The Kpopalypse 2020 survey of caonima action – THE RESULTS!

It’s time for the results of the latest Kpopalypse survey!  Read on for all the trufax!

Question 1: Hi! How are you? Please answer in as much or as little detail as applicable.

Some selected randomly-chosen responses, and my replies:

Hello oppar I am doing great! At the time of writing I just sold a beat and immediately used those earnings to pre-order my ult’s album because why the fuck not?? So I am feeling really goooood kek

Get into music creation folks – if you git gud, it pays!

I have been studying for my exams since the end of August and I’m so tired. Plus, I stumbled across my unrequited crush’s Instagram account a few days ago and all the memories hit me like a tsunami, and now I can’t stop thinking about having a partner.

Study hard but also take a break!  Don’t sweat the unrequited love, drama content can be a good distraction while that shit resolves itself in the future.

Hi! This’s the first time I ever do this survey so please notice me oppar.
I’m a fan of your blog since 17 (around 2014 maybe?) and now a fresh-out-of-uni graphic designer, but for somehow I’m getting kicked out twice this year lmao. First jobber is living hard in 2020.

So I’m starting my freelance-ish job but damn third world country sucks to live. all money spent on equipment and shit. Still living in a parent’s house. Self-esteem reduces to nothing. ngl school is bad but comparing to IRL it’s sanctuary.

Political and cultural changes is a thing in here. Government ain’t do shit with us at all. We’re trying to kick these pos out but they’re like a dump strain in the toilet. You can’t even scrub it out for a lifetime.

Also, another thing. I got just some online friends because I have no life (not a thing to proud of lmao) and there’s one guy that I’m talking for almost two years now.
Me and him did chatting and wanted to call last night, but for somehow he joined the room with the mail that includes his IRL name, maybe he forgot to switch his mail. (We used Google Meet btw)
After that, we still had a call, but it gets awkward, really awkward. Until he told me that he wants to sleep. But actually, he stayed up that night. Tried to set his privacy setting further.
I’ve tried talking and comfort him but nothing seems to work at all. He marked it on read and doesn’t read my new messages.

We’ve shown our faces. Hell, he even knows my IRL name and all kind of stuff. But I’m not concerned with it at all since I trust him.
I feel like he doesn’t need to be insecure with it. This’s what a friend for, right? But yeah it seems that it doesn’t go this way. I don’t know what to do at this point.

I’m gonna collect all of my money and get the fuck out of my country asap. Wish me luck pls 🙂

You are officially noticed!  Getting out sounds like a plan.  Good luck!  If you end up in Australia let me know.

Hi, I was diagnosed but stage 1 melanoma, so I recently had like 4 moles removed. But I guess I’m gonna probably be fine.

Stage 1 is usually pretty chill.  Stay out of the sun, stay hydrated and try not to eat too much crap.

Depression’s a bitch. I’ve been seeing a psych who’s been trying to sort out meds for me, but over the last few years I’ve tried 8 different meds and a bunch of therapy and nothing has really worked.

You’ve mentioned that you had depression in the past but got better. If you’re comfortable sharing, what helped you get better? I know it’s not the same for everyone, but it’s comforting to know that you can come out the other side.

My depression was due to vitamin imbalance, doctors found out I had very little B12.  Some injections later and a week later I was about 80% better, it was really that simple.  I used to assume I was depressed because my life was shitty but when I got to my 30s and my life got way more awesome I was still depressed anyway and that’s when I knew there was another reason.

I finally got to not have gay sex with yves and it was very gay, so i’m alright.
Fun fact: i signed up to your patreon page and selected the 10$ option thinking it was on my country’s currency, but it was actually on dollars and a dollar at this moment is worth five brazilian reals, so… yay economics.

I won’t be offended if you drop that down to something more reasonable, or just unsubscribe for five months and then resubscribe at the $2 tier!  Thanks for your support!

Hello! I’m honestly a little anxious right now, since the new semester is beginning soon and my university still has no idea how it will handle the classes. So I’m trying to take it easy while I’m still allowed to, haha.

Universites are frequently disorganised af.  Fortunately this usually works in students’ favour! 

