SEOHEECHOPATH Episode 2 – reading malicious comments (ENG SUB)

Kpopalypse is back with Episode 2 of SEOHEECHOPATH, as former k-pop trainee Han Seo Hee tackles hate comments from viewers!

In a sad twist of fate because we can’t have nice things, the latest SEOHEECHOPATH video was set to private almost immediately after it appeared, and before I could actually grab it to add subs to it.  I’ve embedded the original below, just in case it ever comes alive again, but it probably won’t.  In the meantime if anyone manages to find a copy of this episode circulating in video form, please let me know and I will sub it and add it here.

I’m not sure why the pulldown happened, if it was due to mass reports, YG oppar pulling legal strings, or Han Seo Hee just getting sick of the drama and very negative reaction.  However it fits the usual pattern of Han Seo Hee kicking ass and taking names for all of three seconds and then going into semi-hibernation… until next time.  I guess that’s what one has to do to be outspoken in Korea, which is sad.

However, never fear as I was still able to acquire a very trufaxual text translation of this episode, which I’ve reproduced below!  Thanks again to the reader who provided this!

The scene: Han Seo Hee is reading hate comments.

I do not even want to read these.

Comment: T.O.P. would not consider that kind of face pretty… Han Seo-Hee clearly seduced him.

Sure… whatever floats your boat.  What is so special about that jerk?  What is so special about that bastard?

C: Her forehead is quite big

I agree.  My forehead is big.  This is the harsh truth, not an insult.

C: But still try to educate her well…It is like she had no upbringing and raised herself on her own
(The commenter is taking a jab at her family. They are saying that Han Seo-Hee taught herself the stuff that others usually learn from their parents such as manners or culture.)

That is right. I raised myself.  I do not know how to respond to comments mentioning my parents.  Why do you mention my parents?  Why do you keep talking about them?  I was born like this and I grew up this way.  I will contact you later.

C: Her face in Star Audition: Great Birth… was shocking.
(Referring to a shitty talent show broadcasted on MBC back in 2010-2013.)

I really want to clarify that.  I never touched my face except teeth straightening.  I am not lying.  But people think that I did my nose and eyes together with a facial-countering surgery.  I will go to a plastic surgery clinic and provide you with an evidence to confirm my claims.  My appearance changed a lot, but if you compare someone’s looks with their middle school graduation photos, their face might look unexpectedly different.  I will go to a clinic and prove it to you, because I am really annoyed.  I am already tired of pushing my nose up like this.

C: She will regret (her past) a lot when she gets older, even though she might pretend otherwise.

I agree with this one too.  I am not pretending otherwise, I indeed regret it a lot.  I have a lot of regrets. There are many things worthy of regret, I regret a lot.  I often look back and say, “I should not have done that”. This is not a malicious comment.

C: An ordinary aspiring celebrity would cry over the smallest thing just like how the kids who appear in Produce series does, but she does not need to set her heart on (becoming a celebrity). She does not need to worry about anything.
(Produce series is referring to one of the shitty idol survival shows on Mnet.)

What do you think I should weep for?  Why do you think that I do not cry?  Why do you think that I do not have worries?  I really hate this line of thinking and people with such mentality.  I hate people who speak as if I do not have any worries or struggles, or like my struggles are not real struggles and my worries are not real worries, and my concerns are not real concerns.  For real.  This was fucking bad.  This hurts me more.

C: Just live quietly if you have a pretty face and a lot of money. Why are you so insistent on walking down the road to fucking failure?

Why do I need to live quietly?  Do you have to live quietly if you have a pretty face and a lot of money?  Do pretty people have to live quietly?  And will ugly people live by speaking out?  This sounds ridiculous. Who are you to speak like this?  Are you ugly?  Are you poor?  This is bullshit.

C: I really thought that you would be a feminist… But you are just an attention whore with psychopathic tendencies. You go around dissing famous celebrities on purpose… Your behavior is… If you ask me why you are a psychopath…
Usually, the typical criminal* would suffer a lot and lie low when the press covers their case… Yet when this slut was under a global spotlight,
she considered that fascinating and she was devoid of emotions instead… She seems to have a psychological problem. She is daring to an extent that cannot be explained from the perspective of a normal person… I do not think that she feels guilt or any other emotions… She does drugs anyway…
(*The commenter literally used the word killer here probably because they wanted to emphasize that Seo-Hee is not just a criminal but a psychopathic one.)

