The fourth Kpopalypse compilation of important Honey Popcorn drama reviews

Gosh, it’s been a quiet year for Honey Popcorn, with no comebacks from the group since last year’s excellent “De-aeseohsta“.  While there’s no denying that they’ve earned their rest, fans remain frustrated by the lack of information coming from the Honey Popcorn camp – who knows if or when this legendary k-pop group will resume their activities?  At least the girls have been very active in their Korean drama appearances, and as we all love a good k-drama, to tide you over through the comeback drought, Kpopalypse now presents to you this recap of all Honey Popcorn related drama activity within the last 18 months!

Before you get started with these drama reviews, if you’ve missed any content, or you just want to understand what the fuck is actually going on in this post, you may wish to check out the following posts which delve into the rich history of drama appearances by Honey Popcorn members and ex-members.  It will probably help you to read these posts chronologically if you are new to them, as they contain a lot of important context about the drama careers of the Honey Popcorn members.

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Let’s now get started with the drama reviews!  Remember that all participants in these dramas are adults (Yua is 27, Moko is 29) and all activities depicted are 100% mutually consenting, no matter how much their exceptional acting talents gained through years of drama experience may sometimes convince you otherwise!  Remember also that if you’re interested in acquiring these dramas they can be obtained through where all good drama content is sold!



While My Girlfriend Was Away On Vacation, I Was Fucking Her Childhood Friend From Morning Until Night: A 48-Hour Video Record Of My Infidelity – SSNI-516

Plot synopsis: “I hope that bitch doesn’t catch us”, whispers Yua to BoA.  “Moko always gets shitty when I do dance practice without her.”  “Maybe she just wants to be as good as you, Yua”, BoA replies.  Yua shakes her head.  “No, that’s not it… she’s already better than me.  I just don’t think she trusts me to be able to keep up.  She needs to show me a little more respect as the leader of this group and stop being so bitchy.”  BoA sighs.  “Try not to think about it, you don’t want to break the group up with these petty tensions.  Maybe some drugs would calm you down…”  BoA reaches into her handbag.  It’s true that the group has been becoming tense lately, but does BoA really have the right solution?

Dramatic impact: you’ll need a good dose of Ambien to settle your nerves after watching this psychological rollercoaster

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 wishy-washy SM Entertainment press releases

Class Reunion Cuckolding – My Beloved Wife And Her Asshole Ex-Boyfriend Reignite Their Old Flame – SSNI-542

Plot synopsis: On a night out on the town drinking with friends, Yua runs into her ex-boyfriend Iron at the front bar.  “Remember when you used to hit me with a baseball bat?” asks Yua.  Iron laughs. “Yeah, I remember that, it was so funny!  And remember how you used to smash bottles and then stick me in the face with the broken glass?  That’s how I got these cool scars!”  Yua screams in delight.  “I know, hilarious, right?”  Yua and Iron both collapse in laughter together, as they continue to share drinks.  They seem to be getting close, but will the tensions that previously tore their relationship apart resurface?

Dramatic impact: the sexual tension in this romantic drama is enough to bruise the heart, and maybe a few other places as well

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 suspended sentences

She’s So Kind And Gentle, She’ll Service You With Sex!! A Legendary Titty Pub Idol – Sorry If She’s All Booked Up! An 8-Fuck Special – SSNI-566

Plot synopsis: “I’m so sorry I can’t service you now, I have too many clients”, Yua says on the phone.  “Honey Popcorn is booked until next year, I have more drama work than I can handle, plus there’s a huge demand on public appearances in Japan right now.  I’m sorry but I’m just going to have to say no to this interview.  I know you’re running the best k-pop website ever, but I just don’t have the time in my schedule, and besides some of your posts are kind of creepy and weird, I definitely don’t understand where you’re going with the whole drama reviews thing.”  Yua hangs up the phone.  Yua wonders: what will it take to stop these amateur k-pop writers from pestering her?

