AustralianSana & Kpopalypse podcast – 9 November 2021

It’s the long-awaited return of the AustralianSana and Kpopalypse podcast, where noted complete k-pop writer asshole Kpopalypse sits down with controversial k-pop social media polemicist AustralianSana over webchat to answer important reader questions and discuss everything to do with the k-pops and beyond!

Timestamps below!

0:00 – Introduction and obligatory update on AustralianSana’s wrestling training progress
3:21 – The Aespa universe, and other k-pop universes
5:47 – Is the sexualisation of Aespa different to that of other k-pop girl groups?
10:53 – a reminder to donate to AustralianSana’s alcohol fund if you want another drunk podcast
11:28 – Dahee from pre-BTS BigHit/HYBE girl group GLAM tried to scam money from an actor who is now in Squid Game
14:50 – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison shat his pants in Engadine Maccas, 20th September 1997 – never forget this
17:51 – Thoughts on the upcoming HYBE/Geffen girl group, and discussion of “younger brother/sister” groups
28:22 – What k-pop moments have had the most lasting impressions on you?
34:53 – How did your interaction with k-pop start, how did it evolve, do you see yourself still being a fan in the future?
47:52 – Kpopalypse answers the same question and ends up being just as tangenital and rambling
1:00:37 – The disbandment of Lovelyz
1:03:36 – Does AustralianSana miss the [c-word] of Tatadventures?
1:10:15 – AustralianSana’s old dance covers of Gfriend and Lovelyz – where are they?
1:13:28 – What niche is SM trying to fill with Aespa?  Blackpink clone, or something else?
1:18:18 – Can AustralianSana hit Winter and NingNing’s high notes?
1:18:46 – AustralianSana’s Halloween costume
1:22:28 – What’s your favourite song by T.I?
1:24:22 – Best k-pop to accompany an accidental gym fisting predicament?
1:25:45 – Abuse of power in the Australian police force?  Bonus – AustralianSana shares her criminal record!
1:39:06 – Should “sexy concepts” in k-pop come back?
1:40:45 – Tip for question-askers: if you want us to answer your question, don’t ask one that relies on us having to watch a video.  This type of content does not work for podcasts.  There were some really interesting questions this time around that I would have loved to throw in the mix, but they hinged on video content we were both unfamiliar with, so we had to skip them.
1:40:54 – Worst date?
1:44:15 – AustralianSana, why do you tweet so much?  Kpopalypse, why do you tweet so little?
1:46:37 – Which character on 90’s American sitcom “Friends” do you identify with and why?
1:47:00 – A mystery noise
1:47:32 – AustralianSana hurry the fuck up and play Kpopalypse’s computer games, tsk tsk
1:47:50 – Request for AustralianSana to read more Maroon5 lyrics
1:48:03 – Thoughts on Girls Planet 999 – will everyone forget about MNet’s previous rigging scandals?
1:48:59 – Kpopalypse’s cat wellbeing update (discussed photo here)
1:49:52 – Do you think there’s any BTS ARMYs in the Australian Liberal Party?
1:50:14 – Favourite and least favourite SNSD songs (excluding “I Got A Boy“)
1:53:15 – Kpopalypse begs AustralianSana to answer a wrestling question quickly so he can go and sleep soon
1:56:58 – Pokemon trainer questions
1:58:32 – Are Kpopalypse and AustralianSana down with M.O.N.T over Dodko?
2:00:12 – Opinions on NCT and WayV
2:01:20 – MBTI types (Kpopalypse’s entry at here)
2:04:04 – The most important question in this podcast
2:05:03 – Conclusion and yet another recommendation to give AustralianSana your moneys

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4 thoughts on “AustralianSana & Kpopalypse podcast – 9 November 2021

  1. Late comment here–first time listener, I made it halfway through the podcast before I got distracted but I gotta say so far:

    To AustralianSana: props for dealing with Bigshit. I also got into kpop around 2012 and had to drop BTS after Wings. I think you’re right on about the counter-productive, unsexy, expensive, life-ruining misogyny that needs to go away.

    To kpopalypse oppa: I cheated and skipped to the MBTI timestamp to read about it since that’s my guilty pleasure, and I am extremely pleased at what you type yourself as. INTP sassiness, absurdity and low-key smugness–rightfully based on decent research and trufax–gives me life (my best friend that I live with is an INTJ so I hear that harsh, true sass all the time. Huge fan).

      • Finished! I’m ashamed that as a long time reader I’ve finally listened to the podcast…and will be tuning into the livestreams. So to make up for my years of not listening/commenting, I got a big load to drop:

        AustralianSana: I briefly dabbled in the fun fiction of WWE in 2011. disappointed to hear about Chris Jericho. It’s really sad to hear of the rise of the far right in law enforcement and the genocide that keeps happening in the last half of the century in your country. I saw that when the freaking capital here in the US was stormed and no one was killed vs a black man getting chased by three men and shot on a jog. It’s encouraging to see your commitment to activism.

        I agree MBTI can’t be used as a factual analysis. It really does depend on your self-perception and clear understanding of how you as a person stand with others, which can definitely change based on mental state, etc. However, I also find that when MBTI is accurate enough (when someone shows strong enough traits, I suppose), it can help me understand basic motivation and thought process. (As an INFJ I’m fascinated by how people work, but I’ve still got my principles I stick to, so I typed pretty strong. I also had third party non-biased confirmation of traits.) I’ve accepted the idea that all 16 types and their iterations are necessary in society to function, like with me being an introvert where I can’t and won’t do extraverted things, etc. except for my job. Light fun but not serious enough for job applications, that’s for sure. I mean, there’s a reason why I combine MBTI type with the dungeons and dragons morality alignment test to figure people out :P.

        So on that note, kpopalypse, I’ll finally be tuning in to the livestream and dropping some questions! Expect a “speedy” questionnaire :>

        It was a fun podcast! I liked listening to your guys’ back and forth takes. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy lives for the life-encompassing hobby that is kpop.

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