Kpopalypse explores the truth behind JB from GOT7’s “moodboard”

It’s Kpopalypse back again to inform you about all the goings on in the k-pops with another important expose!  Read on for all the trufax about GOT7’s JB!

Controversy ensued recently when JB from GOT7 did an Instagram livestream for his fans, and inadvertently revealed (from 7:14) an artistic photograph collage on his bedroom wall.

It’s great to see JB appreciating art, but some fans were concerned about the content of the pictures, and that some of them might have been sexually explicit in nature.

Fortunately, GOT7 fans were on hand to clarify the issue.  While they pointed out that JB is unquestionably a “grown ass man” just like Kpopalypse and is therefore entitled to have anything he wants on his wall, they also explained the pictures were actually just a “moodboard”, designed to “stimulate ideas and things”.  Take it from this creative artist, who would know.

What type of ideas and things, you may well ask?  JB just wants to be “happy and excited about his solo debut”, so naturally he has pictures on his wall designed to generate this happiness and excitement (as 18 hours a day of dance practice probably isn’t doing it for him).  Don’t blow things out of proportion or project your beliefs onto him.  He’s a human and regardless of his taste in art he deserves to be respected.

It’s certainly nothing sexual, we know that for sure.  I mean, bodies have always been art and held value outside of sexualising, if that’s the only way you can see it, then that’s a “you” problem, not anyone else’s.

But what actually ARE those pictures?  Curious fans awash in their appreciation for GOT7’s JB still want to know for sure. 

This helpful person has suggested that the pictures may be from a photo exhibition.  This may be true, but I didn’t want to reach out to them to clarify as they have anxiety so interactions may make them nervous.  However it’s important not to hate on this person or anyone else posting about this issue, they are just trying to be helpful so please lets all show kindness in our interactions with any GOT7 fans.  Anyway I will now use this person’s kind help to take a look at the photos in this exhibition, and see if we can actually match then to the photos on JB’s wall.  Here’s the one that really caught people’s eye.

Could this photo actually be this one from the photo exhibition?

Here’s the same photo on a wall in an exhibition space, to give you a better idea of proportion.  The other photos around it, I’ve included these just so you can verify that yes this was used in an actual art exhibition, after all they are in a room in a very precise rectangular format of all the same size which is what every art exhibition always does so we know this is exhibition space art and definitely not anything else.

At first glance the photos appear to be very similar, but I have keenly inspected both of these photos and noticed important differences.

Clearly, while they are definitely very similar photos, they are not the same photo.  Does this mean that the picture is filthy porn and not a wholesome art exhibition piece?  No!  I have actually found the true piece of art that JB had on his wall, it is this picture of my cat descending some stairs (after tracking dirt everywhere, tsk tsk):

We can see here that the angle of the stairs is much more vertical, identical to the supposed “legs” in JB’s wall photo, and not some weird horizontal angle.  The thing about the arms providing support can be ignored because my cat’s fat ass is providing all the structural support to the wall that could possibly be needed, therefore they are the same photo.

The next photo under scrutiny is this picture of what appears to be a female photographed from the rear, visible very briefly just behind JB’s head during his livestream:

People have speculated that it could in fact be this wholesome and very artistic and non-sexual photo here, from the same exhibition:

Could these be the same photo?  The shadows on one side of the JB photo seem to appear on the reverse side of the exhibition photo, making me think that this is a reversed version of the photo. 

Maybe JB is trying to “reverse” the artist’s very pure and artistic intent?   Or maybe this is just actually a cat photo.

As you can see, the shadows by the leg and the highlight by the elbow are in the exact same places, and most importantly, not reversed.

The third picture which came under scrutiny is this picture of what appears to be the lower half of a female lying down.

Could it be this exhibition photo?

I think this is the most convincing photo of the three in terms of a match.  They could very well in fact be the same photo.  However, the pose is in fact very awkward, and one that a human cannot easily maintain even for photographic purposes without significant discomfort.  It appears that the human is trying to do something like this:

This means that this art, while not a direct copy of my cat like the other two photos, is actually a PLAGIARISM of my cat, which is far worse.

Conclusion: I’m not sure why GOT7’s JB is so obsessed with my cat, I guess he is a fan and who can blame him, but clearly he needs to reflect and return with more original art pieces.  However I do also feel that his support of my cat definitely mrcs.  If nothing else, we have now definitely confirmed that what he has is definitely not a “moodboard” but in fact a “pussy wall”.

Thanks for reading – Kpopalypse will return!


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