Dramatic impact: not Yua’s best performance, plus she should really reply to my emails

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 ignored tweets

Yua Mikami Is Cumming With All Her Might – SSNI-589

Plot synopsis: The film starts with Yua laying on a tanning bed in just her underwear.  All of a sudden, Oh My Girl’s Yooa bursts in.  “Yua, what are you doing?” she asks.  “I’m working on my tan, so I can do a dance cover with you and we can have more matched skin tone” Yua replies.  Yooa shakes her head.  “You know, if you’re going to do artificial tanning, you have to be naked.  Tan lines from underwear will decrease your fapability score in Kpopalypse lists, then you’ll never be able to beat Apink.”  Yua turns away.  “I don’t care, those lists are so biased anyway, I’ve already tried twice, I don’t think I can stomach rejection a third time.”  A tear wells up in Yua’s eye.  Will Yooa be able to increase Yua’s determination levels?

Dramatic impact: watching Yua try to beat Apink is kind of depressing because we all know it’s not going to happen

Kpopalypse drama rating: 5.5/10 k-pop idols that sound the same

Total Domain – A Voluptuous Thighs In Uniform Peek-A-Boo Show, A Bare-Legged Idol In The Ultimate Temptation, A Little Devil, Beautiful Girl In Knee-High Socks – SSNI-618

Plot synopsis: Yua slides her hands over Wonho’s thighs, feeling the muscle tendons.  “Your upper body is good, but you’ve definitely haven’t been paying the same amount of attention to your lower half.  Why have you been slacking on your full body workout?”  Wonho stares at the ground, looking defeated.  “I know, I’ve been lazier than usual.  It’s just that learning these songs has been high-stress, and the fancams are mainly focusing on my upper body anyway so I thought I could let it slide.  I’m sorry, Yua.”   Unconvinced, Yua frowns.  “You need to lift your game, you’ll never be able to compete with A.C.E with this laziness.”  Wonho nods but Yua senses a lack of commitment in his eyes.  Will Yua be able to give Wonho the right motivation to excel at his gym goals?

Dramatic impact: you’ll never skip leg day again after watching Yua’s commanding performance

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9.5/10 Wonho ballad comebacks

[*Abnormal Orgasmic Ecstasy] The Most Massive Eros Company Awakening! Furious Non-Stop Serious Sex Until She Uses Up All Of Her Lust – SSNI-644

Plot synopsis: “Keep on thrusting!” Yua yells, as her and Shindong stare at the TV screen, controllers in hand.  “Sorry Yua, our ship is out of fuel, we’re going to have to glide in for a crash landing” sighs Shindong.  “I don’t think we’ve really got what it takes to enter this e-sports tournament, do you?” Yua asks.  Shindong gives Yua a look of determination.  “No, we can do it, we just have to train harder!”  Yua sighs.  “I don’t know, those kids train for 18 hours a day, I don’t think I’ve got the time to keep up with that level of commitment.  If there only was a short way of getting good at this.”  Do Yua and Shindong have an e-sports future, will they resist the temptation of hacks, and what about the threat from team Jihyo?

Dramatic impact: a slow start, but the drama increases when both teams discover the extra use for Twice’s lightstick

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 k-idol gaming livestreams

A Female Boss With Big Tits And Her Cherry Boy Colleague Stay In The Same Room On A Business Trip – She Seduces Him For Fun And Makes Him Cum 10 Times – SSNI-674

Plot synopsis: Awkward and tense action aplenty as Yua agrees to be Jungkook’s personal career advisor for a week, and insists that he needs to show a racier, more mature side to his image in BTS if he is to keep the new fans coming in.  Jungkook agrees to take on the challenge, but will existing fans become upset with Yua’s interference, not to mention Jungkook’s new stage-name “the body rippler”?