But I am not a psychopath.  If you think about it, I am a sociopath.  People say that I am a warm-hearted robot.  I know what a psychopath is.  I am not devoid of emotions, this fucker does not know anything.

C: Who is the person starring in the video? This is my first time seeing her.

My name is Han Seo-Hee.  You might not know me, but I am Han Seo-Hee and… I am Han Seo-Hee.  I am the person in the video.

C: I feel like I am watching a horror movie.

Oh, you must have never seen a horror movie before.  This is comedy. The genre should be comedy.  What are you scared of? This is comedy, although there is some thriller in it.

C: You cannot satisfy your craving and yearning (for fame) as a failed celebrity with a crooked method.

I did not even debut (as a singer), so why do people keep calling me a failed celebrity?  I guess you could think like that, however, I do not crave for fame.  I am yearning for it, but I do not crave it.  I do not crave it.  I do not want to continue shooting this episode right now.

C: Your proportions are shit.

That is right, my proportions are bad.  They are not that good, to be honest.  I do not have that pretty 8-heads figure.  However, they are not shit.  Come and see me in person!  Are my proportions bad enough to call them shit?

C: What if Han Seo-Hee started a YouTube Channel?

How do you find it?  Is it fun?  Is it satisfying?  Is it satisfying?

C: She keeps showing up whenever I forget about her.

Uh, I am sorry. I showed up again.  You would have forgotten about me if I did not do that.  Sorry, but what am I supposed to do?  I keep showing up every time you forget about me.  I am sorry.  I showed up again.

C: Just a plastic surgery girl that is commonly seen in Apgujeong. (Apgujeong is ward of Gangnam, in Seoul.)

I did not get plastic surgery.  This is seriously annoying.  I did not do any surgery.  I still have the braces that I used when I was 16.  I did not do surgery.  Did you really see a plastic surgery girl that looks like me? In Apgujeong?  A common-looking plastic surgery girl?  Even when no celebrity looks like me?  Then, please send me the photos of those plastic surgery girls you see in Apgujeong.  I will check if they really look like me.

C: Is this the person who does anything that suits her fancy like being a chaebol* daughter, a feminist, a drug offender, and a homosexual? She seems to be following every trend that is out there! I envy that she gets to do whatever she pleases.  (Chaebol is referring to rich Korean families that own monopolies and established businesses.)

You are saying that being a chaebol daughter, a feminist, a drug offender, and a homosexual were all trends at one point of time?  Wow, anything can become a trend.  Even being a chaebol daughter and being a drug offender can be a trend?  I guess that is why many others were joining the crew at the same time as me.  That is right, homosexuality was a trend.  That is why I must have behaved that way.  I was following homosexuality as a trend.  Your conviction is right.  I shudder thinking about what this person considers as one’s fancy.  [Kpopalypse note: Australian translation of this response “these things aren’t trends, you’re just a dumb cunt”.  Han Seo Hee then proceeds to swear for almost a full minute, which is all muted] 

Video caption: ~The spring will bloom again very soon~

I am sorry, but I am seriously pissed off.

Video caption: ~May peace be always with you~

That is not suiting one’s fancy.  I am honestly trembling.  Are you my family?  Are you my acquaintance?  I intended to keep my calm to its limit in this episode, I was originally going to do it that way, but reading malicious comments after a while… I did not realize that I would want to kill them.  You will soon receive a letter.  Just anticipate something like a text message.

Video caption: ~Wait for my call~

Those wanting to continue to follow Han Seo Hee should note that she has a new YouTube channel not related to the HANSEECHOPATH episodes, which is here.  I’ve embedded the first video from this channel below, but I unfortuantely don’t have subs for this.  However I will continue to sub Han Seo Hee content if she continues to do more videos and if more subs are provided for these that meet required standards.

The original downloaded subs that I worked from can be found here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The Australian translation is on point, she was clearly being sarcastic there. After that part, she starts swearing for almost like a minute which was muted completely. That’s also when the first two lines between tildas appear. Those were just captions written on the video. The only unmuted parts were her saying she is really pissed off and apologizing for it.

    I still keep looking for the video, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Hopefully, Han SeoHee will upload it, uncensored, to her new channel because it was really fun.

  2. The very first video you posted of her channel a few weeks ago was marked private almost immediately after you posted it (IIRC the entire channel also?). It eventually returned to public visibility, maybe this will also.

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