The Kpopalypse 2020 Objectification Survey results part 1 of 4 – best FEMALE BOOBS and MALE TORSO/ABS in k-pop

It’s back once again, the results of the Kpopalypse 2020 objectification survey!  Let’s take a look at how Kpopalypse readers voted in the all-important categories of male and female k-pop idol flesh!

The Kpopalypse 2020 Objectification Survey had slightly less voter turnout than previous years, due to less people spreading the survey through social networks (probably due to Kpopalypse now being shadowbanned or just straight-out banned in a lot of online spaces).  The flip-side to this coin is that as there was less voting, each vote was weighted higher than usual, and had more impact, so if you did cast a vote, your vote mattered more than ever before!

As per last year, voters were asked to choose up to three nominees in each category, best first, and points were allocated as per the following system:

  • Your first choice was weighted 100% higher than your second choice
  • Your second choice was weighted 66% higher than your third choice
  • If you doubled or tripled on choices, only the first choice was counted
  • Choices after the third were disregarded in all cases

Scores were then tallied to give the final results across all categories.

The four results posts are as follows:

Part 1: FEMALE BOOBS and MALE ABS/TORSO – this post

Part 2: FEMALE and MALE ASSES – results here!

Part 3: FEMALE and MALE LEGS – results here!


Remember folks – that if you object to any of the choices here, you only have yourselves to blame as these were 100% your votes, not mine.  Kpopalypse does not even cast a vote – these are NOT my picks but YOURS, and this isn’t like a rigged Korean TV show where the “judges” get a say and can overturn fan opinion.  If you want to see a certain result, then it’s your responsibility to spread the surveys to the people who are going to vote for your faves!




1596 points

(2019 position – #1)

Jihyo maintained her #1 position with a very comfortable lead, collecting over four times as many points as the nearest competitor.  Jihyo’s boobs continue to attract more and more votes, clearly making many objectification survey voters feel special.


395 points

(2019 position – #3)

It’s easy to forget that IZ*ONE’s Eunbi had precisely zero votes a short two years ago.  Now a mainstay of objectification polling who has obliterated many of the survey’s previous high-profile faves, it’s hard right now to imagine these results without her.


266 points

(2019 position – #3)

Despite not really doing anything at all over the last twelve months, Hyosung clearly has made a big enough impression on objectification survey voters through her past body of work to poll comfortably into the future.


239 points

(2019 position – #2)

The notable absence of survey engagement from some very Twice-biased fan communities meant that Twice members in general suffered in the polls this year.  Momo felt the brunt of their lack of input, and thus slipped back down to the position that she occupied in 2018, still a respectable showing.


201 points

(2019 position – #8)

Some high-profile activity from Apink as well as Hayoung’s general continuing attractiveness helped boost her position in the objectification polls to her highest ever.


196 points

(2019 position – #24)

Who says a little controversy is bad for the image?  Not Kpopalypse objectification survery-doers, who detected no lies in Johyun’s bragging about her own body, and gave the Berry Good member a top-ten placing for 2020 as a result.  If readers actually followed the voting instructions correctly, Johyun probably would have scored even higher, but I guess it’s hard for some readers to fill in voting surveys with one hand.


175 points

(2019 position – #9)

While not really active that much as a singer anymore, Sunny managed to climb a couple places this year probably off the back of her increasing profile on variety shows and Korean TV.  She’ll always be remembered as “that girl” in Girls’ Generation and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her here again next year even if she does nothing.


161 points

(2019 position – #4)

Despite some quality CF work, Cheng Xiao put on a poor performance in the objectification polls for 2020 compared to previous years.  It was impossible to find quality recent fancams of her as well, perhaps this is the cause?


156 points

(2019 position – #5)

Ahin also took a slight tumble in the polling results this year, possibly because many people probably had trouble remembering who in Momoland was actually still left in the group.


150 points

(2019 position – #7)

Will Hyuna ever stop being relevant to the Kpopalypse objectification surveys?  Probably not soon, even if the sum total of her creative output these days is turning up at Waterworld each year.


149 points

(2019 position – #20)

2020’s other breakout star in the female boobs category this year besides Johyun was soloist Jeon Somi, who ascended into picture status this year without a lingerie CF in sight.

#12 – CHOA – EX-AOA

142 points

(2019 position – #11)

It’s nice that you all keep voting for Choa, but I’m really starting to run out of decent pictures and fancams of her for these posts, given that she’s been completely away from the public eye for some years now.  Hopefully with the issues within AOA now exposed she can step back to the limelight again, either within the group or elsewhere, and give objectification surveydoers some more strength.


140 points

(2019 position – #15)

This year’s “fucked if I can figure what drugs some of you guys are on” pick is Red Velvet’s Yeri.  The fact that Yeri ousted Honey Popcorn’s Yua Mikami for coveted picture status this year is 100% ironclad proof that I am not rigging these surveys, because I sure as hell know what picture and video I would have preferred to put here.