Dramatic impact: the shirt-lifting never stops in this k-pop dance themed tour de force

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 BTS abs fancams

Slow Secret Sex In Bed With My Boss’s Big Titted Wife – SSNI-703

Plot synopsis: “You won’t tell Johnny Noh, will you?  I don’t think he’ll understand” asks Yua.  Kai gives Yua a hug.  “Don’t worry, our secret is safe, nobody needs to know about our new k-pop online venture, especially not your husband Johnny.  By the way, you should divorce that clown.”  Yua looks despondent.  “Yeah, I know – I’m definitely not in love with him anymore, but what if we get a divorce and then I found out later that he’s recorded secret footage of us and then he publishes it on his website?  It wouldn’t be the first time, you know.”  “Oh Yua, you’re always thinking of the worst case scenario.  Don’t worry about it, I’m sure it won’t come to that”.  Yua feels reassured, but inside Kai’s mind his thoughts are churning – what if Yua is right, and could Kai harness the powers of SM Entertainment to come to Yua’s aid?

Dramatic impact: good but the soundtrack by some k-pop group called New.F.O is a big letdown

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 Daniel Lee photo sessions

Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Horny – A Female Manager Has Sweaty Sex With Her Entire Team For 3 Days And 2 Nights On A Summer Getaway – SSNI-730

Plot synopsis: “Damn I’m so hot and sweaty – who decided that this football crap was a good idea?” complains Yiren.  Yua blows her whistle.  “Come on Yiren, hop to it and kick that ball!  Everglow will never be anything but nugus if you girls can’t perform at idol athletics!”  Just then Yua is side-swiped by a soccer ball directly to the face.  Bruised and shocked, Yua turns around.  “Who the FUCK did that?  Which one of you sluts just signed your own death warrant?”  Yua stares down the remaining members of Everglow, but none of them say anything.  “I’m going to work you bitches even harder!  If Everglow doesn’t win this year all of you are fucked – FUCKED!  Do you hear me?”  The girls resume their kicking exercises, but the lack of care factor is clear.  Does Yua have what it takes to motivate the Everglow members to perform at their peak, or will she reach the peak of her tolerance trying?

Dramatic impact: the supporting cast’s talents are questionable, but Yua really knows how to make a sportball shape

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 balls going in between the thing

Providing Deep And Rich Entertainment For Perverted Middle-Aged Men, A Members-Only Sugar Daddy Date Club – SSNI-756

Plot synopsis: “Kim Kwang Soo, I really want to taste your sausage”, says Yua.  KKS comes over to the dining table with a frypan full of hot sausages.  “These are my special new recipe, featuring fresh wagyu beef and herbs grown from my own garden!” he says as he puts a sausage on Yua’s plate.  Yua takes a bite of the sausage.  “These taste great!  How did you get so good at this?  I thought you were just a k-pop CEO?”  “Actually Yua, I haven’t run MBK for many years, I stepped down as CEO long ago and have since been perfecting my chef craft.  Do you think my sausages are good enough to start a new business?”  Yua keeps talking as she chews excitedly.  “Yes, definitely – but it’s a very competitive field!  You might need a little help!”  What does Yua have in store for Kim Kwang Soo’s culinary venture?

Dramatic impact: meat-lovers will be in their element in this restaurant drama, but are Kim Kwang Soo’s sausages too well-hidden?

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 extra salami

She’s Unwittingly Luring Men To Temptation With Her Clothed Big Tits: A Super Lucky Horny Daydream Fantasy Situation Special – SSNI-780

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami is sitting in the kitchen with Moko Sakura, during a break from gym.  Yua shows Moko her phone.  “Look at this, see the heart shape in the jumper where the cleavage is?  Now look at this other picture… they covered it up!  Isn’t that so weird?  Who would do that?”  Moko squints at the picture.  “Are they protecting the idols?  Or maybe protecting themselves from the idols?”  Yua tilts her head as she looks at the screen further… “hey wait a second… her titties actually look bigger in the covered up version!  This guy is just a fucking mega tits pervert!”  “No fucking way!  Give me another look at that!” Moko snatches the phone off Yua and takes a closer look.  “Holy shit they DO look bigger!  Who made this anyway… you know, I’ve got an idea, we should find out who this person is and pay him a visit… you’ve still got that number for Way, yeah?”

