Kpopalypse says thank you for 2020

This is just a short post to all Kpopalypse readers, to say thank you for 2020!

Although this “thank you” post is a regular annual occurrence, It feels odd for me to make this post this time around, because I’m sure few people feel very thankful for the calamity that 2020 brought to the world.  It was truly a difficult year for a large amount of the human population, and hopefully you lovely readers and the people you care about came out as well as possible given the circumstances.  If not, please accept my condolences, and in any event I think that whatever your personal circumstances are, we can all feel some commonality in that we can be grateful to finally put 2020 behind us and move forward onto hopefully better things.

Kpopalypse had a challenging year in 2020.  I had to give up the k-pop radio show which spawned this blog in the first instance, due to the radio station not being able to provide a suitable remote working facility.  While radio stations are considered an “essential service” by the government here which meant I could have kept broadcasting if I wanted, I decided that the risk was too great.  Also, exactly 100% of my live concert work vanished literally overnight when the virus first made its presence felt in Australia, and concerts remain to this day a very sketchy proposition.  However this didn’t mean I wasn’t busy – much the opposite, as various other non-music work that I had been doing (also in government-designated “essential service” categories) suddenly became now more in-demand than ever! 

Of course the sum total of this means that while I am still more fortunate than many, there has been a necessary decline in the amount of time that I’ve been able to spend on providing content.  This makes me sad as I wish I could have posted more for you this year, but I’ve opted to move to a slower schedule and keep the posting consistent, rather than burning myself out.  This way readers can still enjoy the most valued content (roundups, lists and satirical posts) while still getting a smaller helping of the other stuff (the various serialised niche posts) as well as a few oddities when I have the time (computer games and other weirdness).  While I could technically still do this without any readers, it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding and worthwhile without you, so whether you’re a regular reader, a Patreon subscriber or just someone who drops in from time to time just to check out what’s going on and have a laugh or be entertained/informed, a heartfelt thank you to all readers who have supported what I do in whatever way, and continued to make this possible!

Kim Nayoon, ex-Starship trainee and Kpopalypse interviewee in 2020. Interview here.

Of course, the changes in content didn’t stop Kpopalypse from being controversial in 2020 – the site’s reputation has now spread far and wide across the kpoposphere, with the net result being that it’s now very difficult for anybody to share my content anywhere on k-pop focused websites and have that content actually stay up and uninterfered with.  This is despite (or maybe because of?) me promoting my own site almost never outside of my own social media accounts.  Of course regular readers don’t need me to explain my true aims, and that my blog is really just all about fun times, good laughs and enjoying k-pop with friends while also being honest about the industry’s many shortcomings, but that’s not a message that is universally understood by all.  In the increasingly humourless, politically correct and religious-cult-like world of k-pop fans where extreme compliance to the prevailing party line of “everything [insert group/idols here] does is fantastic always” is mandatory, few are ready for the message that there’s a better and more mentally healthy way to enjoy music and culture than following the Pied Piper of corporate consumerist peer-pressure into the rat-infested pond.  Kpopalypse salutes the brave people who continue to discuss and promote Kpopalypse content among their peers – I appreciate each and every one of you! 

Cheska, ex-Fiestar and Kpopalypse interviewee in 2020. Interview here.

So what’s in store for Kpopalypse in 2021?  I have no plans at this stage other than to continue roundups, continue my live streaming and all my regular features, and continue to occasionally throw an odd spanner into the works of the world of k-pop media.  If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that it pays to be flexible and not set plans too firmly into stone!  However I certainly look forward to another year of bringing you honest content that hopefully provides a good antidote to all the “fake-positive everything-is-fine” bullshit out there!  Thank you to all readers and Kpopalypse supporters and I’ll see you in 2021!

14 thoughts on “Kpopalypse says thank you for 2020

  1. The crazier shit gets in K-pop, the more relevant Kpopalypse is. This should be a theorem. Fuck ’em haters.

  2. No worries mate. You do a great job – a THANKLESS job at that. You show that we older Adelaide folks can enjoy Kpop for what it is – good old, honest, harmless fun that is very intelligently packaged and put together. Keep up your good work man and lets hope you can get back on the airwaves soon. Cheers

  3. Okay, that’s enough. Drop the act, mister! Nobody with an IQ higher than the average AKP reader is going to fall for your reverse psychology crap. You may be telling us all “thank you” but you’re really telling us all to collectively go shart ourselves in a packed commuter car of a major metropolitan subway while a record-breaking heat wave is in effect and the AC is out. Nice try, but we’re not that dumb!

    Unless..’re thinking to yourself, “Hmm, I’m feeling this bizarre desire to commit an unspeakable act of consideration. Where is this coming from? Why am I being afflicted like this? OMG, it burns.. burns! I have to release this taint from my consciousness. But how? Hmm, through a post? No one will believe it; especially from me. Wait a minute. If I post it, many will believe I’m using reverse psychology and that I’m really being a dick, but in reality I’m being sincere, so I can vacate this disgusting affliction of normal human goodwill out of my system like a shart on a subway train. Reverse-reverse-psychology; brilliant!”

    Okay.. .I believe you’re feeling genuine gratitude and this post is an attempt to pass this on to us readers. Even though you’re only telling us so you can flush this sentiment out of your system; a journalistic colonic, if you will. This may be a slanted platitude, but I’ll receive it graciously because.. ..because.. ..YOU BASTARD! You almost got me. This is reverse-reverse-reverse psychology, ISN’T IT!? This is some really depraved next gen inception-level douche-baggery. I’m angrier than a Frogstar Scout robot Class D right now so you better watch yourself or I’ll start taking out the surrounding environs!

    P.S. Just in case you’re using reverse-reverse-reverse-reverse psychology, umm..’re welcome.

  4. If there’s one thing 2020 proved, is how important entertainment and art are to keep ourselves sane in dire circunstances. Thanks for being a beacon of light for us caonimas in 2020!

  5. “There was nothing to do in Alabama, except doing drugs” – Cheska

    Yes, that sounds like Alabama alright… Great work Kpopalypse, you are one of the few trying to do real interviews.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to do this. One of the things I especially enjoy about your write-ups are the occasional off-hand reference to other terrific tracks. For instance, CSS’s City Grrrl and Fanatics’ Milkshake are two killer songs I discovered this way. As much as I enjoy the new release write-ups, I’d love for you to do something like a “Underrated Tracks” article that covers some under-appreciated gems that may have fallen under the radar.

  7. Love your work Mr Popalyse, as a casual reader your blog always fills me with joy, or sadness for 3 seconds when we have conflicting opinions.

    Keep being an absolute mad cunt, love from BNE.

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