The 2021 Kpopalypse Survey Of Caonima Action – THE RESULTS!

This post contains all the results of the 2021 Kpopalypse Survey Of Caonima Action!  Read on and discover the trufax!

Thank you to all the people who filled out the latest Kpopalypse survey!  Here are the results!

Question 1: Hi! How are you? Please answer in as much or as little detail as applicable.

Some selected answers, and my replies:

I don’t listę to kpop anymore, so I don’t know why I’m even doing this survey

Me neither, but I appreciate all readers!  You would be surprised how many Kpopalypse readers don’t even listen to or care about k-pop.

My landlord announced back in January she was selling the house I rented with my bf, and gave us an offer on the place below market value because she’d rather see it go to someone who thinks of it as home rather than a faceless letting agency. We ended up buying the place with my parents’ help, so now we own a house which is crazy. Had to learn very quickly all about the wonderful world of conveyancing and mortgages and all this other adult shit and now I’m almost like a real adult person who does adult things.

I also got put on a new migraine medication that made me lose a ton of weight so I now have a healthy BMI for the first time since I was a teenager, and I’m getting cruised by guys I would previously have thought were way out of my league. My bf and I have an open relationship but I’ve never particularly had the desire to pursue anyone else, partly because my weight made me feel unattractive. I also think the weight was maybe lowering my sex drive (not a doctor so idk if this is a thing) because it’s coming back now. Currently working up the nerve to try something with someone.

So yeah, it’s been a stressful but rewarding year.

Good luck!  While open relationships are good in theory, the challenge of finding a third party that fits into that arrangement without causing issues is tricky in practice.  That’s because the amount of people who feel like “yeah I’d like to keep my relationship open” far outweigh the amount of people who feel like “when I get involved in a relationship, I really want to be the third party in someone else’s existing open relationship”.

Feeling like a cunt to myself; I should be studying rather than answering this survey. Also annoyed with Velvet’s tits being the main star of all her videos on YT, every fucking time. I mean, they are beautiful, but I am a hypocrite and I don’t like having my perverted nature called out like that. Now everytime she shakes them on camera on purpose I feel like I am being offended (rightfully)!

This feeling must be hard to live with.  Please enjoy the following video that I chose for you because Velvet’s boobs have firmer support than usual.  Hopefully you can watch this and feel comforted as Velvet answers your questions with a minimum of shaking and bouncing.

If you are expecting covid related raging, from one side of the isle or the other, or a long winded post about mental health or personal problems you are fresh out of luck I’m afraid. I’m fine for the most part, still unemployed because of covid restrictions (not happy about that) but working on it. I mean what can you do you play the hand you’re dealt and try to make it work. Wish things were better but it is what it is. So all thing considered I’m fine.

That’s honestly fine.  While I do my best to help readers who have issues, it’s a lot more relaxing to know that people are doing well, or at least as well as they can be doing!

I’m doing fairly well. I was a new reader last time I filled out this survey and I’ve been reading consistently ever since. I read to catch up on new releases, see other people’s thoughts and questions, and just generally enjoy someone else’s unfiltered opinions on K-pop in general. I’m still adjusting to life in the US Southwest (I ended up stuck here at the beginning of the pandemic and ended up staying for uni). I now think screens in windows are wonderful. I like opening the windows for fresh air and not having every mosquito on the street dive bomb into my room. I’m not so convinced on having AC blasting everywhere though. It seems excessive and going from 43° to 20° by walking into a building is, in my opinion, very unpleasant. Btw that’s 110° to 68° in Fahrenheit. Another thing is having to learn to use the imperial system for everything! Anyway, thanks for another year of content and wishing all readers the best! Cheers!

Thanks for reading!  Be careful over there in the US, try not to get hit by any stray bullets falling from the sky!

I’m good. Burnt out from job but I’m working hard so I can get prettier (not exactly as in the lexicon definition but almost). Society really likes beautiful people, so I’m trying to be more conventionally attractive in the hopes of having an easier life and become even happier.

Being attractive certainly doesn’t hurt in life, and will often open doors.  However it can also be a double-edged sword, so make sure your happiness doesn’t rely on it!

been depressed lately cause I’m seeing what’s happening to Australia and it looks like my country’s not far off

This can only be a reference to how Scott Morrison claims he didn’t shit his pants in Engadine Maccas in 1997.  I agree that the constant lying of politicians has gone way too far.

You don’t care, do you?

Yes I do, or I wouldn’t ask.  Do you think I devote an entire monthly post series to helping my readers just because I don’t care?  Kpopalypse cares about all readers!