Consuming way less kpop these days but still follow it for the mess

It’s funny because I’ve never been in it for what people call ‘the mess’ which is just boring gossip stuff really.  It’s all grist for the blogging mill but I don’t think it’s something people should care about.  K-pop controversies are either silly stuff nobody should give a damn about, or highly depressing stuff that is only ever really scratched on the surface.

Currently in a great mood! I had a presentation today and it was a stressful experience (no matter how often I do them I get nervous to the point where I don’t even register what I’m saying anymore) so now the stress is over and I’m excited about my upcoming climbing trip this weekend.

Good news!  Remember that whatever sucky stuff you have to do in life, there’s always an “after” when you’ve done that stuff and feel better.

Should be asleep but instead im doing this bullshit

Sucks to be you, but arguably when completely sleep-deprived is the best time to do this bullshit.

Hi! Am aight just filling in this cause it’s not optional innit but thanks for asking brev keep triggering the stans and fucking hoes an shit

You aight?

I’m good!

Kinda shitty. My cat of 12 years died two days ago. I’m 20, so I don’t remember a time that I didn’t have her… I’m at college, so I didn’t even get to hold her when she was put to sleep. She was my baby. 😦
please provide more Kpopalypse cat content…

There will be more cat content!

Did you know that Canola is an acronym? It stands for CANada Oil Low Acid.

I just thought they called it “canola” because “rapeseed” was too classy-sexy.

why is this a required question? i cbf telling people how i am//

To annoy you

I’m alright. Just had a really weird date that was fun until the guy said I must like having people to travel with so I can “talk at somebody”. Made me feel so effin’ self-conscious and shitty, like I’d been dominating the whole time and am vapid and silly. I dunno. I talk a lot, but I definitely ask questions and learn about the other person as well. I ditched super fast after that cuz I just didn’t know what to say.

Otherwise, shit is fine. Work is alright, I’m starting a hobby of making handmade stickers/cards/stationery, that I’m hoping to sell at creative markets. There’s a lot to do: building up stock, figuring out a brand identity, amping up my puny lil’ Instagram. It’s both intimidating and exciting! Not a business venture as such, but maybe I’ll be able to earn enough to new stationery supplies.

Also feel like I’m figuring out my health/correct drug regimen with my doctor after some NASTY asthma this year. Had it forever, but it’s been especially bad in 2020 (like everything else). But I think the situation is finally really improving!

I wouldn’t have taken his comment as an insult, it could have just meant that he enjoyed talking to you.  Sometimes things aren’t so deep, especially when it’s men talking!

Good luck with your sticker-crafting!

I’m good! I’m getting a house, I’m engaged, my finance and I still have work, and 2020 hasn’t killed us yet. Could be a lot worse for a Victorian right now.

Good stuff.  Victoria should be out of the woods soon with COVID, stay strong.

Damn it, this question always forces me to think about how I’m REALLY doing and no one wants to think about that these days

Ah but thinking about this is important.  Otherwise you can fall into a hole without realising.

constantly on the verge of killing myself 🙂

The smiley face after that means that I think you’re totally genuine and I worry about your health, please seek professional medical attention.

Doing fine, really, thank you for asking. After two years of post-concussion syndrome I’m almost back to normal, and I can now ride my bike for an hour without feeling dizzy and nauseated. But the ‘rona sucks.

Progress is good!  At least COVID means relatively less traffic.  Ride safe.

IF your expecting me to regale you with some story of my personal plight, well sorry to disappoint, but I’m doing okay for the most part.

I approve of this message.

obligatory fuck you

Thanks for fulfilling the obligatory survey answer requirements that dictate at least one response has to be random abuse.  Cheers!

Considering all that’s going on in the world, I’m fine. I’m still trying to figure out this whole juggling attending university remotely and doing the work for my job online like a ton of people. I attend university in the southwestern USA and ended up just spending the summer here rather than risking the flights back home to England. Spending a summer in the desert wasn’t so bad, as the Americans have things like air conditioning and window screens in their residences.
I’m new to Kpopalypse this year and love the refreshingly irreverent content and exposure to good songs that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find in the increasingly oversaturated market. Looking forward to seeing how you other caonima’s are doing. Cheers from someone stuck in the USA for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading!  Kpopalypse loves all readers both old and new!