Dramatic impact: it’s like an episode of Kpopalypse fashion class, but in drama form

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 horizontal stripes

Poor Teacher – Trapped At School During A Storm, She Fucks Her Male Students Until The Weather Clears… – SSNI-802

Plot synopsis: “Careful with the g-string, you need to finger it just right”, says Yua Mikami, addressing the class.  The small group of guitar students do their best, but most of them only are able to emit a buzzing sound from their instruments.  Yua continues: “Remember that your finger needs to push down behind the fret, to create the most acute angle.”  “Guitar is boring, can’t we learn about synthesisers?  They’re way easier!” asks G-Idle’s Soyeon.  Yua becomes angry.  “Shut up!  This is a classic rock re-education class!  There’ll be none of that modern synth crap you kids like, real music involves pain and being miserable!  Now let’s try and play ‘War Pigs’ again from the top, everyone.”  Soyeon groans.  Will Yua be able to school her class successfully in the art of 1970s heavy metal, or will she face a backlash, and what will be the consequences?

Dramatic impact: SPOILER: eventually the g-string does get fingered correctly

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 disappointing K/DA comebacks

Yua Mikami in PLATINUM SOAP – SSNI-826

Plot synopsis: “It’s time to get your clothes off and finally get in the shower, Go Won!  No excuses this time!”, says Yua.  “But.. I’ll lose all hip-hop credibility!  I won’t be ‘keeping it real’ any longer!” protests Go Won.  “Girl, you are filthy and stinky like a rat, now get in there!  How long was it since you last bathed?”  Gowon stays silent.  “How long?” Yua demands.  “I… don’t want to say…” stammers Go Won.  Yua rolls her eyes.  “Just get in there you little brat” says Yua, pointing to the shower cubicle.  “Hang on a minute, I just need to update my Instagram to tell my fans that my rap career is over.”  Gowon grabs her phone out of her handbag, only for Yua to slap it away and onto the floor, where it shatters.  “Fuck you, Yua!  Wait until Elon Musk hears about this!”  Gowon storms out of the bathroom as Yua watches her leave, unafraid.  Will Elon Musk be able to dissuade Yua’s Loona hygiene blitz?

Dramatic impact: watching Elon Musk and Yua Mikami fight is the Optimus Prime meets Decepticons of the k-pop generation

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 Bobby from iKon rap sections

My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Is Beautiful And Has Big Tits And She’s A Sadistic Bitch Too! And Since I’m A Masochist Man, I Let Her Have Her Way With Me With Massively Extravagant Maso Sensual Plays – SSNI-845

Plot synopsis: “Yua, I think you’re getting into this CEO roleplay a bit too much, can we call it off now”, asks Lee Soo Man, while tied up and handcuffed inside his own wardrobe.  “No, I’m not done yet” says Yua, rifling through Lee Soo Man’s SM Entertainment audition filing cabinet.  “Oh look, here are my SM audition results!” says Yua, pulling a file out of the cabinet and opening it up.  “Hmmmm… it says ‘not very adept, slow movements, kind of fat… nice titties though’… Lee Soo Man, I think we need to have a chat about this file.”  “When I get out of here, your Korean entertainment career is OVER!” shouts Lee Soo Man.  Will Yua be able to keep control, or is the SM Entertainment CEO going to have the last laugh?

Dramatic impact: if you like Kpopalypse roundup only because you like to find the worst song each week and play it at maximum volume to see how long you can tolerate it, this one’s for you

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 illegally extended contracts

Big Tits Office Lady And Cherry Boy Boss’ Weekly Escalations Into Weekend Sexy Overtime Work – SSNI-865

Plot synopsis: A rare politically-themed drama from Yua Mikami, this is a social comment on the dangerous practice of Korean companies demanding unpaid overtime from their employees.  Clearly a matter close to her heart, Yua demonstrates the OH&S hazards of the cultural expectations within Korea of workers voluntarily extending their office hours.