I’m quite the content caonima atm. I’ve been residing my university dormitory for about a week now and have made 2 new friends (one being my roommate but whatever still counts). It’s my first year so I’m still a bit of a wide eyed optimist.

This year has been the year of masturbating to kpop boy groups like a ravenous albeit malnourished lion. The amount of semen I have lost to TXT & NCT is unparalleled!!! How do people pick biases there are so many kpop dudes whose cum facials I crave (and workout sessions with Wonho of course! Workout on my dick undoubtedly :D). Mathematically most of these kpop guys are heterosexual but it is human nature to desire the unattainable- Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

Enjoy this abs home workout from Wonho, may it improve your health.

I’m very stressed about my thesis. My advisor wants my edited draft of my chapter on Herodotus by tomorrow afternoon and I’m procrastinating by doing this quiz. Do you think Herodotus would’ve liked kpop? I think he would’ve liked kpop.

I think so too.  Feel free to cite me as a reference in your thesis.

As average as the last however many years i have been responding to this survey.
I used to consider my lack of social life sad and a bit fucking lazy but these days i accept it as one of the less stupid parts of my personality. And in light of the current global “interesting times” we live in, i have reason to believe that being happily divorced in stable employment is above average, even for living in Oz.

Stability and employment sounds pretty good to me, many people don’t have either.  Thanks for continuing to read!

With US trying to manufacture consent for war against China, I’m afraid there will be war in pacific. How’s Australia?
You mentioned that for Jpop is only good for unusual song. Do you consider Wagakki band songs as decent?

Australia’s good!  Not sure if there will ever be an outright US/China war, the US is so reliant on China for trade.  Look around you and count the things that aren’t made in China.  Small skirmish or proxy war will probably be the extent of it.  Mind you the US leadership (both sides) are pretty dumb when it comes to war so maybe they’ll go all-in, and lose yet again just like they lost every other war since WWII.

Wagakki Band is boring once the gimmick wears off.  All very well having different instruments in the group but at the end of the day you need good songs.

I’m feeling really weird honestly. I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and depression about 6 months ago and that answered so many questions I had and it was really helpful (because I’d sort of convinced myself for years that it couldn’t possibly be this, that I was just lazy and weak, and so now I can see that there’s a reason things have been so hard, and that’s good). But it’s also kind of hard that 6 months later I’m not doing that much better. I’ve been having these issues without knowing it and without any kind of treatment for years, so it makes sense that it’s gonna take time for me to really feel better, and at least I know what’s going on, but it’s still tough. My therapist and I have been thinking about meds, and so far I’ve tried to go without them but at this point, I know I have to put more efforts into my recovery, I know the course of action I should and want to take, but I really just can’t do it, and I feel like meds might end up being the right way to go, at least for a while, so that I can actually move on to actions. As someone told me, if I had a physical illness, I wouldn’t expect to just push through it without meds once I see I need them, so why should I in this situation? If you have any advice, I’d love to hear it, you usually have really interesting things to say about this sort of issues, which I really appreciate.

The problem with psych meds is that everyone’s brains are different, so it can be a case of trial and error to work out what actually works – and also what has side-effects that you can live with.  The good thing is there’s a lot of different options these days, a good psychiatrist will know what they are and then you can work out what is going to fit into your budget and lifestyle which is also a factor.  Get a referral to a decent one so they don’t just put you randomly on any old crap, suggest you ask your GP/therapist who they recommend.

*braaaaapp* Uh oh ? Stinky! Poop ? hahahahaha ? Poopies ? Funny poopies alalalahahaha ?? Funny poop ?? Poop funny ? Weeeeee ?? Haha yay more poopy? Good poopy ? Poopy funny ? hahahahaha ? poo ? poo ? poo?poo?poo?poo?poo? funny ? Yay fun poop ?? hehehe poo ? Poopy ? yay poop make me happy ? happy ? happy ? hahahahahahaaa ? uh oh ? I think I made a poopy ? Poop in pants no diaper ? That’s funny ? hahahaha ?? Oopsie ? Poopy underwear now ?? hehehehe ? We want poopies! We want poopies! ??? hahahahaha?hahhahahhaaa? Poo? cough POO!??????????????

Hey Johnny Noh, thanks for dropping by!  Hope you enjoyed the survey!

