Kpopalypse’s reminder for you to stop sexualising Wonho

An important post!

This post is just a reminder for you to stop sexualising Wonho.

I don’t know why people have to sexualise Wonho so much.  Look at him, he looks so tired in the picture above.  No doubt he’s collapsing on the bed after a hard day of being cruelly exploited by his label, being made to dance and go to the gym for hours each day just to build muscle to please weird perverts.  Clearly he is posting this picture for us to alert the more concerned morally-upstanding fans (such as those who might read as to how exhausted he is, in the hope that we will put pressure on his agency to tone down his punishing work regime.

Wonho is so worn down these days that he has to hold his phone nearly a foot away from his face and in a very bright environment, just so he can read the screen.  The fatigue of constant stress brought on by his surroundings and his hordes of fans who want nothing more than to objectify him, is obviously causing him impaired vision.  Also, notice how so many pictures of him are in bed, or lying down, rather than standing?  This is obviously because he is in poor physical condition from overwork and needs lots of rest.

There are pictures of Wonho lying down all over the Internet and even on his own social media.  This can’t be a coincidence, he’s doing it for a reason.  He surely must be so weak that he can barely stand!  Look at him wasting away – he needs our help!

Even on the set of the “Lose” video, many shots such as this one here were filmed with Wonho lying down.  I guess he wasn’t feeling strong enough to stand for an entire video shoot.  This, combined with the mental stress of dealing with fandoms who are objectifying him a lot, is really showing. I know this because I have observed it very closely, a lot of times.

Even when he does manage to get the energy to stand up, he struggles to dress himself properly, this is a clear sign of extreme fatigue, he can’t even reach his arms around properly to put on a T-shirt most days because of wear and tear on his shoulders doing strenuous dance exercises over and over.  He also stands on a crooked angle often, clearly he struggles to maintain a straight posture due to advanced physical stress.

You can see him in the above photo, not only bedridden from sheer exhaustion but also examining his eyes for damage, straining to keep them open so hard that he needs to use his hands to move his stubborn eyelids.  We need to #ProtectWonho and #RespectWonho and also #StopSexualisingWonho.  He is a person too, he has feelings too and I know for sure he doesn’t like being sexualised the way he is.  I’m pretty sure about that.

Hopefully we can help Wonho out by encouraging people to not sexualise him.  Then we can hope for a future when he can actually dress himself properly and put a shirt on.

You can tell how much he struggles with this. Look at those muscles straining as he tries in vain to actually put the jacket around his body, but just can’t do it because he is so weak and soft.  The relentless sexualisation of Wonho is draining him of all his energy and will no doubt send him to the hospital soon.  If we don’t quickly stop objectifying him and instead start focusing on his incredible talent, who knows what might happen to his frail physique.

Just so you know that I’m not alone in this, here’s some choice cuts from Twitter where many Wonho fans have exactly the same sentiment.

It’s very clear from the pictures just how soft his heart is.  Soft and weak like a little baby.  Stop sexualising him.

So soft.  Just look at the pictures above.  You can practically feel the softness.

Wonho is not made of any flesh and bone at all, actually it is fairly floss plus maybe some CGI.  Definitely not surgery though DON’T YOU MENTION SURGERY OR I WILL BE VERY UPSET

It’s important to threaten people who sexualise others.  Because violence is always okay and sexual thoughts are never okay.  DO NOT THINK THE BAD THOUGHTS.

Yes, stop it people.  He is more than his body, because apparently when you think sexual thoughts about someone, it means that they are suddenly just a body and everything else about them mysteriously vanishes, or something.  I think that’s how it’s supposed to work, who knows for sure, but I’m just going to go along with it anyway and not think too hard about the moral implications of implying that sexuality equals a deficit of character, because it suits my argument.  They agree with me, so they must be correct!  Stop sexualising Wonho.

Actually I grabbed this one out of context and I think they were paraphrasing someone else and making fun of them, but it doesn’t matter.  There will be no parody here.  It’s important to be completely humourless about anything to do with sex because sex is not fun, sex is solemnly sworn duty to grudgingly advance the species and nothing else.

Remember folks, men’s bodies are not sexual.  Men’s bodies have nothing to do with sex at all.  If you are a male the penis is just there so you can point it somewhere when you pee so your pee goes in a straight line, it has no other function.

Because Wonho loves his fans, and his fans love him, this means that Wonho’s fans OWN Wonho and nobody else can look or touch (something Wonho himself will find out the hard way when he gets married). Please note that some of these tweets were written back when Wonho was still in Monsta X, and Monbebe is the name of the Monsta X fandom, and Wenee is the Wonho fandom.  I feel a need to point this out, because unlike some other fandoms, Monbebes and Weenees haven’t made themselves notorious and completely hated across the entire Internet yet.  Don’t worry guys, you can do it!

You don’t need a large degree to avoid sexualising Wonho, although maybe a large degree does help.

Just because Wonho sexualises himself doesn’t mean that you can.  It’s not okay to sexualise your idols because none of your idols are sexual, they are all in fact robots.

Remember that Wonho is definitely being forced into sexualising himself.  It’s not like Wonho had to fight his label to be allowed to bulk up or anything, they totally forced him to do that.  That’s why every guy in every k-pop group is just as buff as Wonho is.

Some people have the controversial opinion that maybe we can sexualise Wonho, but we just shouldn’t over-sexualise Wonho.  Where is the line drawn?

They are wrong of course.  Please stop it.  Stop the sexualising thing.

Because people don’t listen to his music, let’s watch the “Lose” video because it’s important that we appreciate how Wonho is talented and so much more than just his body.  Watch the video below a lot and pay particular attention to everything else except Wonho’s body.

If however you’re having trouble with this and are still getting weirdly distracted (not sure why you disgusting pervert but anyway) I’ve prepared this special version of the video for you, which removes all the close-up Wonho shots from “Lose”. 

The only Wonho shots that I’ve left in are the ones where he’s a tiny speck, floating, suspended from a film reel (perhaps it’s his sex tape with Han Seo Hee, or maybe just some good old fashioned hentai) just so you know that it’s him.  I think it would be hard to sexualise that, although I’m sure some of you weird people could manage.  Hopefully this video gives you strength to appreciate Wonho for his much neglected musical and dancing talent instead of just as a piece of meat.  Suddenly I’m hungry.  Why is there an aching in my stomach, and my heart.  It doesn’t matter what I do, nothing can fill the void.  I have no control over my life.  Please help me.

5 thoughts on “Kpopalypse’s reminder for you to stop sexualising Wonho

  1. If you like sexualizing idols, feel free to do it and ignore anyone who tries to shame you! If you don’t like sexualizing idols… I mean, I feel you – I find it distracting when it comes to enjoying music.

    The only issue is if you’re an idol who has sexualization as part of your image but doesn’t enjoy it. Maybe Wonho likes having his body admired, but not in a sexual manner. There’s no way to know.

    It’s socially unacceptable to walk up to an ordinary person and talk about how hot they are, or to post about it online. Odds are idols won’t see most of the sexualization, but it’s definitely more a part of their lives than it is of regular people, and it could make some of them uncomfortable. But I think shaming people out of sexualization would be bad as well (and fewer sexy concepts is definitely not going to change anything). I’m not sure if there’s a better alternative.

  2. Fuck it, I just want him to sit on my face and crush me with his thighs. Not that I’m sexualizing him at all.

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