Dramatic impact: the practical demonstrations of unsafe lifting and weight-bearing loads on office furniture should be helpful for anybody navigating the perils of office work

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 non-compliant k-pop stages

Can’t Stop Climaxing – These Orgasms Will Last You For Life – 48 Hours Of Extreme Ecstasy With Yua Mikami – SSNI-888

Plot synopsis: “Do you think you can pleasure all of these men?” Yua is asked.  Without batting an eyelid she replies chirpily “Absolutely, the next Honey Popcorn comeback is going to give all of our fans lots of happiness!  Please expect us fondly!”  “Thanks for talking to us, good luck with your next comeback!” signs off the interviewer, as the phone hangs up.  Yua breathes a sigh of relief.  Having to be constantly chirpy during interviews is hard work, made even harder when the questions aren’t any good.  Yua thinks about the responses she gave – is pursuing a career in Korean entertainment even worthwhile?  Was she happier when she was just doing Twice dance cover videos?  Yua considers giving her friend Jihyo a call, but will she even pick up the phone after Yua drunk-dialled her every night for the last week complaining about Kpopalypse list placement?

Dramatic impact: this fourth-wall breaking drama cuts deep into the heart of the concerns of all Honey Popcorn fans

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 delayed comebacks

Big Tits Bursting Out Of Her School Swimsuit – Former Bikini Model Teacher Gets Drenched, Gets Horny, Gets Drilled – SSNI-916

Plot synopsis: After years as a backup dancer in Hyuna videos, Yua Mikami is fed up with playing second fiddle to someone who doesn’t even have real cleavage.  Yua hatches a scheme to contaminate the water used to drench Hyuna at Waterbomb festival with battery acid, causing Hyuna’s clothes to melt off and her surgery-scarred breasts to be revealed to all, thus decreasing her popularity and allowing Yua to take the top spot.  In order to gain closer access to Hyuna’s live stage infrastructure, Yua enlists Pentagon’s Hui to help out with the scheme.  However can he be trusted to keep her secret safe?

Dramatic impact: the tug of war of competing interests gets intense, especially once E-Dawn gets involved

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 piss-filled water balloons

Teased To Your Limit – Edging And Aphrodisiac Orgasms – The Ultimate Pleasure – SSNI-939

Plot synopsis: “I’m fed up with being teased!  Just give me what I want!” reads the comment on Honey Popcorn’s new teaser comeback video #57.  “Maybe 69 teasers was too many and we’ve stretched the limits of tolerance of our audience”, Moko suggests to Yua at her computer chair while she moderates the Honey Popcorn YouTube channel.  “No, this is what the fans want.  The bigger agencies always have more teasers, and they do really well, so that means the more teasers the better, right?  Maybe we should just endlessly tease our comeback and never even release it, wouldn’t that be wild…”  Moko is unsure about this new marketing strategy but Yua believes she is onto something new – could this be Honey Popcorn’s resurgence, or will the rift break up the group?

Dramatic impact: the future of Honey Popcorn hangs in the balance in this intense real-life drama

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 even more delayed comebacks



This Prim And Proper Cold Fish Intellectual Girl Is Tempting Me With Whispering Dirty Talk And Toyed With Me After School – KAWD-991

Plot synopsis: “Come here, I’ve got something naughty to show you”, whispers Moko to Taeyong, as she lifts up her skirt under the school desk, revealing a large pill box strapped to her thigh.  “BoA got me these, they’ll keep you awake during study!”  Taeyong looks at the pills with a confused expression.  “Aren’t those Ambien, I thought they were for sleep?”  “Only on their own.  When you combine them with this here, the effect is quite different” Moko says as she opens her jacket slightly to reveal a bag of white powder hanging from the inside pocket.   Taeyong smiles – “I’m sure to excel at my grades now!  How much?”  Moko winks.  “Just a little SM promo for Honey Popcorn will be enough payment for now.”  Will Moko’s drugs really help with Taeyong’s failing grades, or does Moko have a more hidden agenda… and what will the side effects be?