Hello! I’m kinda bummed because I’m building up so much stress inside me and I don’t really have any way to let it out at the moment because I can’t find the time for it.
I’m really sensitive to the point I felt hurt because my partner got a haircut that was basically maintenance of her quarantine style which I didn’t approve at all but she seems to comfortable with it and seemed to enjoy the experience of cutting her hair after so long so I don’t want to tell her that I actually hate it to the point of it ruining my mood for days. I’m having a hard time trying to deal with this. I know you’re supposed to love your partner no matter how they look but that haircut just doesn’t fit her well (she’s not that used to grooming so her sense of aestethics is a bit unpolished), but I don’t want to tell her that and come off as a controlling asshole, besides ruining the confidence she’s earned with this “haircut”. In the end I just feel like I love her a little less right now, which feels kind of petty, it’s only a haircut. How should I find inner peace in this situation oppar.

For fuck’s sake, chill.  Hair grows back.  If you love her and it makes her happy it should make you happy.  If it kills your boner that much, fuck doggy style for a while and get over it.  If you’re that stressed, start a metal band.

Garbage, I bombed an exam and received multiple job rejections in the same day. I feel as though I’ve wasted last five years of my life at university and that I’ll never achieve anything of value. At the moment, my happiness comes from brief moments enjoyment watching TV or listening to music. Whoops, probably not the tone you were looking for.

Don’t worry, the path to success is paved with failure.  Just looks at BTS, almost all their songs are a fail and look how successful they are!


I’m good!  Just letting you know that you made it in.

dude idfk what happened but ever since I started reading your blog I started fapping (I didn’t do it before because I convinced myself that I was asexual for whatever reason, I mean, I still think I’m not really very phased by sex in general cuz it looks a lil complicated and awkward, it’s cool and all but not a priority right now) and I was really missing out on some good shit when doing it. Obviously the instant gratification is nice but I think I benefited much more from getting more and more comfortable in my own skin and also exploring my own sexuality further than labels let you explore, it’s been a cool ride. However I am also very desentisized towards the whole objectification/omg SEX omg youg uys its SEX thing that people seem to have a secret boner for. Nobody cares if you fap to Wonho and hot people aren’t that big of a deal to the point you have to scream daily about how hot they are. May God, Buddha, Satan or whoever else attend my indistinct non-specific prayers and give me a hot man or a super cool girl like Umji in the future, thanks
For now I will have to settle with my favorite fictional characters, Wonho and Umji. I’m not really turned on by Umji at all, I just find her very neat.

If just one person who didn’t fap before, started fapping due to the existence of Kpopalypse, then my writing career was worth it.  I can now die happy knowing that I contributed to society in the most meaningful way possible.

Question 2: By ticking this box, you consent to having your data used by Kpopalypse for the purposes of being a cunt who makes people tick boxes for no reason

Just over half of all readers were happy to tick a box for no reason other than to show that they resented ticking a box for no reason.

Question 3: Important demographic question – how LGBTIQXYZABC are you?

I’ve asked questions like this before, but not ones that didn’t also take the gender of the surveydoer into account.  Distilling the question down to pure sexuality revealed that only about a third of all Kpopalypse readers are completely straight, the rest are determined to be residing somewhere on the alphaspectrum.  This low ratio of straight-to-other may surprise some people who might think of this site as “entertainment for hetero folks” but it appears that this site is in fact very gay.

Question 4: This year Kpopalypse released “Seungri Simulator”, a very accurate simulation of life as BigBang’s Seungri, did you enjoy this game?

Over half of all Kpopalypse readers were too scared to play “Seungri Simulator” – and with good reason!  It certainly is a terrifyingly realistic game that could disturb many people with its unflinchingly accurate portrayal of life as BigBang’s Seungri.  If you dare to take the challenge and see if you can handle this very extreme and uncompromising simulator experience, then click here for the game, but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart.

Question 5: Here are some edited highlights from the TV show “Girls Planet 999”.

What was your favourite moment of “Girls Planet 999”?

One of the more controversial questions in this survey, readers were hotly divided on which part of Girls Planet 999 was their most favourite section.  However the innovative approach to capitalisation was the winner, proving that something something stuff things purple monkey dishwasher chuu.

Question 6: Why do people like Red Velvet’s Irene and vote for her as “most attractive” in surveys so much?

Kpopalypse readers have always been very positive about liking Irene.  Given the amount of “step on me” type requests that cover all areas of the kpoposphere, it’s no great shock that k-pop fans are a submissive lot and that Irene glaring at them and asking them to clean the stove again (properly, this time) is their fetish.  Irene sub-fans are so common that they even begged me to write a fanfiction detailing this exact situation.

