It’s Roly Poly Day, motherfuckers

Did you know that it’s ten years since today that T-ara released “Roly Poly”, the scientifically undisputed greatest k-pop single of all time?  Enjoy this celebration post!

So here it is.  K-pop doesn’t get any better than this.

And here’s the big-ass unnecessarily long drama video of the type that their label was known for at the time.  I don’t really know what the point of it is or what happens in it, but there is Roly Poly so it’s okay:

There’s also the “Roly Poly In Copacabana” version, which is significantly weaker, but to be fair, so is every other k-pop song ever.

There was a also Japanese language version with a new video of its own:

Here’s a live version from back in the day, this is probably the best one:

Here’s another one, this is also the best one:

I can’t go past this great performance of T-ara miming for a bunch of awkwardly clapping ahjummas, this is the best one ever:

Then there’s this other live version, which is great:

Here’s another:

And another, a rare 5-ara appearance:

Are you getting sick of all these live videos yet?  I’m not.

Here’s a more recent live version, from after my mother retired from the group (I’m not mad – she paid her dues):

Here’s another live version which is very recent:

How about a T-ara live in Japan version?

Or China?

Don’t forget how big T-ara are in Malaysia:

Remember that time T-ara played in Mongolia and the entire country turned up?  The empty space between the camera and the stage isn’t the audience, that’s the photo pit barrier between the stage and the audience to keep the fans at a safe distance.

Oh and because every time people think of T-ara this boring shit comes up:

blah blah blah bullying scandal was fake, all netizens are human garbage, T-ara pwned them, all you trendy fuckstains who hated T-ara in 2012 eat shit, here’s a helpful thread of someone who summarised the entire thing so I don’t have to, click if you have some time to spare reading a very good thread

Now that’s over with it’s time to take a look at some Roly Poly covers!

Here’s Itzy doing Roly Poly, as a “big three” group should – very good performance, I approve.

Woke k-pop legends IZ*ONE also give this iconic song their best shot:

The legendary S. White on drums, approved:

Let’s not forget John Q, who is actually in T-ara’s “part 2” video:

How about a full band cover that’s been metalized a bit?

Here’s a very very faithful version of the Copacabana version on electric drums, excellent work here:

Here’s some guy drumming in his kitchen, now that’s commitment, if we all Roly Polyed in the kitchen more instead of eating we’d probably all be a bit less Roly Poly while being more Roly Poly at the same time.  It’s a RolyPolyception:

Check out this flute version, awesome and definitely doesn’t overstay its welcome:

And here’s some violin students, what better song to teach violin players how to violin, I ask you?

This version here sounds a bit tormented, but it was recorded in 2015, so it’s probably a concept art piece representing the hurt hearts of T-ara fans as they patiently waited for vindication and restoration of T-ara’s reputation from the masses:

How about a whole orchestra doing Roly Poly?  You know you love it and so do I:

Or electric guitar with the most saturated distortion possible?  Can’t complain.

If you wanna know how to do it, this guy will teach you the melody.  Note that he recorded this in August 2012, when it was very non-trendy to do this, so give him some love for his dedication and tell him Kpopalypse sent you, okay he might have gotten a few notes wrong but good effort anyway:

And here’s someone moshing out to the rhythm, his audio quality is a bit poor as it’s way too distorted but he’s very enthusiastic which counts for a lot:

Playing it fingerstyle acoustic is much more difficult, mad points for this very impressive cover:

Here’s someone else trying the same type of thing with steel string, and you can tell by watching just how hard it actually is.  Okay so it’s not note perfect but at Kpopalypse dot com we appreciate T-ara stanning effort, this guy’s fingers would have hurt so bad after this:

Want to know how to play the Copacabana version on piano?  This video is for you!

Here’s the original, and this arrangement takes a few liberties with the left hand riffs but the melody at least is on point:

In fact most piano versions don’t do the left hand correct but they still sound pretty good apart from this.

Same here.  Plushy game on point though.

Here’s a more accurate version where the player has pre-programmed the synth bass, very smart:

This is the only electric bass cover of the song I could find and it makes the same mistakes as almost all the piano versions, but I appreciate the effort, we can’t criticise a T-ara stan too harshly:

This electric bass version of the song is completely correct but I’ve heard the person who made this video is a complete cunt, you probably shouldn’t like this video or subscribe to his channel or he may make more videos and we don’t want that:

How about some dance covers?  Very authentic moves here:

Need to know the moves yourself, veteran dance cover group WaveYa will show you how:

This Taiwan group is great too:

What’s that, you want the Copacabana version done in Vietnam?  I’ve got you covered.

This Thai group does a bold move by mixing the copacabana version fashions with the original music mix:

Who says the Roly Poly dance routine isn’t a top tier k-pop dance?  It’s good enough for this Russian dance festival:

Roly Poly isn’t just for the girls!  Check out this male group doing an excellent job – relevant from 1:27:

A co-ed dance studio version, this is art folks:

And a final thought, just remember that all your k-pop faves both old and new love T-ara and Roly Poly:

That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse will return!

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  1. You missed Mamamoo covering it! Granted they mashed it up with less good songs, but I’d still say its significant since this is technically their last performance before Wheein left RBW.

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