I’m the best I’ve ever been. I wrote to you a very whiny and pathetic wall of text about the messy break up with my ex-bf. For the highly unlikely case you remember me, I wrote about my anxiety, since this stuff managed to break up my whole friend circle at university, isolating me as the weirdo since I had the worst reaction to it (severe depression, social anxiety), while he continued to thrive and make everyone believe in his accusations against me and everyone just accepted it, without ever asking about my perspective. I asked you about how I could fix the others perceptions about me and not lose their friendship. Instead you told me that I should stop giving a fuck about them. Initially I couldn’t imagine how to do that and it felt completely counter-intuitive, because I was a severe people pleaser and was feeling incredibly lonely. However some weeks later it finally clicked. Like I really just stopped to care. I just started to notice how morphed and fundamentally negative their perception of me had become, although every person that was not involved in that situation that got to know me just treated me normally, like a person or even liked me, like how it used to be, before everything happened. And then I realized that my former friends will never care about me enough to challenge their narrative of me. After all these months they didn’t know me anymore. Their opinions about me are not based on reality. Their and my ex-bf’s criticism isn’t constructive or helping anymore, it’s based on their assumptions about me. There is nothing in my personality or the way I behave that resonates with what they are accusing me of. At first I turned really bitter and resentful for a while, which I tried to avoid, because I kinda liked my innocence and optimism before. But after that I started to actually think about me as a person for the first time since a loong time of completely avoiding it and that I used to have so much fire and personality inside me before I started the relationship with my Ex. About all the principles and boundaries that I unfortunately compromised. And then I was able to finally completely focus on myself. I’ve did everything according to the book, I adopted a healthy diet, I exercised regurarily, went to therapy, got anti-depressants and got accepted for a great research project at Harvard (I know how that sounds but I’m not making this up, really lucked out on the latter). My mind was as clear and sharp as ever. Due to thinking a lot about myself and my boundaries I adapted behaviors that nurture my mental health, I have more energy and more control over my emotions or emotional regulation than I ever had. Since I worked my ass off in the intership for the first time, there are people who think I have potential to succeed in job and want to mentor me, because I also put all my energy into my internship. I made new friends without pandering to them, or changing my personality or boundaries, I never tried to go above and beyond to make someone like me. If I was uncomfortable with sth I just said so directly and enforced them respecting it, without caring if I came off as lame or not. I was just real. It was the first time since years, that people would anticipate my opinion on stuff, experiments and ideas. I’m not sure if this was because they wanted to encourage me and show that despite being just a student they respected to me as a young scientist (probably), but it felt good and made me notice how much I actually knew. I hope it’s not just my bipolar disorder coming back, but I’m currently on a high, lol. Thanks for your advice back then.

This is why the Kpopalypse “give no fucks” attitude is important.  Sometimes people think I’m being mean but it’s actually the opposite.  Learning what to care about and what not to care about can really improve your life drastically, and make you see clearer.  This is the reason why when people send me big personal stuff in QRIMOLE I try to answer honestly rather than disregard it because it’s not k-pop or whatever.  Half of this blog isn’t about k-pop really anyway, it’s about enjoying k-pop as a lens to also enjoy life.  Glad I could help, but remember it’s not mine to take the credit for, you did it all yourself!

Question 2: By ticking this box, you consent to having your data used by Kpopalypse for the purposes of being a cunt who makes people tick boxes for no reason

A total of 431 survey respondents ticked the box, and zero respondents didn’t tick the box.  That’s because ticking the box was mandatory to do the survey.  Don’t you just love EULAs?

Question 3: How old are you?

The age demographics of Kpopalypse readers revealed!  Like all k-pop sites the readership is mostly young, but there are also plenty of old crusty fucks, even some who claim to be older than Kpopalypse, which I’m not sure is actually possible so I’ll have to check the integrity of this data later.

Question 4: What is your sexuality?

