosung is a feminism?  It’s true!  The ex-member of k-pop group Secret and very well-known k-pop solo artist, model and general caonima-approved person of interest Hyosung (or Hyo Seoung of Jun Hyo Seong or however she’s spelling it these days) recently did a video where she talked about radical feminist ideas, like “gender-based violence is bad” and “gosh I worry about being a victim of violence when I walk alone at night”.  You can enjoy this video below, which I have provided just in case the Ministry Of Gender, Equality and Family (MOGEF) caves to public pressure and takes this valuable content down.  I’ve also added English substitles, so all readers of Kpopalypse can learn the trufax about dating violence.

As a confirmed feminism-friendly writer, naturally I support this video.  However I am aware that Hyosung is receiving lots of hate online for her radical stance.  Look at these protestors, very upset that Hyosung is a feminism, you can see them here protesting Hyosung’s strong feminist statements and attire. 

This is what a feminism looks like.

Therefore, I now feel the need to support Hyosung a lot in her quest to bring about a feminism for us all, so I now bring to you this Hyosung appreciation post.  Hopefully Hyosung herself can read this one day and find some strength, but if not, at least her fans and people in the k-pop loving community can enjoy this post and remember that there are people who are a k-pop who are fighting for good and feminism in the world.

As a music-focused website, naturally I should start with the music videos.  “Find Me” is a great song and the type of song that there’s really not enough of these days.  The video appears to be an allegory for emancipation, at 0:54 we see Hyosung transforming from a helpless woman tied up with some r*pe, to a person who can use telekinesis to knock chairs over just a few seconds later.  Clearly she is sending the message that she has the power to overcome being constrained by r*pe and is therefore a free, independent woman.

“Only You” is another great feminist anthem, where Hyosung stands up for the rights of women to lounge around on couches, blow bubbles, and wash cars.  These are all important things that women should be allowed to do.  In some countries (that less-woke k-poppers perform for gladly) women are barely allowed to be seen within sight of a car, let along spray soap suds all over it while smiling and wearing tight clothing.  It’s important that we make a stand for these human rights. 

Then there’s “Good Night Kiss” which is all about meeting some guy at a party, imagining kissing him, but in actual reality just saying hello and walking away.  Making the first move and setting the terms of the conversation, yet also making the last move by ending the interaction early, is very feminism.  Hyosung may not have got to kiss the guy but she did increase her feminism points by a significant number.

Hyosung’s star power is so huge that even several of her own fans don’t know that she was in the k-pop group Secret – as ludicrous as that sounds, this is trufax.  The above video isn’t their best ever song, but it feels like it might be their most feminist visual concept.  Please watch it and enjoy Hyosung’s commanding presence as she takes no funny business from any male in a detective coat who thinks he’s cool and aloof or something.

Let’s not forget Hyosung’s Saturday Night Live appearances.  The video above is where the protesters got that very fetching banner image, clearly they made sure to take a screen capture of Hyosung in the most feminist pose possible, to drive home their message that she is in fact a feminism and not someone who agrees with their weird incel habits like vandalising the reserved-for-pregnant-women seats on the subway. 

Caonima YouTuber isaymyeolchigr (who you should definitely follow, right after you’ve finished following me) also proved his commitment to feminism and compiled some of Hyosung’s other TV appearances which are also well worth a look, highlighting the best, most feminist moments.

Let’s now finish off this post with an important photographic compilation.

Hyosung looks great here holding her milk, proving that milk fat is a feminist issue. 

Korea’s geeks cruelly abandoned Hyosung even after she appeared on their magazine as support.  Strange how people can be so ungrateful.

There’s no coy shyness here, look at that direct-to-camera stare.  It takes only the most strong, confident women to look so self-assured while flashing their underwear for a modeling shoot, it should have been obvious to all long ago just how much of a feminism Hyosung is.

What a shame that some people can’t handle such a strong woman.  Don’t worry Hyosung, Kpopalypse has got your back… and your front!  Everyone please be sure to leave positive comments for Hyosung on all videos possible and let her know that she is very loved and we appreciate her forward-thinking nature. 

In fact once you’re done with the videos and pictures above, why not leave a comment on this video below which is on her own YouTube channel, and it’s the most recent at the time of writing so she’s sure to see it:

Support feminism – support Hyosung!  Kpopalypse will return!


  1. Love the sarcasm, as always – it cuts deep and true.
    And also agree – Hyosung doesn’t deserve the small-minded (small-penised) hatred she’s getting lately. Have always supported her, always will.

  2. Yup waving signs omigosh look at these terrible representative feminist boobs. LOOK AT THEM.

    At any rate it seems like the “New Men’s Solidarity” (sounds approximately MGTOW) isn’t trying hard to demonstrate that the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family has no reason for existing…

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