AustralianSana and Kpopalypse podcast – 16 July 2021

It’s time for the latest podcast, where asshole k-pop writer Kpopalypse gets together with outspoken social media pariah and frenemy of the people AustralianSana for podcasting fun times as they talk shit and answer listener questions!

Read on for timestamps and the question box to submit future questions!


0:00 – Kpopalypse and AustralianSana admit that they are flops
1:20 – Where will k-pop be in 5 years time?
4:26 – WeVerse and BTS
5:52 – UN elects Iran to top women’s rights body
7:53 – Buttcheeks for boobs?
8:56 – how to stop giving a shit about k-pop
9:30 – OnlyOneOf being gaybait (relevant video here) and gay fanservice vs gay rights
13:50 – how did BTS eclipse GOT7 in popularity
16:06 – Homosexuality is gay
16:21 – Sana from Twice’s fried ends
19:40 – Protip for question-askers – AustralianSana is not Annie!
20:39 – The Boyz
21:18 – OnlyOneOf AustralianSana’s imminent wrestling debut
25:34 – Wonho’s weight/height and debunking BMI
29:25 – Is Bang Shi Hyuk the most logical CEO of the Big 4?
29:51 – Ted Bundy questions with obvious answers
30:49 – 5 k-pop songs released in the last two years that could be used to torture people
35:37 – Are Wakandans assholes? (spoilers)
37:12 – Kpopalypse’s fanfic “T-ara vs AOA – The Final Fap” about male feminist allies parts 1 and 2
38:10 – Would AustralianSana do a collaborative fanfic with Kpopalypse like the one he did with AKF?
38:52 – Rating shit k-pop songs
41:16 – AustralianSana v-log revival?
41:53 – I checked out Wondershare Filmora and it watermarks every video unless you pay, so for caonimas on a budget I recommend OpenShot which is open source and free.  It does crash a bit so save your projects often but hey, you get what you pay for.
42:32 – A reminder to give AustralianSana alcohol money if you want another drunk podcast
43:00 – American Sniper – US vs UK DVD covers
44:50 – Is JYP deliberately sabotaging his own boy groups?
47:32 – Would B.A.P be huge if the TS Entertainment lawsuit didn’t happen?
50:00 – Is anime corrupting the youth?
50:58 – Are many of your neighbours teen cryptocurrency trading crossfit drug dealers?
52:10 – Gfriend’s disbandment
55:59 – Why doesn’t Australia send Blackpink to Eurovision?
58:06 – Why are HYBE stans so defensive?
58:30 – “Girl groups get replaced, boy groups get reinvented”?
1:01:12 – SM sabotaged T-ara and Infinite, and attempted to do the same to other groups including BTS – true or false?
1:03:38 – Do you believe in fairies?
1:04:29 – Will IU ever learn something practical and useful?
1:05:46 – If you were an incel, which K-streamer would you send your simp bucks to?
1:08:27 – Do you like Fight Club?
1:09:20 – Discussion of article “BTS and their ARMY fandom are rendering the pop charts useless
1:11:13 – Blood types and Japanese horoscopes
1:12:49 – Proptip for question-askers – don’t send questions that rely on us listening to a song to answer, we’ll just get copyright-striked.
1:13:22 – Is this article racist?
1:17:11 – Do you support Oli London becoming “transracial”?
1:19:49 – The Australian representation in the new Mortal Kombat movie
1:21:23 – “Smooth like Butter, like criminal undercover”
1:22:02 – What Australian right-wing politicians should Super Junior’s Siwon stan?
1:23:00 – Has AustralianSana played any of Kpopalypse’s computer games?
1:24:28 – How will k-pop tour in the future with the new coronavirus variant?
1:25:23 – The Grammys changing their rules to deny success to BTS?
1:26:54 – Conclusion, also give AustralianSana money here

Do you have a topic for the AustralianSana and Kpopalypse podcast series?  If so, use the question box below!  If no box appears, you can use the Yeojin link on the sidebar to submit your topic request!  Stay safe, caonimas, and if you like the sport ball shape don’t forget to subscribe to AustralianSana’s wrestling Twitter account!

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