Kpopalypse secret content reveal – random bass covers!

To celebrate Kpopalypse reaching the $100 per month goal on Patreon, secret Kpopalypse content has now been revealed!

At the start of this year I started a new YouTube channel called “Random Bass Covers“.  On this channel I’ve just been covering various songs that I like and/or that I thought would be interesting to cover and/or music students of mine wanted to learn and/or friends requested.  It’s not exclusively a k-pop channel, but probably about 50% of it is k-pop, so therefore it’s relevant to readers of this website.  I deliberately made the presentation of this channel as generic and unassuming as I could, and made absolutely zero effort to promote this channel anywhere, so it stood the least chance possible of actually being noticed by my readers until my Patreon hit the $100 secret reveal mark.  Only my bass students plus a few other random cover makers and personal friends even know that this channel exists – until now!

Longtime readers will know that I have a “Kpopalypse tabs” series and I guess this replaces that, but on bass.  The reason why I didn’t really pursue the tabs series much is because while actually learning and playing bass covers is something that I find to be a really quick process, writing out exact tabs in a pretty blog format is really boring, and also it’s very niche content that wouldn’t interest many readers who aren’t musicians, I’d rather spend energy on content that is more broadly relevant at least where writing is concerned.  So I think rather than have lots of rapid-fire tabs posts that only a few readers might care about, a big post like this that only a few readers might care about is better. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have tabs however, if you want to learn how to play any of this stuff (and you feel that just watching me do it isn’t enough) then head on over to my Patreon where there’s a big archive of tabs you can download, which includes almost all of the videos below plus a ton of other non k-pop ones on the channel.  Like all my Patreon content, these are free so it doesn’t matter if you subscribe to my Patreon or not, although if you find the tabs useful and aren’t subscribed yet, you should do it if you can because it’s cheaper than bass lessons and it will motivate me to keep doing this poop.

So here’s all the k-pop bass covers that I’ve done over the last five months.  Enjoy!

April – Oh! My Mistake

AOA – Miniskirt

Apink – I’m So Sick

Aseul – Always With You

Ateez – Answer

Bewhy – Gottasadae

Blackpink – Lovesick Girls

Brave Girls – Rollin

Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

Dreamcatcher – Black Or White

Everglow – La Di Da

Eyedi – & New

Fiestar – Apple Pie

Fiestar – Mirror

f(x) – Red Light

f(x) – Rum Pum Pum Pum

Gfriend – Mago

IU – Bbibbi

Loona – Star (5 string version)

Loona – Star (4-string version)

Lovelyz – Ah-Choo!

Momoland – Bboom Bboom

Orange Caramel – My Copycat

ONF – Beautiful Beautiful

Oohyo – Butter Chicken

Oohyo – Pizza

Primary ft. Choa & Iron – Don’t Be Shy

Rain – Gang

Red Velvet – Rookie

Rockit Girl – Little Cat

Seotaiji – Ultramania

Shannon Williams – Hello

Sistar – Alone

Skull ft. Kannon & Anthony B – Ganja

Snuper – Platonic Love

Stray Kids – Back Door

Lee Suhyun – Alien

Sunmi – Pporappippam

Swervy ft. Reddy – Art Gang Money

Taeyeon – Four Seasons

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep

T-ara – Sugar Free

Twice – I Can’t Stop Me

UV ft. J.Y. Park – Itaewon Freedom

Wonho – Open Mind

Yeojin – Kiss Later

Young Turks Club – Affection

For the music nerds: the instruments used are a Fender “Player” series Jazz Bass, a Stingray Sterling Sub, and a Yamaha TRBX305 for the 5-string songs.  The amp is a Fender Rumble 40, although a few of the first videos I did were done before I got the Rumble 40 so they have a less bassy sound as I was using a 20-watt Torch amp with a small speaker that really sucked.  None of the instrument sound is direct input, it’s all through the microphone so what you’re hearing is the sound of the room, that’s why on some songs where I’m pushing the strings hard everything is so rattly and clicky – that finger/string rattle wouldn’t be heard in a live performance but it’s more obvious in a close-miced small room.  I’ve done this on purpose so it’s obvious that yes I am actually playing the bass and the sound you’re hearing is from the bass, as I’ve tried to match the tone of the bass as close as possible to the original song for each video, and in some cases I got the tone so close that it’s actually difficult to tell without that finger noise whether you’re actually hearing the bass in my hands or the one on the recording.

Enjoy!  I’ll probably do another post like this as I continue to do more covers!  In the meantime, Kpopalypse will return!

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      • Interesting! I was slightly surprised because some of the songs on the list you’ve talked about not liking before. But then I realized I find some songs more fun to sing than listen to (like “Lion Heart” by Girls’ Generation.) And sometimes it makes me like the song more overall.

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