Kpopalypse & AustralianSana podcast – Episode 12: blackfishing in your area

AustralianSana is back with Kpopalypse for another podcast!

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0:00 – Intro: can we have more podcasts pls
1:50 – Kpopalypse talks about the podcast thumbnail-selection process
10:23 – YooA’s dance cover and “blackfishing
23:22 – Opinions on Telegram
24:50 – Dog or cat?
26:35 – What would Kpopalypse do if someone served a “cease and desist” about his podcast/blog?
27:29 – Best neighbour – Ned Flanders or Homer Simpson?
28:14 – Photos of celebrities with bodyguards
29:48 – AustralianSana outs herself as a fast food junkie who stans Maccas
31:45 – Korean idol dating and age-based double standards
32:37 – Momo from Twice’s singing
38:53 – A double-serve of “Fuck Marry Kill” just for you lovely podcast listeners
40:14 – Are kpop fans in general ageist against female performers?  And what about the men?
43:58 – How would T-ara’s “Yayaya” concept be received if a new group released it today?
44:48 – Five k-pop songs that you would recommend to furries?
47:02 – Where Kpopalypse readers learn the futility of trying to get a chubby-chaser to care about female abs
49:07 – Do you feel safe around the police?
57:41 – Prediction of future k-pop trends
58:49 – Kpopalypse and AustralianSana talk about Grimes’ music and Loona without mentioning Elon Musk once
1:02:04 – Scenario: how would you deal with political co-opting of your k-pop songs?
1:03:52 – Discussion of ARMYs and their hate campaigns, doxxing, manipulation of facts, you know, the usual stuff they do
1:06:26 – Will the new security law in Hong Kong affect k-pop?
1:09:33 – Recommending k-pop groups to horror monsters
1:11:12 – AOA’s Jimin and bullying, how much blame should she get?  Also bonus AustralianSana anti-BigHit rant
1:18:54 – Do you think that you could hit the high note in IU’s “Good Day“?
1:19:19 – Tramping in high heels?  What the fuck is that?
1:20:22 – Would you be upset if Mamamoo did a Golliwog concept?
1:21:23 – If you had to cast a film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird featuring only k-pop idols, which ones would you hire?
1:22:23 – Best songs: Chungha or BoA?
1:23:23 – More questions about high heels from Kpopalypse’s drag-friendly readership
1:24:20 – Belly buttons on Korean TV
1:25:19 – The mentality of appreciating “hard work” vs “talent” in k-pop where we don’t really answer the question
1:32:07 – Kpopalypse tries to move to the next question but AustralianSana isn’t finished talking about ARMYs rigging the charts yet
1:33:06 – Lady Antebellum/Lady A and their legal issues
1:34:28 – Would you prefer to be able to see ghosts but not hear them, or vice versa?
1:34:55 – Raptor Twilight
1:35:35 – I think whoever sent through this scenario underestimated AustralianSana’s nihilism
1:36:25 – To all question-askers for this series, if you want your question answered please observe the Kpopalypse boycotts
1:36:47 – AustralianSana’s take on Kim Yuna’s “Kiss & Cry” figure-skating series
1:38:15 – Blackpink’s Lisa and her “doo-rag
1:41:59 – Women don’t swipe right on men with cats?
1:45:40 – Racing car driver becomes porn star – the right decision?
1:46:51 – The illuminati?  In my k-pop?
1:47:09 – Was Somi cut from Twice because she was too white?
1:49:17 – Darth Vader vs Kylo Ren
1:51:00 – Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp
1:52:06 – Why do k-pop fans hate white people?
1:55:34 – Are you a loser if you still live with your parents after 30?
1:57:38 – The definition of “racism”, has it changed?
2:07:10 – To all question-askers for this series, do not ask questions that rely on us watching a YouTube video we haven’t seen to answer, because we just don’t have the time for that shit.
2:07:29 – Florida Man
2:08:09 – AustralianSana says she doesn’t know who the hottest guys in k-pop are and then goes into great detail about who the hottest guys in k-pop are
2:09:36 – Manspreading joggers
2:10:57 – AustralianSana – V or J-hope?
2:17:09 – Why do you think SM never debuted a new version of Girls Generation?
2:23:25 – Unprofessional tweets from the vice-president of Columbia Records?
2:24:14 – BTS singing in English, and Kaachi
2:28:56 – AustralianSana teaches Red Velvet’s Wendy how to do impersonations
2:30:44 – Have you ever used a bidet?
2:31:28 – Public execution by facesitting – which k-pop idol would you choose?
2:32:31 – Kpopalypse and getting prettier
2:32:49 – Why didn’t AustralianSana make her bed in that f(x) video?
2:33:24 – Outro: can we have more podcasts pls

I’ll put a transcription here eventually, probably, if someone provides one!

Thanks for checking out the podcast!  Do you have a topic for the AustralianSana and Kpopalypse podcast series?  If so, use the question box below!  If no box appears, you can use the Yeojin link on the sidebar to submit your topic request!  Stay safe, caonimas!

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