Probably not a post about dogs instead – Kpopalypse’s big boobs in k-pop guide part 7

It’s the return of Kpopalypse’s big boobs in k-pop guide!  Read on for all the boobs* and all the k-pops!

Okay, so I know that I promised a big boobs list in 2020, but after objectively looking at the data of new k-pop entrants, I have determined that there are not enough qualifying candidates to go forward with a list at this time. 

I have also looked at reader requests and submissions, which basically fell into the following categories:

  • 30% – requests to cover women that have already been covered in previous episodes, just because they wore a different outfit to usual or something or because people don’t know how padded bras work
  • 20% – bafflingly random requests to cover women that have already been covered in previous episodes, many of whom haven’t even made any public appearances since the last time I did a list
  • 20% – requests to cover Wonho, Shindong or other hunky males, which would clearly make the ratings unfair as no woman can compete with the vast quantity of k-pop’s hunky man flesh
  • 10% – requests to cover women who clearly do not meet minimum size requirements (and often neither did anyone in their entire group)
  • 10% – readers upset that in these politically correct times that I dare to make a boobs lists at all (which of course 100% guarantees that these lists will continue)
  • 5% – readers acknowledging that apart from maybe a small handful of stragglers that I’ve so far neglected to cover, I’ve basically run out of contenders for these lists and I need to wait more before doing another one or the list will be too crap
  • 5% – actual valid and useful suggestions that I’ll store for later use

So instead have some pictures of k-pop girls with dogs.

*boobs may be obscured by dog

Nayeon – Twice


Tzuyu – Twice


Jeongyeon – Twice


Momo – Twice


Sana – Twice


Mina – Twice


Chaeyoung – Twice


Jihyo – Twice


Dahyun – Twice




Jennie – Blackpink


Rose – Blackpink


Jisoo – Blackpink


Lisa – Blackpink


Sihyeon – Everglow


Aisha – Everglow


Yiren – Everglow


Heejin – Loona


Choerry – Loona


Yeojin – Loona


Vivi – Loona


Jinsoul – Loona


Kim Lip – Loona


Yves – Loona


Chuu – Loona


Gowon – Loona




Taeyeon – Girls’ Generation


Jessica Jung – ex-Girls’ Generation


Yoona – Girls’ Generation


Yuri – Girls’ Generation


Hyoyeon – Girls’ Generation


Sooyoung – ex-Girls’ Generation


Joy – Red Velvet


Yeri – Red Velvet


Yeji – Itzy


Chaeryeong – Itzy


Yua Mikami – Honey Popcorn


Moko Sakura – Honey Popcorn


Jiyeon – T-ara


Eunjung – T-ara


Qri – T-ara


Hyomin – T-ara


Shuhua – (G)I-dle


Miyeon – (G)I-dle


Soojin – (G)I-dle


Gahyeon – Dreamcatcher


Jiu – Dreamcatcher


Yoohyeon – Dreamcatcher


Elkie – CLC



Sorn – CLC




Min – miss A


Suzy – miss A


Arin – Oh My Girl


Wheein – Mamamoo


Solar – Mamamoo


Moonbyul – Mamamoo


Hong Jin Young


Annie Ko – Love X Stereo


SinB- Gfriend


Umji – Gfriend


Eunha – Gfriend


Chorong – Apink


Bomi – Apink



Luna – f(x)


Sulli – ex-f(x)


Goo Hara – ex-Kara




Seolhyun – AOA


Choa – ex-AOA


Hwayoung – ex-T-ara

21 thoughts on “Probably not a post about dogs instead – Kpopalypse’s big boobs in k-pop guide part 7

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  2. I can’t believe you didn’t include T-ara’s Boram! Why won’t you look at her boobs? Look at your mom’s boobs for Pete’s sake!

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