Dramatic impact: I was on drugs when I watched this but the parts I remember seemed alright

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 jelly snacks

The New Female Teacher Got 22 Shots Of Cum Pounded Into Her By Her Students In A Furious Gang Bang Fuck Fest – CAWD-002

Plot synopsis: “Please, put your hot loads inside my wet holes!” shouted Moko through the intercom.  She then observed as the workers controlled a mechanical arm to insert the super-heated nuclear fuel rods into the containment pool apertures.  Working as a supervisor on a nuclear plant certainly was a change of pace from the constant training in Honey Popcorn, but it definitely also came with its own pressures – she was all too aware that one mistake could result in a fatal accident.  Moko stared at the robotic arm as it carefully adjusted the angle of the fuel rods and wondered whether her new role constituted more or less pressure than learning the “De-aeseoshta” dance steps.

Dramatic impact: special effects galore in this scientifically accurate drama

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 spent fuel rods

Cum-allowing Ban Lifted! Super Thick Cloudy Cum Facial 21 Shots – Cock Shabu-Shabu Drinking Special – CAWD-010

Plot synopsis: The sequel to CAWD-002, where Moko makes an executive decision at the power plant that the safest way to contain nuclear fuel is to find the optimal containment aperture and consistently use only this for disposal, rather than spread the load through different systems that may be more prone to dangerous spillage.  This decision naturally causes much friction among the staff as they do their best to comply with this non-standard directive, with varying results.

Dramatic impact: a superior sequel and definitely one for fluid emission enthusiasts

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8.5/10 even more spent fuel rods

I Was Having Secret Wet And Wild Sex During Summer Vacation With A Silent Plain Jane Girl And Getting Super Sweaty And Hard And Tight With Her And Exchanging Bodily Fluids With Her In A Filthy Smelly Immoral Tatami Mat Fuck Fest – CAWD-019

Plot synopsis: Burnt out from constant Honey Popcorn schedules, Moko goes on a holiday in the countryside, where she runs into Yua Mikami again, this time shooting Apink dance practice videos in the woods.  “You work too hard Yua, you need to take a break!” says Moko.  Yua glares back.  “Maybe you don’t want to excel at being a k-pop, but I sure do – maybe you lack the required determination to really be in this group, Moko?  Have you ever thought of that?”  “I didn’t say I wanted to quit, Yua – I just think a break is essential for mental health!”  “Moko, I don’t think you really know what this k-pop shit involves Moko… run along back to your cabin, I’ve got fap lists to try and get on”.  Moko sighs.  Will Yua ever truly understand?

Dramatic impact: well acted but hard to watch, let’s hope Honey Popcorn resolve their differences amicably

Kpopalypse drama rating: 5/10 countryside k-pop comebacks

She’s Lifting Her Creampie Ban For The First Time, Her First Non-Stop 10 Consecutive Rounds Of Sex – CAWD-037

Plot synopsis: “I love cream pies!  Give me all of them!” exclaims Moko.  “Are you sure you want all of them?  You’re going to get diabetes!  We’ll have to bake some more for our other customers!” says Bang Chan, while lifting all of the available pies out of the display rack and bagging them separately.  “Don’t worry, I get enough exercise with Honey Popcorn’s dance routines to burn off all the sugar and fat.  There has to be some pleasure in this world – I’ve had it with idol diets!”  Bang Chan carefully hands Moko the bagged-up pies.  “Do watch the cream as you open those, it does tend to get everywhere!” he advises as Moko skips away with the food.  Will there be issues with Moko’s refusal to follow the Honey Popcorn diet plan, and who’s going to clean up the mess in the dorm?

Dramatic impact: this slice of life training drama suffers from uneven cream application, Bang Chan wasn’t cut out to be a baker

Kpopalypse drama rating: 4/10 lamingtons

My Girlfriend With Beautiful Tits Gets Fucked And Creampied By Her Coworker With A Big Dick – CAWD-052