One of the most surprising results of the survey is that the majority of Kpopalypse readership is not heterosexual!  It seems that most readers when confronted with Kpopalypse’s boring overuse of the word “faggot” didn’t misconstrue this “problematic speech” as hatred or homophobia but instead just raised their hand calmly and said “yes sir I am present”, proof that the non-hetero readership of Kpopalypse is one of the smartest.  Those gay-ass computer games I wrote probably helped.

Question 5: What is your religion?

About one third of readers were into the non-specific religion of Dreamcatcher videos where you stand around with random objects while an offscreen fan waves your hair around a bit and there’s some CGI particles.  For the nearly quarter of you who were into boring religions, may I suggest any of the other religions on this list.  Life’s too short to pick dull old-school religions that don’t let you live your life the way you really want to.

Question 6: Do you have OCD?

Speaking of living life the way you want to and not being held prisoner by needless rules, by not providing any option other than “no” this question was an attempt to help OCD sufferers break out of their predicament, as answering this question at all would have given them great internal conflict.  Hopefully it helped these readers resolve their issues with the OCD demon!

Question 7: Here is a video of k-pop singer Yoyomi.

Do you own more clothes than Yoyomi?

Only 2% of readers admitted that they had more clothes than Yoyomi, however who knows how many of the people who refused to reveal the extent of their clothing collections for clothing security purposes were also holding onto large stockpiles of undeclared clothes.

Question 8: Why does Reddit/kpop hate Kpopalypse?

Readers were sharply divided on the real reason, but one thing was for sure – it wasn’t because of too much cat content.

Question 9: Why does Reddit/wehatekpop hate Kpopalypse?

Readers were sharply divided on the real reason, but one thing was for sure – it wasn’t because of too much cat content.

Question 10: This week while Kpopalypse was at the gym, four very-obviously-Mafia guys visited and one of them signed up to a membership. Who is most likely to have hired someone to keep an eye on Kpopalypse?

When writing this survey, I thought that Way’s Girls would have dominated the results here, but readers decided that BTS ARMYs are in fact a greater threat.   

Question 11: If you could pick one musical trend to have never existed and found its way into k-pop, what would you choose?

The horror of needless trap sections was the big turn-off for Kpopalypse readers in 2020, although the large percentage of surveydoers still traumatised by the dubstep trend from a few years back despite the fact that almost no dubstep k-pop songs have been released in the last three years proves testament to the staying power of the PTSD that the genre produced.

Question 12: Unfortunately for the entire k-pop online community, there’ll probably be another Kpopalypse boobs post at some point. Please put down any females that you’d like to see covered here. Note that they must not have appeared already in any of the previous episodes of the series. You can skip this question if you can’t think of anyone or don’t give a fuck.

Thanks for your submissions, they will be stored for later use!  Note that a very large percentage of readers did in fact put down people who had already been covered, so I can’t do much with those picks, but you may want to investigate past episodes of the boobs series… wait, who am I kidding, that’s probably how you all found out about the site in the first place.  To soften the blow that only females are included in these lists, something that many of you complained about, here’s a video of Wonho.

Question 13: How often do you feel depressed?

Not all surveys are as pure in their intentions as Kpopalypse surveys!  Unfortunately some k-pop companies survey their fans for nefarious reasons, but it seems that regardless of your personal depression levels you were all very wise to this sneaky behaviour.

Question 14/15: rating the choreography in the JYP video, and the Kpopalypse cat video

JYP/Sunmi video results:

Cat/pigeon video results:

As you can see Kpopalypse’s cat is the clear winner!  Of course this was very predictable, but an interesting statistic is that even though over 300 people gave my cat a perfect 10 score, the video itself only sits at 182 views at the time of writing.  This means that people were so awestruck by my cat’s choreography skills that they couldn’t even bring themselves to watch the entire video probably due to a fear of ruining themselves for all future k-pop content for all time.  Note that my cat’s dance partner the grey pigeon is a friend who sits on my second floor windowsill to accompany my cat often when she is sunbaking.  The grey pigeon also chases away other birds who try to sit in the same spot when my cat is around.  Clearly it’s a relationship worthy of k-pop duo fame.

Question 16: Which one of these completely real BTS article titles sounds the most like something from a Kpopalypse fanfiction?