Question 7: Consider the following question and answer on my Curious Cat account:

Should I remake popular Kpopalypse posts with more PC language?

Just over fucking three quarters of cunts thought that asshole fuckwit wanker Kpopalypse didn’t need any fucking shitty retarded ass dick-stroking PC language.  The rest of the readers thought that perhaps tidying the fucking language up was possibly a good idea.

Question 8: Why did Gfriend really break up?

According to readers, apparently Bang Si-hyuk just didn’t pay them enough to keep contributing.  As an ex-Asian Junkie author, I can relate!

Question 9: What song is best for testing out new instruments in a crowded music store at maximum volume?

Obviously NCT 127’s “Sticker” was the clear winner – many of you probably haven’t even heard all of the other songs.

Question 10: This is a live video of Throbbing Gristle performing “Hamburger Lady”:

This is a video of Yeojin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Go Won X Cocomong performing “Yummy Yummy”.

What song has the most confrontational lyrics, concept and presentation?

Well, it’s good to know that if Blockberry goes belly-up, at least some of the girls have promising potential careers in industrial music.

Question 11: Do you like the random bass covers at Kpopalypse’s bass covers channel?

Although my data shows that almost none of you actually watch it (the Youtube channel content as a whole averages less than 50 views per day across all videos on the entire channel, whereas this website averages 3000 views per day on a quiet day), most people did claim to like the Kpopalypse random bass videos channel and felt that the content was balanced well between k-pop and music from other genres.

Question 12: How should Asian Junkie pay his authors?

Unsurprisingly, Asian Junkie’s current method of “payment” was considered unsatisfactory by the vast majority of surveydoers.  However the question of what should substitute for his current “exposure points” system of author renumeration divided readers.  As for what I would have been preferred to be paid in back in the day, I’m not sure, but given that he now weirdly takes credit for Way’s Girls, arguably he didn’t even pay me in those coveted “exposure points” that everyone else is now getting.  Clearly, he should reflect.

Question 13: Consider the following, and answer the curious reader.

I guess they finally got the message to neona jalhaseyo.

Question 14: What is your favourite type of Nugu Alert content?

Almost a third of readers were honest enough to admit that they don’t actually read Nugu Alert.  The rest of you claimed to enjoy various sections of Nugu Alert, although I have my doubts and wonder if you just felt bad ticking the “I don’t read Nugu Alert” option.

Question 15: I get emails like this every day. What should I do?

Most of you felt that I should be emailing the guy back and point him in the direction of some quality JAV – so I did just that.

Hopefully Sam and his friends can get their shit together, stop bothering Kpopalypse and instead go off someplace else and make some real money, while also enabling the Internet to become more fap friendly.

Question 16: Here is a video of Wonho learning how to rescue people in danger.

Do you have any safety concerns after watching this video?

Several of you had safety concerns, although it was difficult for readers to agree on the safety concern of most importance.  Hopefully readers aren’t right now hatching a plot to fly to Korea and drown in a pool somewhere in the city center in the hopes that Wonho appears at the last minute to provide CPR… but if you are, good luck!

Question 17: Here is a video of Korean YouTuber Velvet visiting a local aquarium.

What’s the best thing about this video?

Looks like you were all very interested in Velvet’s otters.  Personally I really liked the mood lighting the most, so it surprised me that it got the least amount of votes, but then given that I’m heterosexual which puts me in a slim minority compared to my own readership (see question 3) this results probably makes sense.

Question 18: Why don’t some people like objectification?

It doesn’t matter how you voted as all answers here are correct.  I’m not being rhetorical, sites like “fight the new drug” are actually run by Mormons who pretend to be “just the facts” on the surface but are actually using anti-pornography as a Trojan Horse to pursue their religious agenda.  This has been a pattern since the 1980s when powerful ultra conservative christian republican pro-censorship groups like Eagle Forum made alliances with the original anti-porn feminists such as Andrea Dworkin because they had a common ground of both being sexually conservative even if they didn’t share conservatism of any other type.  Before the 1980s feminism was 100% pro-porn, and these days there are still very many pro-porn people who would also call themselves feminists, they tend to get drowned out in all the strawmanning though (from all sides).  Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Question 19: Numeric questions are my best friend, are numeric questions your best friend?

Most people found that numeric questions were their best friend.

Question 20: Roundup is really popular, but it’s getting HUGE each week to the point where people can barely load it. What do you think roundup should be?

