Kpopalypse & AustralianSana 2020 Christmas podcast part 2 of 2

It’s the second part of the AustralianSana and Kpopalypse 2020 Christmas podcast!

Timestamps and question box below!

0:42 – AustralianSana promises not to break Google with her special powers this time
0:53 – Jessica’s departure from Girls’ Generation
9:10 – Jessica Jung’s young adult k-pop novel “Shine” (Kpopalypse review here)
12:50 – Minecraft, Roblox or Terraria?
13:44 – Epic Games vs Apple battle – like the civil rights movement?
16:23 – Were you sad when Argentine soccer legend Maradona died?
19:35 – Which song is better and why – Itzy “Not Shy” or Aespa “Black Mamba“?
22:58 – our question-asker with the suffocation fetish strikes again
24:23 – “I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize that its a fucking comedy”
25:05 – AustralianSana and Kpopalypse talk about their huntsman spider experiences
29:47 – Why does society more commonly give female pedophiles a pass?
36:09 – Platypuses glow green under UV lighting just in case you care
37:01 –
38:18 – Have people ever told you that you look like particular celebrities?
40:26 – If you met someone whose entire skin was like that of a scrotum, what are five kpop songs that you would recommend to them to distract them from their life’s plight?
41:22 – Which kpop industry figure would you condemn to a personal hell where they’re teabagged by a set of big sweaty balls for all eternity and why?
42:06 – Hate on Zionism vs anti-semitism
43:38 – How do you like to have your steak to be cooked?
45:00 – Obligatory Jar Jar Blinks question
45:45 – Humour intrinsically tied to suffering/misfortune?
49:31 – Warner Bros’ recent anime adaptations, are they anime?
51:16 – Interlude where AustralianSana puts her dog outside and Kpopalypse asks her a question while she’s AFK
52:16 – AustralianSana, do you think that Kpopalypse is trying to get “contrarian cool points” for disliking The Beatles?
53:18 – Top three Disney animated movies (Pixar doesn’t count)
57:58 – AustralianSana, do you consider Kpopalypse blog to be similar in tone to Angry Video Game Nerd?
59:24 – Do you have any simps?
1:03:00 – New “Obi Wan Kenobi” series
1:05:53 – Is eating supper a thing in Australia?
1:07:00 – Fucking magnets, how do they work?
1:07:38 – Sewer levels in video games?  (Kpopalypse’s sewer-level-free here)
1:08:16 – Freestyle rap
1:08:46 – The Beatles’ “hippie era” content
1:11:16 – Best new k-pop rookies?
1:15:49 – AustralianSana rates Kpopalypse’s hotness (or rather, doesn’t)
1:16:08 – Top 5 League Of Legends champions Kpopalypse hates playing against
1:18:04 – AustralianSana advises that Mariah Carey is ruining everything good in the world again this Christmas
1:18:37 – Cursed k-pop groups
1:20:20 – Has k-pop peaked?
1:21:13 – Awesome hater question: Why does AustralianSana “cover for BTS’ bad behaviour”?
1:32:45 – Have you considering supporting independent business people who make handcrafted BT21 Tatas on Etsy?
1:33:05 – COVID-19 in Australia, and Australia’s relationship with China
1:37:04 – Conclusion, potential audio-only podcasts, and suggestions for question-askers

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2 thoughts on “Kpopalypse & AustralianSana 2020 Christmas podcast part 2 of 2

  1. Still wondering why BTS members (aside RM) signed another 7 years contract (the longest I ever heard). I wonder what kind of blackmail can make them agree, especially those 3 most popular members. Emotional blackmail? OT7 or none? TVXQ broke up & the ex-members do well (at least until “toilet” & “unpaid salary” scandal). At most, they can no longer perform at music show, but so what? IU hasn’t performed in music show for few years, likewise Jaejoong – ex TVXQ member. Or does Bang pd have link to mafia? At this point, BTS members should have no debt. So, what are they afraid of?

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