Yes these article titles ARE all real, and they’re even all from the same BTS fanzine, which I have shown on livestreams.  Kpopalypse readers clearly love a bit of “political content” and the article referencing Trump and Brexit won the highest rating, however results were still fairly close overall as the article titles were more or less equally insane.

Question 17: What type of posts on Kpopalypse blog do you like the most? Tick all that apply, leave unchecked anything that you don’t really care about.

From most to least popular, the results were:

Roundup – 80.7%
Opinion-based posts – 65.7%
Interviews – 62.9%
When he writes about my faves (even if he shits on them) – 58.9%
Boobs posts, objectification surveys etc – 58.2%
Music theory and music tech posts – 55.2%
Anything with cats/surveys – tied at 48.7%
Fashion class – 39%
Nugu Alert – 37.6%
Fanfiction – 35%
Computer games and interactive content – 32.3%

There you have it!  I knew roundup would top the list because my blog always sees a huge traffic spike whenever I post it, but it’s good to see what other posts you all come here for.  Of course I don’t write to be popular, so you can expect that ALL of the above categories of posts will continue anyway!

Question 18: Which k-pop music video best expresses your personal outlook on sexuality?

With so many non-hetero readers checking out the site on a regular basis and participating in the survey, it makes sense that Chuu’s “Heart Attack” topped this question’s results, however the depressingly low amount of votes for Rok Kiss shows that perhaps readers just haven’t seen and appreciated the glory that is Rok Kiss.

Question 19: After six months of pandemic, how are you coping?

I thought I’d better ask.  Sorry for being boring and asking about this stuff, we all don’t want to think about this stupid virus a minute longer than we have to.  Anyway I’m glad that you’re mostly doing okay and getting through life.

Question 20: Here is a video of k-pop girl group WJSN.

Rate the clothes and hair styling in the above video because one of my readers would really like to know if this is good styling or not.

To the reader who asked me about this on my Curious Cat, I honestly had no fucking idea so I thought I’d just pass the question onto my surveydoers.  They seem to generally feel positive about WJSN’s clothing and styling choices.

Question 21: At some point over the last 12 months Kpopalypse lost a folder with over 5000 pictures of T-ara’s Eunjung. The original source is now lost. What fate befell mankind as a result of this action?

Whatever the fate was, it clearly wasn’t good.  Whoever still has the link to that fileshare with the 5000 Eunjung pics (all from Eunchannet I believe) let me know because I really miss that one picture of Eunjung’s ass that I just can’t find now.

Question 22: Haters corner! If you’re a hater of Kpopalypse and actually doing this survey, please explain below how an ad-free personal blog that does almost no promotion and that nobody is forcing you to read has caused you such inner turmoil, yet still compels you to keep visiting. I promise I probably won’t use this information to make my content even more annoying in the future.

The best replies:

you’re not as funny as 5 years ago, stop talking about your 12 year old “haters” all the time

This didn’t really answer the question but oh well.  I promise to dedicate more posts to my 12 year old haters.

Because you’re such a cunt, but joke’s on you, I’m into that shit

Glad to help!

it’s the superiority complex, cynical takes when in my opinion everyone into kpop is the same bastard. you’re not different or special.

We are all in fact different, and we might not all be special but we all have “special needs“.

Boobs, please remove the boobs.

In life it’s important to have a dream.

Jihyo bobs

Probably the most honest answer here.

Question 23: Here is a video of Mamamoo’s Solar being taught how to impersonate Mamamoo’s Solar.

Why is Solar being taught how to sound like herself?

Readers felt that helping Mamamoo members to be less racist might have been the big goal of their agency.  Here’s hoping that this in fact did help the girls.  Let’s cheer for them!

Question 24: Why doesn’t Kpopalypse write more about dogs?

The most popular voting choices were completely evenly tied between “dogpopalypse” and the “cat master race”.  Perhaps this means that one day the cat master race will actually cause the dogpopalypse.  The next two choices were also evenly tied – is it a sign?

Question 25: If you actually did have OCD, did the question earlier about having OCD actually help cure you of OCD?

Just over a quarter of all Kpopalypse readers were cured of OCD!  Yay!  Of course there was no option given for “actually I still have OCD” because if you really did have OCD there’s no way you could have made it this far into the survey without having a meltdown and having to give up completely.