A roundup that isn’t every song ever, but that is still a lot of songs, appears to be reader preference.  That’s good because that’s what I’m pretty much doing anyway.  Lately I’ve only been using about 40% of reader submissions to build roundup, and I may cut that back to even less soon… but it will always feature the popular stuff that I know people want to see covered, plus any nugus that I consider relevant enough to write a thing about.

Question 21: Kpopalypse needs help buying guitars. Here is a video of the Gibson Flying V Faded. I already own this guitar. It’s a great sounding guitar which is light and comfortable to play, and it also looks great, the V shape grabs attention but it’s also not the sort of V-shaped guitar that looks silly if you play styles other than heavy metal (like for instance the Jackson models). On the minus side, Gibson’s workmanship is hot garbage and I’ve already had to pull apart and rewire the thing twice. It’s probably going to fuck up a third time soon, so I’m thinking of selling it and getting a different V to replace it rather than having to spend money on parts again just because Gibson has no clue about anything other than how to crush guitars with bulldozers and lose money.

Here is a video of the Epiphone Prophecy Flying V, unquestionably a better guitar than the Gibson in every aspect. It has more versatile sounds, better features and nicer bling. The electronics are top-notch with super sexy Fishman pickups and very solidly built controls, this guitar probably won’t shit itself for no reason mid-performance like the Gibson does, and if I sell the Gibson I’ll easily have enough money to buy this instead. On the downside, if I don’t like the Prophecy, it probably won’t hold its resale value quite as well. I’m also not that sold on the two colours that it comes in (the kind of meh “Tiger Yellow” pictured in the video, and also a pretty boring matte black) and it’s a little heavier than the Gibson in weight which is annoying.

Here is a video showing the Dean Miyako V. Absolutely a better looking guitar than the Prophecy, and has a lot of the same features including the amazing Fishman pickups which would make it sound very similar, but also has a locking tremolo, which I hate… oh and it’s not even available in Australia, and stores here won’t even order it in plus Dean won’t answer my emails because they suck dicks, so I have to order it from a Japanese Ebay seller which will make this thing cost over twice the price of the Prophecy once Ebay and the seller take their cuts. Selling the Gibson won’t completely pay for this. Plus reviews of Dean guitars that I’ve seen do tend to complain about crap electronics and workmanship on some models especially the Dimebag ones so would this be a lemon like the Gibson all over again? However Miyako and Lovebites MRS and I feel the need to support them, and the Dean is VERY pretty with the gold hardware and red finish even if the quality is a gamble. I have no idea about comfort or weight however as I can’t playtest this due to there being precisely zero models in my hemisphere.

What should Kpopalypse do: 

Most people said to just get the Prophecy.  I was definitely leaning in that direction as the Dean seemed unattainable, but shortly after I published this survey Dean wrote me back and were actually quite helpful in putting me in touch with a Japanese store rep.  There are huge manufacturing delays on the guitars though (same supply chain problems everyone is having right now) so it’ll probably be a good few months before I get any guitars at all, I’ll keep caonimas updated.  Who knows, if I manage to make enough money from caonimaing I might buy both… but either way, the Gibson is definitely being sold.  Fuck Gibson.

Question 22: Several k-pop fans talk to me about how they’re offended by “the N word” but when I ask them what it is, they won’t tell me and act as if I’m stupid/rude for even asking. However I know I can trust my readers to be honest with me. What is “the N-word”?

Nearly half of all readers told me that “the N-word” was Netizenbuzz, so I believe them.  I shall hereby refer to Netizenbuzz only as “the N-word” from now on.  Such a shame for them as they only just got their name back – I only just finished boycotting them and only referring to them as “Snakebuzz” etc, but oh well.  Maybe one day “Netizenbuzz” will be reclaimed and no longer considered offensive, but until then I don’t want to risk upsetting my precious readers so “N-word” it is.

Question 23: I’ve been reviewing some K-pop related documentary films lately, do you like this?

K-pop documentary film reviews were very popular – thanks for your feedback!  I’d check out more of them (that Twice one is on the list) but I’m not sure if there’s many more that wouldn’t completely suck so badly that they wouldn’t even be worth writing about.

Question 24: I’ve been reviewing some K-pop related movies lately, do you like this?

Regular movies with k-pop stars were somewhat less popular, which makes sense as the link to k-pop is more tenuous so those reviews are slightly less relevant.  This doesn’t mean I won’t keep doing them though – if there’s anything that’s known about me, it’s that I don’t shy away from less popular content if I feel like making it and a smaller niche of audience appreciates it.  So we’ll see what the future brings!

