Results of the 2020 end of year list survey!

Welcome to the results of the 2020 end of year list survey, where readers tried to guess the Kpopalypse best and worst lists for 2020!  Read on for all the trufax!

Thank you for all of your votes in 2020!  Note that, as usual in all Kpopalypse surveys, several readers invalidated their votes by not actually reading and answering the questions properly (picking multiple selections when the question just called for one, voting for ineligible songs, writing lame vague stuff (“something by group x”) etc etc).  However for those of you who could follow instructions and were reasonably literate, here’s what we came up with!

Question 1: What was your favourite song of 2020?

If reader votes determined the Kpopalypse 2020 end of year favourites list, here’s how it would have looked.  Colours denote where songs actually ended up on Kpopalypse’s end of year list, with green being a top 30 placing, blue being an honourable mention and pink being the #1 pick (“Star” and “Voice” being counted as the same song, because… well, they are).  Interestingly, NO songs that got on the worst or dishonourable list were in the reader favourites this year! 

Question 2: What was your least favourite song of 2020?

Here’s the worst picks from readers, which was much more of a mixed bag.  In addition to the above colours, red indicates a song that also made the Kpopalypse 30 worst songs of 2020 list, and orange indicates a Kpopalypse dishonourable mention.  Note that “Ice Cream” and “Dynamite” between them were incredibly unpopular and accounted for approximately a third of all votes in this category!

Question 3: What song will be #1 on Kpopalypse’s favourites list for 2020?

Once a ton of invalid votes were stripped away, the results were impressively accurate!  Caonimas were certainly paying more attention than ever in 2020, and out of the top 10 entrants only Wonho’s “Losing You” slipped completely by the reader guesses.  Once again no “officially bad” songs were picked!

Question 4: What song will be #1 on Kpopalypse worst of 2020 list?

The worst list is always harder to guess, but readers did a good job here considering the wide variety of options!

Question 5: What amazing k-pop track that kicked ass this year will Kpopalypse shit on for no clear reason?

Fans of Aespa’s “Black Mamba” were the most paranoid in 2020 that they would receive a poor placing, but they missed out having their favourite song getting shat on.  Loona fans turned out to harbour the most justified fear that their songs would get a caning, however they shouldn’t feel too bad for themselves given that Loona also scored the #1 song of the entire year from Kpopalypse!

Question 6: What complete bullshit dicksucking k-pop song will be riding high on Kpopalypse’s favourites list just to annoy you?

It looks like haters of Blackpink and Twice were the most annoyed with the Kpopalypse lists in 2020 as key songs of theirs rode high on the charts – however each of these groups also had songs on the worst lists!  This makes Gfriend the group who never caught a truly bad review in 2020 and thus managed to annoy the most readers!

The rest of this post is randomly selected reader feedback and comments!

Hi! How are you? Hope you, your girlfriend and your cat are doing well.
Please send your cat some love from me. My cat sadly died mid November and I’m still pretty sad about it.
Thank you for all your hard work and happy holidays!

The cat has been fed and has had pats accordingly!

You posted this on my Birthday, which is pretty cool. It had been pretty good; I’d gotten some nice chocolate truffles, coffee, cake, a dirty pic from the boy toy. It was really nice until I stubbed my pinky toe so hard I think I broke it, and now I have to go to work tonight where I do a lot of walking. But I’m gonna look on the bright side! Overall, the good has outweighed the bad and aspirin is a Godsend! And now have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and all the caonimas!


Too many drugs in my glorious youth means no short term memory in my dotage. I can’t remember what I listened to yesterday. Need multiple choice

I will never do multiple choice versions of the end of year surveys as there’s just too much to choose from and I don’t want to artificially restrict readers’ options.  It’s important that you are able to vote for everything, not just the songs that have been “nominated”!

Too bad 2020 dumped on everyone, hope 2021 rides high

Me too!

Happy Holidays. Thank you for keeping me entertained. Thank you for writing comprehensive and factual posts. I wish kpop artists get a break, work normal hours, receive fair compensation, and have opportunities to live normal lives. I wish for less toxicity in the kpop community.Okay bye.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll continue to exercise what little power I have to promote these things!

Merry Christmas you filthy animal

Thank you!

I just have to say that I love reading your posts and verify everyday to see if you posted anything, I love how you are such a honest cunt and rude to my faves. Continue that way and merry christmas.

I will continue on!

horse horse horse


My feedback about a gain music video representing classy-sexiness not being featured in question 18 wasn’t randomly picked for the 2020 caonima survey results (this one) so I came to the conclusion that the website is classy-sexist. Please reflect and come back with a better image in 2021 oppar.

I will reflect.

kpopalypse you’re so cool i love how you shit on armies and put them in a frenzy!!!

A pleasure to serve.

Why do you call your readers “caonima”

Answered here.

Dear Pervy Kpop Dad,

Merry Chri,

Love from Wonho’s tits

Cheers, Wonho!

