Kpopalypse’s site stats, metrics and general nerdy jerking off post for 2020

All k-pop websites give their owners lots of stats, data and metrics, but most website owners keep their data safe and secure so they can then on-sell it to advertisers to shove useless products up your ass.  Kpopalypse however has no advertising and doesn’t really give a flying fuck about licking the sweaty ballsack of some SEO company, so each year I allow you the lovely reader to enter deep into the rabbit hole of my website stats purely for your entertainment!  Let’s take a look at Kpopalypse website stats for 2020!

Firstly, here’s a graph of yearly visitors to!

The website had a grand total of 1,253,016 visits in 2020!  This is slightly less than the site’s peak in 2018, and the decrease in numbers is largely due to the reputation of the site growing so large and so notorious for shit-stirring and generally being a cunt that links to are now banned on the majority of other k-pop websites, despite the fact that I’m actually very nice and polite whenever I appear anywhere outside my own domain.  Also I do basically no self-promotion at all these days, whereas in 2018 I did… well, okay I didn’t really do any self-promotion back then either, but I did visit other k-pop websites more often because I had more time, whereas with COVID I’ve been really too busy to participate in much k-pop community action.  The other factor that is altering visit numbers is of course I’ve had to post slightly less frequently due to COVID, through 2019 I’d post consistently three times per week but nowadays it’s usually two times per week (roundup plus one other post) and three when I can manage it, so even regular readers have adjusted their visit patterns and are visiting less often now.  Overall it’s safe to say that the site isn’t becoming less popular, its appeal is just becoming more selective.

So what sites brought the most people to

Most Twitter links are from my own Twitter account, which is no surprise as that account’s main purpose is to make readers aware of new posts on this blog. Gosh it’s a bit sad and shameful that Asian Junkie can’t get his shit together and link to my site more than the The Great Satan, especially given how often I link to his site, but then he is a lazy caonima who likes the sport thing.  Who understands those sport guys.

Here’s the Reddit pages that directed the most people to this site:

There used to be a time when I’d get a lot of traffic from Reddit/kpop but not so much these days – any posts discussing Kpopalypse are now effectively shadowbanned, as butthurt Redditors with a bone to pick because Kpopalypse told them that their fave has smelly armpits that one time now file false rule violation reports on all my content, making sure that the Reddit Automoderator bot picks up anything with my name on it and deletes it.  By the time a human mod has rectified the issue and restored the post, it has fallen off the front page anyway, so nobody reads it.  As a result, my own personal subreddit which I started because I got sick of the shadowbanning, and which is effectively now the “site index” as I haven’t had time to update the main index this year, now generates more traffic to my own site than any other part of Reddit!

(A tip for anyone wanting to post any of my stuff to Reddit – talk to Reddit moderators before you post any of my content and alert them to this issue and that you plan to make a post so they can prevent this type of interference ahead of time, as this is what mods have told me to do in the past.  Yes, despite what anyone tells you, key posts like my end of year lists and interviews are entirely within Reddit’s rules, this has been determined in my favour each year when people inevitably complain “he’s just some blogger”.  To be honest, just being “some guy” makes me more qualified to have posts featured, because it means I’m more impartial, I’m not operating out of advertiser interest or corporate bias interest like almost all of the big sites have to.  So everyone complaining can lick my balls basically.)

What countries visit Kpopalypse the most in 2020?

Cheers to readers from all of the above countries who visited Kpopalypse a lot!  The following countries however only visited Kpopalyspe once in 2020, the population of these countries need to reflect and return with a more mature image:

Which posts were the most popular on Kpopalypse blog in 2020?

The results were fairly predictable, episode 5 of the boobs series has Twice’s Jihyo in it so that post will probably remain the most popular article here for a long time to come.  Interesting to note that the most recent Kpopalypse objectification survey results are actually outranked by those from previous years, some readers need to get with the times! 

Readers will no doubt be familiar with Chuu+, the Kpopalypse search terms Twitter bot, who has been bringing you fun Kpopalypse search terms all throughout 2020.  However which unique search terms that people typed into various web search engines to find Kpopalypse were the most popular?

I notice a theme emerging!  K-pop fans like to pretend they are pure and innocent and certainly would never sexualise any k-pop people, but I know what you folks type into search engines!  It’s not just because I have posts like this either – boobs and “fap” themed posts represent a slim minority of all the posts on Kpopalypse blog, so why are they trending so highly in the searches, gosh I have no idea you fucking perverts.

Once people arrived on Kpopalypse blog, where are they most likely to go next?

Once again lots of traffic to Asian Junkie, who got 10555 views directly from Kpopalypse, this means that I am now giving Asian Junkie over one hundred times the amount of traffic that he is giving me!  Yet I still link his site as often as possible because I am so nice and kind and love everybody.  He sure does need to reflect.  Even the amount of users who visited the Kpopalypse Pornhub account via the sexy Shindong sidebar link outstrips the traffic from Asian Junkie to Kpopalypse, tsk tsk.

Of course regular readers know that Kpopalypse is the master of the clickbait link.  Which YouTube videos were readers most commonly sent to by Kpopalypse via sneaky blind links during 2020?

Everglow first win, but one problem… k-pop news – 335 views

Ella Mai – Boo’d Up – 241 views

Loona – Butterfly – 220 views

Loona – So What – 206 views

Loona – Star – 194 views

Choerry – Love Choerry Motion – 184 views

Fake DJ impresses audience, forgets to plug in mixer’s power cord – 181 views

Sulli’s haters divulge their feelings about their own hate comments, have no regrets about Sulli’s death – 180 views

100% – Bad Boy – 152 views

Tiffany Young teaches you Korean slang – 152 views

Laysha member’s epic wardrobe malfunction – 151 views

Stray Kids – Side Effects – 150 views

A-Force – Wonder Woman – 148 views

Red Velvet’s Psycho sounds different on YouTube and Spotify/iTunes – 145 views

Twice – Fancy pixel MV 8-bit cover – 144 views

Rockit Girl – Little Cat – 141 views

Sadly, the Kpopalypse radio show had to conclude in 2020 as it became impossible for me to maintain a radio presence due to issues around COVID.  Here are the FINAL stats for this show which display the artists that were most popular on this show, not just for 2020 but for the entire length of time that stats were recorded!

You can also access the complete Kpopalypse radio show playlist here.

Will I do radio again one day after this whole coronavirus mess is over?  I don’t know, it’s really time-consuming to do, and very few blog readers even cared about the radio show.  What I did begin doing however recently was more live streaming, so I’ll finish this post off with some live streaming stats from my first complete year of streaming!

Thanks everybody who supported Kpopalypse in 2020!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

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