Question 25: I promise that there will probably almost definitely be a boobs post this year, unless I decide not to write one. Put suggestions for people not covered yet below. This question is optional.

Thank you for your submissions!  Of course it was the usual mixed bag of actually useful suggestions, entrants who have already been in the posts, and entrants who clearly don’t meet eligibility criteria.  Also no plans to open this up to males as I don’t feel like an accurate judge, we’ve already got the objectification surveys, I trust the readership to rate male bodies more accurately than I can myself.

Question 26: Who should be the next “no reason” sidebar girl after Momoland’s Jooe? Put suggestions below. This question is optional.

Thanks for your input!  Jooe has now had her celebratory post and a new girl will replace her soon!

Question 27: You’re still thinking about the purple-haired guy in N.tic, aren’t you.

Of course, you were all still thinking about the purple haired guy from N.tic, even though some of you tried to deny this.  Just in case anyone truly genuinely forgot (which is doubtful), here’s N.tic’s “Once Again” video for your pleasure.

Question 28: Thanks for doing this Kpopalypse survey! If you have any feedback please leave it for Kpopalypse below! This question is optional.

Some randomly selected feedback, and my replies:

Just got reminded about how I once met up with two kpop fans I had met on twitter while travelling and one of them left me on the subway when she learned that not only did I follow you, I had had POSITIVE interactions with you. I think Kpopalypse should reflect on how I could have had new friends but didn’t because of him.

Sorry about that.  If you let me know your Twitter I’ll help you make more friends if you want.

1: Do another cooking post like you did with those chicken wings 2: The sidebar girl suggestion question is asking for “a number greater than 0” so I can’t input any names

There was a bug where the first few survey respondents got a mandatory “numeric” field for sidebar girl, so if the next one is NCT’s Ten, you can blame me for that.  I didn’t cook with wings though, you might need to read the post again!

how many people have left this answer empty and how many have left comments trying to be funny

About 50% of readers fill out optional questions like these.  The other 50% who do fill it out are about 25% smart ass responses and 75% actually trying to answer the question or provide feedback.

just wanted to let you know your blog is the only kpop blog i read regularly so don’t change what you’re doing, i guess!

Thank you for your readership!

Wow I am so offended by the N.tic question since I forgot about that guy and now I have to use mindbleach to forget about him again U_U. Also what is the issue with you and the N-word? I don’t think I noticed you using it and I don’t see why you have to since you get to use cunt since it’s culturally appropriate for you? I’m sure you already know how the US in particular still are shit at figuring out racism, so I think if you avoid the n-word it’s for the best. ON another note: I was thinking more about the Roundup question. I didn’t know it was hard to load for some people. I noticed you put the more popular songs at the top. What if you split the posts up in 1, 2, 3 parters with the same distribution but with each post covering different songs? And of course some random bullshit at the bottom, which always entertains me. Also I love the “clickbait-sequence” caption for real news articles, since you usually highlight the absurdity of the situation.

Sorry about the N.tic guy.  I’m not sure what a random netizen comment website has to do with the racial situation in the USA though, but I do also hope those American folks figure out their racism issues one day and learn to be nice to each other and not racist.  Thanks for your suggestion but I wouldn’t want to split the roundups though because A. it’s more work and roundup is already too much work and B. people would just use it as a convenient way to not discover new music that they should.

Unfortunate but not surprising how this blog still puts out pretty much the only kpop reviews that are honest and don’t pull punches. I never have to worry if garbage will get a too-nice pussy ass review, nor do I have to worry a song will get a bad review just because it was put out by the Hated Woman of the Week. It’s refreshing, that’s why I always come back. Even though you’re probably like 40 years older than me at the least. Thanks for everything gramps

No worries – happy to be of service, even though you sound too young to be reading this and should probably reflect and return with more mature maturing.

Very glad to have been following this blog almost since inception (2013) I will keep on reading hopefully for many more years to come, keep bringing the quality content, cheers!

Wow, thank you!  I will contunie with maximum determiantion!

Make a better blog

no u

Your images on this survey are too small, cunt.

I know, this is a limitation of Google forms.  Other survey software is even worse.



I’ll get back to you in 2023 when they finally work out a way to ship the thing to me

So, on the guitar front, you don’t like metal looking V’s for them looking out of place, and i agree, shit looks dumb as fuck, even in heavy rock bands. but what about the headstock on the Dean? makes me think of dickheads doing the whole “devilhorns” shit. justa bit poser tryhard. but yeah, im biased, cant stand deans. legit think the epiphone is the smart choice though.