Up to about 2 months ago I would have put ‘How you like that’ for bullshit song you like, but then something changed in my brain and now I really like it, having found it cringey af up till them. Similar happened with Fancy last year. Is my brain simping for you bc I know you like those songs which I initially disliked? Can a 25 year old woman simp for a male Australian fossil? So many questions. Also thanks for making Chuuves 2! I fondly anticipate your activities for 2021.

No idea, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the content here!

I just want to say that I am really looking forward to see far-right fascist leaders around the world getting corned with Trump’s failed re-election. Without his help it will be a really tough ride for them, and I will revel in their downfall. Unless Putin decides to extend his influence and assist them even more, just like the Soviets did with communist regimes around the world decades ago.
Also, I think this year made me realize how important is to have an adequate leadership in difficult times. I used to think myself as someone not ignorant with what happens around the globe, but still focused in minding my own life anyway. But so much people died thanks to nationalist leaders’ support to their people’s stupidity… Just so their richest allies could get even richer. Corruption scandals only have gotten bigger, since media had something else to show on the news. And even with all of that, there’s still a lot of people that can’t see shit. I mean, Trump got like 70 million votes in USA, a fucking lot of people in Brazil don’t think Bolsonaro was heavily responsible for the almost 200k deaths from the pandemic, even when he did all that he could to make people not use masks, keep working like nothing was happening, propose wrong drugs to supposedly prevent or cure the ilness and a lot other things.
It seems like an giant fandom of idiocy was consolidated and there’s no evidence that can ever make them doubt themselves.
I know I should already expect something like that to happen… Most people really don’t use critical sense in their everyday lives. But the fact that so much political figures in power had the audacity to profit so shamelessly from mayhem… That changed something inside me. I really lost the last of my empathy for these people (politicians). I actually want to see them suffer. While I still am adamant against violence or even death penalty, I feel like now I can actually be happy in some sort of sadistic way with their disgrace, and sincerely that kinda frightens me.

The Internet has really made people stupider, its power to connect stupid people with other stupid people and get them talking in a bubble where they can network without others intruding is really terrifying and has been the catalyst for a lot of problems.  However there’s also a lot to feel positive about, like music, cats and that Honey Popcorn’s agency have confirmed they haven’t actually disbanded yet.

So basically I rewatched Shanghai Romance (for nostalgic reason plus I found it on your best decade list, it was my teenhood jam as well) and get earwormed again for good reason.

Dang I wanna take some inspiration from the faux-sugar flossy-chinese vibe with a character I’m thinking. Even the fluffy mid bob hair! It must be great fun to draw!

tbh I wish Raina didn’t do any get-prettier job. So sad to see how she looks these day.

Also, I’ve filled a job application and waiting for their response. Wish me luck Oppar! 😀

Good luck!

Thanks for still going even though you must be getting tons of hate from rabid stans. Enjoy your holidays and may you have strength to carry on next year. 🙂

Kpopalypse has high determination levels to continue writing about k-pop!

Give us a time managment tip!!!! Happy Holidays as well !!

Use your phone’s alarm function not just for waking up but also to remind you of shit you gotta do.  Most phones allow you to set multiple alarms and name them.  Thanks!

i genuinely hate k-pop now i just follow your site because you’re really funny. cheers man

Cheers and thank you!

Thank you for one more year of you ❤ I’m thankful every year and pray Hyuna’s plastic surgeon for your salvation.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to all readers!  This concludes all of the 2020 series of posts!  It’s time to look forward to more posts in 2021!

3 thoughts on “Results of the 2020 end of year list survey!

  1. Damn, I wouldn’t have guessed readers disliked More & More that much. I wasn’t sold on the bland tropical house drop either, but I thought the verses were really nice and laid-back. The video and styling were good, and the choreo was great. Guess you can’t win ’em all.

    Shame that Dun Dun couldn’t snipe the #1 worst spot, though. I think I’ve mentally associated the word “bland” with that song, and that song only. I bet it sounds like a masterpiece to Everglow fans after whatever tragedy Adios was supposed to be. The ridiculously expensive music video probably didn’t help. Thankfully they were given an actual song before the end of the year!

  2. “…and that Honey Popcorn’s agency have confirmed they haven’t actually disbanded yet.”

    Wait.. ..WHAT? You better not be lying to me! Can it be true? Is there a chance we’ll get another song? Dammit..’s only January but I’d already written off the rest of 2021 to save myself the misery I’ll feel in the autumn months; but then.. ..THIS! An imperceptible flicker. A faint spark to set ablaze the suffocating veil that enshrouds complete blackness. Huzzah!

    Of course, I’ll now need to rummage through the garbage for the calendar I threw out, but it’s time well spent if at least one day will get a shiny gold star sticker and enough glitter to choke a brony. Bring on the rest of 2021!

  3. “Helicopter” was one of my favourite songs of last year… and that’s precisely why I was so paranoid that Kpopalypse was going to shit all over it, saying something like, “(G)I-dle’s music is of Slayer quality when compared to this fucking turd.”

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