Kpopalypse & AustralianSana podcast – Episode 13: special one hour edition

It’s time for another episode of the iconic Kpopalypse and AustralianSana podcast!

Timestamps below!

0:00 – Introduction, plus Kpopalypse and AustralianSana both swear on their life to keep the podcast at a one-hour length
1:12 – SM’s new girl group Aespa
7:34 – BTS and their stocks/IPO offering
11:25 – What is “Stan Twitter” and where can I find it?
14:37 – Cane toad hallucinogenics
15:09 – TV show: The Boys
16:18 – Is Chancellor’s “Automatic” misogynistic?
19:19 – Dok2
20:58 – Pro tip: it’s almost always better to type a question/topic out to us rather than send a link to an article/video/image.  Otherwise things like this can happen.
22:00 – Do you think that big budget Hollywood blockbuster movies will be a thing of the past in a post COVID-19 world? 
23:18 – Foot long penis
24:39 – AustralianSana and Kpopalypse reveal their fursonas
27:03 – Why do ARMYs hate TXT?
30:58 – Meat ice-cream
32:20 – Some rubbish article from some wacky ultra-right-wing gaming site nobody cares about.  Seriously, how did gamers become so hoodwinked by the far right?
33:54 – Lovely Overseer and other furry dating sim games
35:45 – Books, and Jessica Jung’s “Shine
37:25 – Could Kpopalypse pull off this outfit?
38:49 – Wonho and body types of male idols
44:18 – Obligatory Jar Jar Binks question
45:38 – Best items on the menu at Australian McDonalds?
46:41 – BigHit fucking over the BTS members part 23
52:31 – Two Pound Scramble
53:33 – Representation of police in media
56:02 – Jennie nurse cosplay and gender double-standards
57:51 – AustralianSana and Kpopalypse rank the Blackpink members by who can suffocate them the fastest through face sitting
59:00 – Another lazy ass question about a link
1:00:10 – Pizza driver rubbing his genitals on food
1:02:27 – BTS’ Jungkook sexualised like an adult when underage, then infantilised when an adult
1:05:12 – Best episode and activity on Run BTS
1:08:14 – World Of Warcraft and MMORPGs
1:10:06 – AustralianSana and Kpopalypse share their experiences playing games in public at video game conventions
1:14:37 – XBox series X or Playstation 5?
1:16:06 – Recasting American History X with k-pop idols
1:19:08 – Do you think that Itzy’s Yeji would stand out less if she had double-eyelid surgery done?
1:20:39 – Momoland’s Nancy and other mixed-race idols, could they get into the Big Three?
1:21:42 – How do vampires get erections?
1:23:18 – Sorry but we don’t give a fuck about Sonic The Hedgehog
1:23:35 – Sandwich cake
1:24:32 – Daylight savings
1:26:25 – Recommending k-pop girl groups to various cinema iterations of Batman
1:28:25 – This episode’s “Fuck Marry Kill” question has Kpopalypse searching his soul deeply
1:31:25 – New rule: only one “Fuck Marry Kill” question per episode, or otherwise that’s all you cunts will ever send
1:31:37 – How should k-pop groups address the toxicity in their fandoms?
1:34:29 – Wendy from Red Velvet injured during SBS Gayo Daejeon, and unsafe working conditions for idols
1:37:51 – AustralianSana’s Superstar Game rant
1:39:55 – Maids seen as a form of slavery
1:41:44 – Opinion on that journalist who had to interview V on a separate occasion because ARMYs were upset there was no V answer in the original article
1:44:22 – Did you know that YouTube can auto-generate subtitles so you can use these instead of waiting for a transcript that may or may not come?
1:44:56 – #FreeBritney
1:49:04 – What’s better, Christmas or Halloween?
1:50:54 – Conclusion where AustralianSana and Kpopalypse congratulate themselves for staying under the time limit, good work team

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