Plot synopsis: “I’ve been watching you at work, and I know what you really want”, says Jackson as he walks up to Moko’s cubicle.  “Not now Jackson, I’m sorting this spreadsheet, you’re making me lose track!”  Jackson ignores Moko’s complaint and stands by her computer, grabbing the mouse.  “Hey!  I’m working!” says Moko.  Jackson concentrates on the screen and starts typing.  “Look, if you are sorting, you can use conditional formatting to color-code your fields by value.  If you set an upper and lower threshold, like this – you can then display the full range of data easily plus make any outliers easy to find with the eye, without even the need for a separate chart.”  Moko watches as Jackson manipulates the spreadsheet.  “You know I never knew that – that’s actually useful!  Thanks Jackson… but I’m really trying to get this done fast, I have a deadline, you know?”  Moko sighs slightly.  Jackson sure is helpful around the office, but his interference can be annoying and she feels like sometimes he undermines her.  Can they resolve their frictions while still meeting work deadlines?

Dramatic impact: office tensions abound in this intense workplace drama

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 badly timed Windows 10 updates

During The Few Minutes That It Takes My Boyfriend To Serve His Customers, All Of His Co-Workers Took Turns Speed-Impregnating Me – CAWD-064

Plot synopsis: “If you’re going to do it, do it quickly, hurry up and put it in!” screams Moko.  “Okay, okay” says Shownu as he finally adds the required ice to finish off the cocktail and hands it over to Moko for serving.  Moko senses Shownu is flustered.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you – but you’re so slow making these cocktails, can you please hurry it along a bit?  The customers are getting antsy!”  “Sorry Moko, I’m just hurting a bit from the gym today.  Ever since Wonho left my group, the responsibility to be the buff guy in Monsta X has fallen on me and it’s a tough load to bear.  I get so sore afterward that it’s hard to do the part-time work I need to do as well to sustain myself until Monsta X really break through in the States.”  A tear forms at the corner of Moko’s eye as she empathises with Shownu, but there’s no time for a deep and meaningful chat as customers are waiting.  Will Moko be able to hatch a plan to resolve Shownu’s difficulties, while still getting all the customers served on time?

Dramatic impact: you’ll be cheering on Moko and Shownu as emotions run hot in this nightlife drama

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 pina coladas

Creampie Fucking With A Real Idol In A Sacred Place – CAWD-072

Plot synopsis: The sequel to CAWD-037, where Moko gains a new job delivering Bang-Chan’s fresh cream pies into the toilet cubicles at different k-pop agencies and leaving them for idols low on calories to secretly eat.  The plan works well at first, but then Yoochun throws a spanner in the works when he spends big on renovations to expand the size of bathroom facilities at several large agencies.  Now Moko keeping her movements secretive plus finding places to hide the pies looks like it will become a lot harder.  How will Moko counter this new threat?

Dramatic impact: Yoochun is surprisingly charismatic but there’s limited appeal to a film shot entirely in bathrooms

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 bake sales

The First And Last 2-Day, 1-Night Vacation With The Greatest Lover, A Creampie Hot Spring Resort Adultery Trip – CAWD-080

Plot synopsis: The third film in the “cream pie” series, shot 20 years in the future where Yoochun becomes Korea’s Minister for Health and regulates that every bathroom in Korea contains a minimum of 50 square meters floor space.  While pandemics are now a much more easily dealt with threat and the construction industry is booming, concerns have been raised about more k-pop idols passing out on live stages.  Could the lack of safely delivered cream pies be the cause?

Dramatic impact: Moko’s stealthy pie deliveries are a delight to watch, but the dystopian vibe of this future-drama may hit too close to home for many audiences

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 apple custard tarts

A Schoolgirl And Perverted Teacher Were Trapped At School By A Sudden Rainstorm, And Now They Were Alone… That Night, She Got Creampie Fucked, Over And Over Again – CAWD-090

Plot synopsis: The fourth film in the “cream pie” series, where Moko confronts Yoochun directly about his plans for Korea’s bathrooms, and discovers the ugly truth.  Meanwhile Stray Kids start an underground cream pie baking movement in an attempt to overthrow the Korean government’s strangehold on baking deliveries.