Question 26: Here is a military song called “Final 5 Minutes”, performed by Rockit Girl.

How do you feel about life after watching this video?

The red tip on the toy gun was the winner.  If you ever see someone about to commit a shooting in real life, make sure that you have a red tip handy that you can quickly place on the end of their gun barrel, disabling the gun and making it instantly safe!

Question 27: Have you ever asked a QRIMOLE question?

Reader participation in QRIMOLE appears to be at about one third of the readership.  Glad I could assist you with your burning questions, hopefully my answers didn’t completely suck!

Question 28: Have you ever asked a question for the AustralianSana series?

Participation in the AustralianSana podcast series is running at a much cooler 5%, but those 5% do sure ask plenty of questions, so it’s all good! 

Question 29: Will Honey Popcorn come back?

Opinions were sharply divided on this important issue, but I hope that they do either come back or announce disbandment soon, so I can post about all the drama videos I’ve been watching and quietly reviewing the content of.  In the meantime let’s watch her model some dresses or whatever.

Question 30: Thanks for doing this Kpopalypse survey! If you have any feedback please leave it for Kpopalypse below! This question is optional.

Some selected random feedback, and my replies:

On that question about what types of posts we like the most, you forgot to include your best/worst songs of the year lists! Unless that’s considered a roundup. Anyway those are the posts I look forward to the most cause it’s cool when you actually say why you like or dislike some song instead of writing “this is trash” on most song reviews every week (even tho most of them are trash anyways). Thanks for your content and I hope you, your gf and your cat are doing well!

This is true, I did forget to include this as a category.  However I already know that the end of year lists are wildly popular!  Look forward to more list fun times at the end of 2020!

I like the out-of-the-blue Kpopalypse survey. Some randomness is always appreciated. Also, I really like your cat. She (?) seems so sweet.

She is, she’s behind me sleeping as I write this.  Kpopalypse isn’t just about roundup and will keep giving you random content from time to time!

Been reading for like 5 years at this point and you’re the only blog I follow so thanks for being my favorite free entertainment where’s your patreon

Click the animated Yooa on the sidebar (or scroll down for Yooa if you’re on mobile)

I’vev asked a question about your and AustralianSana’s opinion on Grimes and her recent album Miss Anthropocene and I’m still looking forward to your opinions!

Regardless, I admire that you put so much unpaid time into this blog. You don’t earn anything from it, right? I find myself looking up the weekly reviews every now and then (used to be much more frequent when I wasn not working) and especially like your opinion pieces on stuff, especially surrounding kpop drama.

I really want to see you get bigger, and do in depth analysis of songs that interest you, but I think you know yourself, that the tons of content that sexualize women (and men, but I’m not sure whether you string them along just to not be called sexist haha) probably alienates a lot of, mainly young and female, kpop fans that keep other bloggers alive.

I do earn from the Patreon but it isn’t much.  It’s certainly not a living wage or even enough to pay my monthly Internet bill, but it’s enough to pay hosting fees and the Chuu-bot!  I refuse to carry advertising and always will.

On the one hand the objectification content does alienate a lot of readers but on the other hand it also brings in a shitload of other readers.  Would I be more popular with it or without it?  I don’t know, so I think the best strategy is to not worry about it and just remain true to myself and the reasons why I write.

Thanks for participating in the AustralianSana series!

Honestly when I first found your blog I thought “wow, what a jerk” and thought I would hate it and never come back, but that was years ago and I’m still here. I like that you’re honest about stuff, which is so rare in anything kpop. Yes, sometimes I disagree with you, or I think you’re going too far, are saying dumb shit, or whatever, but I respect you and your opinions and we don’t have to think the same. And also it’s your blog, you can say whatever you want. I appreciate the round ups and end of year lists the most, it’s fun to see what you think on a more technical level since I know nothing about music. So thanks and good job!

This is actually a type of feedback I get really often.  I agree honesty is important.  Thank you for reading!

Are you also annoyed by the high amount of ads at asianjunkie? He said that he wanted to reduce them, but they seem to be more aggressive and more annoying than ever before.

