Kpopalypse & AustralianSana 2020 Christmas podcast part 1 of 2

AustralianSana returns with Kpopalypse for a special podcast!  We had to finish this one prematurely as Google went down during our recording which meant that I couldn’t access the question form.  The second part of this podcast will be recorded on Christmas Eve!

Timestamps and question box below!

0:42 – Do ARMYs good deeds offset their bad deeds?
4:44 – In-person voyeurism or VR porn?
5:09 – Military enlistment as an escape route for idols under controversy
7:20 – Was EXO’s Chanyeol thrown under the bus by SM Entertainment?
10:20 – K-pop groups remaking their own hits with minor variations
15:13 – JYP hiding Twice Jihyo’s “voluminous assets”?
18:19 – How would Kan Mi Youn’s “crazy fan trilogy” of songs be received today?
21:16 – Can fapping to k-pop replace porn?
23:25 – If anyone else has the balls to do a podcast with Kpopalypse, don’t whine about it like a bitch – hit me up!
26:48 – What’s so bad about BTS’ “Dynamite“?
32:00 – Like we can remember what even happens in Shakespeare’s “Othello” – come on, we’re not that cultured!
32:37 – Have you ever suffered from narcolepsy like Eunjung from T-ara did?
34:46 – Does Yooa’s look on her “Bon Voyage” live stage suit her?
36:23 – Do you think that that the song “Monster Mash” is better than most Christmas songs?
36:50 – Seraphine from K/DA’s Chinese language controversy
39:33 – Rating K/DA virtual avatars in terms of death-by-face-sitting
41:58 – Kiss, Marry, Hug: Donald Trump, Oli London, Kim Jong Un
43:40 – Would you rather never listen to k-pop again or never listen to any other genre of music?
44:37 – I thought your question about whether Oli London was sexy was boring and predictable, so I asked AustralianSana a much better Oli London question.
47:00 – Worst k-pop song ever?
48:15 – Star Wars characters as k-pop idol CEOs
50:03 – Recommending k-pop girl groups to monsters
51:35 – You can’t fuck, marry, or kill inanimate objects.  Make it make sense.
53:39 – Who’s worse, C3PO or Jar Jar Binks?
54:31 – Kylo Ren as a husband?
55:46 – K-pop celebrities, what kind of neighbours would they be?
58:26 – Tip for question-askers – don’t ask questions about videos!  We will not be watching them on podcast!
59:30 – Remake of “Romper Stomper” starring k-pop members?
1:01:50 – Robert Pattison refusing to get buff for film roles
1:05:56 – PS5 or Xbox Series X?  We don’t care so we talked about Tatas instead.
1:08:28 – Thoughts on the Batmobile from Batwoman TV show?  (AustralianSana’s preference here)
1:10:00 – Some shit questions that we just blew through really fast because we don’t care
1:11:40 – Who has the better public image, TVXQ or JYJ?
1:12:09 – Could you sing Gain’s high note  from “Sixth Sense“?
1:12:37 – Why is Hollywood sticking up for Amber Heard while Johnny Deep is being punished, when Amber Heard is the domestic abuser?
1:15:27 – How to deal with burnout?
1:23:56 – AustralianSana and Kpopalypse realise that they have broken Google and have to end the podcast

Do you have a topic for the AustralianSana and Kpopalypse podcast series?  If so, use the question box below!  If no box appears, you can use the Yeojin link on the sidebar to submit your topic request!  Stay safe, caonimas!

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