Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 24/8/2020

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup – let’s check out some new releases!

The systemic problems in k-pop keep on rolling on just as I told you all that they would, with ANS being one of the latest casualties. Of course nobody will ever do anything about it because everyone is distracted with the celebrity circus aspect, cancel culture and rating the morality of idols on some kind of sliding scale instead of actually looking at the big picture.

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Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 10/8/2020

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at some new releases!

If Mina’s looking for something to do to keep her mind off depressing negative thoughts, I think she should do what I used to do when life was shitting me off and join another band. Playing bass in bands is cool, the parts are pretty easy in most rock songs, you get all the girls/boys, and if someone tries to bully you you’ve got a 5 foot long weapon in your hand you can slap them back with.  One well-aimed hit with one of those butterfly-style tuning pegs is enough to give a bitch a hospital visit, don’t ask me how I know this.

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