Dramatic impact: Moko and Yoochun both try hard in their roles but the series is definitely starting to lose its flavour

Kpopalypse drama rating: 5/10 finger buns

It Feels So Good That She Doesn’t Stop Moving Her Hips As She’s Riding Cowgirl Even Though She’s Already Been Filled Up With Cum And It’s Dripping Out Of Her – CAWD-106

Plot synopsis: “Wow, I have so much fun riding!” says Moko, as she bring the horse back to the stable, under Eunha’s watchful eye.  “I know, it’s a great feeling Moko, but be careful, it’s not like driving a car – a horse has its own mind and it may do things you are unprepared for especially if you yank the reins too hard.  You need to learn to ease tension on your arms, especially when you are taking corners.”  Moko looks puzzled.  “But, how do I get the horse to go where I want it to go?”  “You need to apply more pressure with your legs and less on the reins.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”  Moko considers Eunha’s advice – no doubt Eunha knows what she is talking about, but will Moko be able to get her horse-riding up to speed in time for her next video shoot?

Dramatic impact: this equestrian drama is a welcome change of pace but Moko looks too uncomfortable riding to be convincing in the role

Kpopalypse drama rating: 4/10 surprise trots

Shared Room Creampie NTR In Front Of My Boyfriend, My Superior Gives Me A Nonstop Hard Pressing Fuck One Night On A Business Trip – CAWD-115

Plot synopsis: The fifth and final film in the “cream pie” series, where Yoochun has now progressed to President of Korea, and sets about crushing all dissent with military force, converting all bakeries into extra bathrooms at gunpoint.  Moko is detained by government forces and it’s up to Bang Chan and the rest of Stray Kids to come up with a plan.

Dramatic impact: an ill-advised sequel, why do Korean dramas have so many pointless sequels?  Some fresh ideas please

Kpopalypse drama rating: 4/10 cherry pop tarts

My Mean Slutty Junior’s Handjob; I Can’t Resist It Even For 1 Minute – CAWD-127

Plot synopsis: “Do you enjoy stroking it so much?” asks Lisa.  “Yes!  Thanks for allowing me to come around and play with your cat, she’s so cute!”, Moko replies, smiling as she pets Lisa’s cat.  Lisa frowns.  “His name is Leo, and it’s a HE – don’t misgender my cat!”  Moko looks shocked.  “I’m sorry, Lisa, i didn’t mean it.”  Instead of calming down, Lisa becomes even angrier.  “Why do people always misgender my cat?  He’s got a social media bio with ‘he/him’ on there, don’t people check those?  Isn’t that enough?  Why does everyone have to be so damn problematic?”  “Maybe they just don’t know…?”  Moko offers.  “Ignorance is no excuse of the law!” Lisa snaps back in reply.  Suddenly what was a pleasant visit has turned weird and awkward.  How will Moko save face, and will she be able to preserve the friendship with Lisa?

Dramatic impact: Moko is in her animal-loving element in this sweet drama, where her acting talents really shine

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 Blackpink pet Instagram posts

Breaking In Niece: I Want My Beloved Niece To Be Exclusively Mine… Jealous Uncle Makes Niece His Very Own Fuck Toy – CAWD-140

Plot synopsis: “You’re mine, you can’t get away now!” says Jun, as he finally completes the last piece of fence around his Minecraft animals, as Moko watches over his shoulder.  “You play too many computer games Jun, you know that’s why U-Kiss never got anywhere you know.  If you’d spent half of that computer game time actually training…”  Jun rolls his eyes.  “Not the anti computer game rant again.  You have things you like to do in your free time too!”  Moko glares at Jun.  “Yes, but I’m not addicted like YOU are.  Computer games, that’s literally all you ever do.  Why not go outside once in a while?”  “You know there’s a pandemic on, right Moko?”, Jun snaps back.  “Yeah but you were like this before the pandemic, that doesn’t justify it.”  Moko walks off.  She doesn’t want to completely change Jun, she just wants a little more attention… but what does Jun really want, and what feelings is he hiding from her?

Dramatic impact: U-Kiss fans are in for a treat with plenty of dramatic action between the two leads in this intense romance, but non-fans may wish for more relevant casting

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 U-Kiss albums it took me seven years to give away on the radio

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