Also, write what you want (or carry on i guess, seeing as you already do), if you find something new thats vaguely interesting to stick inbetween roundups, then fuck it, all good.

Unless the feedback was specifically for the questionnaire? in which case, good job, there were definitely questions. legit though, enjoy reading the bollocks you put out, so keep it up.

I’m not a massive fan of the headstock on the Dean either, it’s the part about it that I like the least.  I also have PTSD from putting up with annoying Pantera fans in moshpits in the 90s so I definitely understand where you’re coming from.  It’s still prettier than the Epi though.  Having said that… I might buy the epi anyway while I wait if I have the funds hahaha.  Thanks for your support!

With regards to your choice of guitar: Unless you’re just looking for an exuse to expand your hot asian girl signature series guitar collection why not modify either the Gibson or Prophecy to better meet required standards? Guitars aren’t complicated electrically and it’s easy enough to rip and replace the guts if they are problematic. I helped a friend put a Fralin pickup in his SAS1500 and replace most of its electrial bits a few years ago. Super simple even for someone with only a little electronics experience. Similarly paint, vinyl wrap or Hello Kitty stickerbombing will hide a disgusting painjob if that’s the Prophecy’s biggest problem.

Actually I think the Prophecy has the best electronics out of the three, it wouldn’t need any mods at all.  It’s the tiger-flame bling which is a bit crap and you can’t really change that.  If the prophecy came in the Dean’s colour and had a similar scratch plate, I’d buy the Prophecy in an instant and wouldn’t even think about the Dean.

love your posts, and sarcasm or rawness/genuineness but maybe refrain from making jokes about people killed in accidents like ladies code?

I don’t think my jokes cross a line.  Let me now explain this really boringly.  When I joke about Ladies Code, I’m not saying “haha I think it’s funny Ladies Code had an accident and some of them died LOL” and if that is the message people are getting out of my jokes, they can’t read, straight up.  I joke about this stuff because I’m highlighting the issue that needs attention, which is the fact that these fucking k-pop managers act irresponsibly on the roads and nobody calls them out on it until someone fucking dies.  Why do you think I’m always banging on about OH&S compliance?  I will NOT stop talking about Ladies Code, because right fucking NOW, there is a road manager driving on the highway between Seoul and Busan in a van with a bunch of girls in the back, not wearing seatbelts, and going way too fast.  But I don’t want to talk about it in a boring, pedantic, lecturing way because nobody wants to read that shit.  So I make jokes, I make it entertaining and funny and interesting – or at least try to, so people will actually want to read it.  Maybe I fail – but I at least try.  Likewise, I joke about Burning Sun too, but once again, the message isn’t “ha ha Burning Sun is funny, idols got raped”, the message is “I’m going to continue to highlight this issue in a way that grabs attention so people don’t forget that this is a thing that happened, and a common occurence, and people involved in this are still out there, but also not in a way that loses their attention”.  That’s why in the most recent “Try Not To Have Gay Sex With Yves” game there’s a club that’s a whole lot like Burning Sun, with a whole bunch of suss familiar people inside.  Here’s the screencaps of Chuu reading the club’s advertisement sign outside the building:

If you’re familiar with the details of the Burning Sun case, you’ll understand what this is, and if you’re not, then you might become curious and wonder how based on reality it really is.  The sign’s pushiness is deliberate as it alludes to something that followers of the Burning Sun incident might not know – that girls in Korea are actually forcibly dragged into nightclubs to “enhance the atmosphere”, bouncers will literally grab random girls walking by on the street by the arm if they’re deemed attractive enough, and drag them into the club against their will.  Which sounds outrageous, but it’s true.  Using humour to get to the point of social issues is more effective than boringly, miserably lecturing people.  It’s designed to get a knowing nod out of people in the know, and make people not in the know think harder.  That’s why “Life Is Beautiful” is a better film about the Holocaust than “Schindler’s List”, and that’s why I refuse to apologise for any of my humour.  It serves a purpose.  If people can’t handle it, that’s 100% fine, I understand that my writing style isn’t for everyone – go read some other website’s take where they talk about the same issues in oh-so-serious politically correct terms, good luck staying awake though.

It might be the third or fourth yearly survey that I do and I am always very grateful for everything you do regarding engagement with the readers. Qrimole, curiouscat, these surveys, livestream questions, they’re all really helpful in their own way and my biggest (selfish) fear is that you get real big one day and end up being forced to stop all of those things because you won’t have the time. It’s something natural, I know, and that’s why I’m even more grateful for having the opportunity to make use of it today.