I can’t even access his site at all on mobile.  I think at this point he just tries to add new ads in as many ways as he can to troll his readers.  I like annoying people too, but I think it’s the content of my site that should annoy, not the accessibility.  I guess all those Dreamcatcher photobooks won’t pay for themselves, if he’s found a way to fund his collection more power to him.  Anyway I do my part – if an advertiser approaches me for a deal I tend to do two things: I refer them to this post, and I also refer them to Asian Junkie.  I’m pretty sure he’s gotten at least one of his current advertisers because I did that!

In case people were wondering how crazy kpop scene is just know that this crusty aussie degenerate is the only beacon of sanity in a cesspool of cultish fans and critics who are obsessed about charts numbers and other absurd metrics of musical integrity living in their own holier than thou echo chambers capitalism is thriving and if this year wont end in a zombie apocalypse at a bts concert I will be very disappointed so thank you for generously offering us distractions in these crazy times ㅈㄴ 고맙다고 ì´ 씨발새ë¼ì•¼ ã…Žã…Ž

This comment was written by a bot btw

You’re welcome!  01100011 01101000 01110101 01110101 00101011 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 01110011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101

I’ve been following you literally since high school, I’m a few years into uni now and I’ve changed so much as a person, and I understand so much more shit (like dogwhistle). Although I don’t agree with some of your opinions at all, your willingness to do whatever the fuck you want inspired me to do the same shit in my life so thanks you oldcunt

Good to know – keep rocking!

I think this year is okay at best. People are just psycho and taking all the bad news like it supports their “end of the world” theories for 2020. I, for one, take it as a opportunity to change myself.

I already survived the end of the world in 1981, 1999, 2001 and 2012, which were apparently all forecast by some old cunt even older than me, I’m still here and so are all of you reading this, so I think we’ll be okay.

Thanks for wading through rivers of shit to identify the occasional good new song! And thanks for covering more than idol pop.

Also, I love your end-of-the-year favorites/honorable mentions posts. I’ve found a lot of great music from those. I’m morbidly curious about how you’ll find 30 favorites this year.

I’ve already done shortlists but I haven’t really ordered anything properly yet.  I need to start writing reviews for that or it won’t be ready in time.  2020 has been a VERY busy year for Kpopalypse!

I actually had an interesting thing to write here but I can’t remember it now FUCK

It was probably about Chuu.

BRING ME MORE NUGU ALERT, I LOVE IT. Also, if you have done any recently and I missed it/them, I’m very sorry. Thanks for still making the contents, hope you and your family/friends are doing well.

You can explore all Nugu Alerts using the Nugu Alert tag on the sidebar.  There will be at least one more Nugu Alert this year!

Honestly I don’t think that Yua should too bothered about the shunning. Of course as a human being it isn’t easy to not give any fucks about people hating you but I felt that Honey Popcorn was her passion project and given her main source of income I don’t think it would be realistic to expect most Koreans or pseudo Koreans to love her.
Also I have asked both kpop and non kpop related questions in Qrimole, Oppar.
And lol I used to be in the ‘too young’ category too (I think I started reading when I was 16,or a lol older maybe) but you and AJ helped me not slip in the typical kpop fan zone, so thank you!
P. S I haven’t heard of or seen any lesbian/bi girl/pan girl (you get what I mean) who doesn’t go crazy over women in suits. Idk about what men think on this topic but to answer your reader, for the above mentioned categories (including me) this is really good styling and all girl groups should go with similar styling more often.

I feel like this feedback contains important information.

Make more videogames you bastard, how else will I avoid having gay sex with Yves?

I’ll see what I can come up with in 2021!

Please start giving QRIMOLE names again like “Questions Received In My Online Existence” and “Questions Resulting in More Overly Long Essays”

I gave up because it was too hard.  It takes two solid days of writing just to answer all the damn questions, I don’t want to tack on another day just to think of another witty title, it’s a deceptively hard acronym to write new and interesting titles for!

keep irritating everyone, its great entertainment

I’ll do my best!

Your cat is fucking gorgeous. MRCS for sure

Don’t we know it.

That’s all for this survey – thank you for participating (if you did) and for reading these results!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts!

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