Have you ever thought about it? The day you won’t have time to do these things anymore? I’m really curious about what your plans would be if you ever end up becoming huge to the point you’d have to cut down the interaction with readers.

Not going to happen, at least not for that reason, probably because of the issues I highlighted just above.  I’m basically too much of a cunt to get really big traction in the k-pop world.  Even if I did get really huge I wouldn’t be sacrificing those particular things, in fact I’d probably make it a point to keep going with it (given that they were precisely what made me huge in the first place, right?)

Not really much of a feedback but more of a heads up for your impact in my life, I finally realized how much weight I was putting on myself from a lot of sources and now I finally slowed down and have been trying to live slowly. I finally got into drawing (well, it’s kind of a rocky road because I’ve been kind of aimless and a lil lost but it’s all good lmao) and meditating and now feel much less anxious and give less fucks in general about what’s not important to me, which is quite handy with anxiety. I could write a whole paragraph if I was bothered to think about the things you’ve done for me, but just know that you made me feel responsible for making my life more awesome in general. Keep doing what you’re doing, oppar! Love you, cunt

Thanks!  Glad I could help!

Great distraction from my thesis thank you. I remember this being longer last time. Perhaps add 10-60 more questions. Herodotus is standing behind me with a gun.

Last time it was maybe one or two questions longer.  I don’t want to make them too long because the results posts take forever to write, this post here took an entire Saturday.  I want to relax on weekends like most people but I can’t when it’s survey results time!

post a walkthrough of try not to have gay sex with yves 3 © please im not very smart and had to stop playing bc i got rlly stuck :,(

This walkthrough is already published at the Kpopalypse Patreon – it’s free, so go download it and take a look.

So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog myself, talking mostly about Kpop, but every time I get some drafts going and shit, I find myself basically Pointing out the same things you do when it comes to the nature of Kpop, the business side and so on. So essentially, what I’m wondering if it is even worth it, having another Kpop blog basically putting out common sense takes about Kpop, provided anybody would even read it in the first place. Mind you I mostly want to do it for fun, and kill time, and I wouldn’t really care if someone reads it or not, but would there be any point in starting a blog that just tries to hammer home the point of “hey I know you like Kpop and that’s fine, but can you stop being a retard for a half a sec” ?

Probably not, you’ll just lose all your Twitter friends and people you’ve never met will find weird reasons to hate you.  Plus you might lose your job or your University degree, not even joking, people I know have had this happen for writing far, far less extreme stuff about k-pop than the shit I write.  I’m just lucky that because of what I do I’m basically immune to any negative effects from doxxing, most people aren’t this fortuante.

Thanks to your videolinks of Wonho and Velvet, my Bi ass just got off fantasizing about Wonho vigourously pumping my core from behind while Velvet asphyxiated me with her boobs from the front. Thanks oppar

Now about your bitching about the roundup; are you actually complaining about the time you need to hear all that shit or about the length of the post? Because if it’s the latter, maybe you could put only a single link to a youtube playlist at the start of the post and put an image of the MV to ilustrate your review of the song or sth. It would make the post lighter, at least.

You’re welcome!  Not sure about the playlist idea though, that sounds like it might actually be more work than how I’m currently doing it.

I recently started using Midnight Lizard, a Mozilla Firefox add-on that makes me “edit” your website so it can have a dark background with white text. I think some caonimas will find this useful since some of them already asked you about a dark version of the blog. The result isn’t perfect but it’s still pretty good

Leaving this here for whoever finds it useful.  My polling indicates most readers don’t prefer this type of look, but some do!

honestly you should cut out most ballads from roundup since they all mostly sound the same. just keep the best ones or if none of them are good skip them entirely or use 1 as representative. you could also post the full list of songs somewhere if people are really interested

Believe it or not, most weeks I already cut most ballads.

I’m still bitter about the Lucas situation- not because I’m interested in his exes, but the kpop porn video of the year featuring him and another hot guy named Hendery was supposed to drop. Now I don’t get to see them jacking off into public unrinals at a nightclub. 127’s “Sticker” will have to suffice in the meantime

Never let it be said that it’s only heteros searching for k-pop porn.

Thank you for being a cunt. I love showing your stuff to some of my dumb friends that think a group/kpop in general can do no wrong.

Cheers – thank you for reading!

That’s all for this post – Kpopalypse will return!