#14 – Yua Mikami – Honey Popcorn

#15 – Olivia Hye – Loona

#16 – Nancy – Momoland

#17 – Jennie – Blackpink

#18 – Joy – Red Velvet

#19 – Sana – Twice

#20 – Jisun – Fromis_9

#21 – Sua – Dreamcatcher

#22 – Gahyeon – Dreamcatcher

#23 – Haseul – Loona

#24 – Solar – Mamamoo

#25 – Mijoo – Lovelyz

#26 – Bomi – Apink

#27 – Seungyeon – CLC

#28 – Park Jimin/Jamie – ex-15&

#29 – Leeseul – Rockit Girl

#30 – LE – EXID

#31 – Seolhyun – AOA

#32 – Hwasa – Mamamoo

#33 – Sunmi

#34 – Puer Kim

#35 – Soyou – ex-Sistar

#36 – Ellin – ex-Crayon Pop

#37 – Hyolyn – ex-Sistar

#38 – Sulli – ex-f(x)

#39 – Hong Jin Young

#40 – Shannon Williams

#41 – Hyomin – T-ara

#42 – Park Bom – ex-2NE1

#43 – Amber – ex-f(x)

#44 – Saerom – Fromis_9

Of course an objectification survey result post is not complete without a hefty serving of hunky man-meat for you to drool over – let’s now take a look at the male upper-body category for 2020!



588 points

(2019 position – #1)

Despite leaving his group amid controversy, Wonho showed no signs of leaving the hearts of Kpopalypse objectifiers, who ensured that his #1 position remains as secure as ever.

#2 – B.M – KARD

353 points

(2019 position – #3)

B.M’s healthy physique moved up to a healthy number two spot this year, helped out by his group’s consistent activity.


333 points

(2019 position – #9)

A big leap up for the Dong this year, although it was no surprise as I basically told everyone to vote for him while promoting the survey on my social media – but then maybe it was more to do with the work he’s done on his health lately?  There’s no doubt that at least some of the people who voted for Shindong weren’t trolling and really do like their serve of man-meat super-sized.

#4 – KAI – EXO/SuperM

293 points

(2019 position – #5)

Kai also moves up a place in 2020 – it was a good year for SM artists and upper body objectification.


153 points

(2019 position – #28)

Hongseok’s consistent fanservice and very healthy looking cover for Men’s Health inspired some healthy voting from objectification survey-doers, rocketing him up into picture-status for the first time ever and beating out many more high-profile names.

#6 – JOHNNY – NCT 127

150 points

(2019 position – #30)

NCT stepped up the abs fanservice significantly over the last 12 months and Johnny’s profile has been boosted significantly as a result, at least where this survey is concerned.


149 points

(2019 position – #4)

Shownu dropped a few places this year due to some new heavy-hitters emerging in the upper body category, but there’s no doubt that his form – and his ability to actually stay in his group – was appreciated.


134 points

(2019 position – #7)

Taecyeon puts in a very respectable showing, especially considering that his group have basically done nothing this year.


120 points

(2019 position – #2)

Jungkook and all other BTS members took a big dive in the polls this year.  Maybe survey-doers were too scared to fap to BTS because they were worried that the group’s barking mad insane cult-like fanbase would bully their orgasm away.  Here’s hoping that Jungkook and his objectifiers can rise above being dragged down by the world’s most toxic pop music fandom.


92 points

(2019 position – #16)

Baekho is another k-pop who combined a Men’s Health cover with a steady commitment to fanservice and ascended several places in the Kpopalypse objectification survey results.  Who said k-pop marketing was difficult?


84 points

(2019 position – #6)

Minho dropped a few spots this year, probably due to his group’s relative inactivity.

#12 – JAEHYUN – NCT 127

77 points

(2019 position – #8)

In the male “what are you readers doing” category this year is Jaehyun, who seems to have risen in these polls due to one and only one ab-flashing incident.  Apparently the guy in the picture above is Jaehyun but I could be wrong and maybe it’s some rando.


73 points

(2019 position – did not chart)

I’m not sure why Changmin suddenly bounced back from out of absolutely fucking nowhere to get a chart position here, but he’s done it.  A good year for SM indeed.


#14 – Jimin – BTS

#15 – Mingi – Ateez

#16 – Baekhyun – EXO

#17 – Lucas – NCT U/WayV/SuperM

#18 – Siwon – Super Junior

#19 – Sehun – EXO

#20 – Leedo – OneUs

#21 – Rain

#22 – Taeyong – NCT 127/SuperM

#23 – Bang Chan – Stray Kids

#24 – Taemin – SHINee/SuperM

#25 – Jeno – NCT Dream

#26 – Jonghyun – SHINee

#27 – Kyungil – ex-History

#28 – Yunho – TVXQ

#29 – Chanyeol – EXO

#30 – Leo – VIXX

#31 – Mingyu – Seventeen

#32 – Chen – EXO

#33 – Jinyoung – GOT7

#34 – Kang Daniel

#35 – Hwall – The Boyz

#36 – Jaehyo – Block B

#37 – Junji – OnlyOneOf

#38 – JYP

#39 – Moonbin – Astro

#40 – G-Dragon – BigBang

#41 – Jaeyoon – SF9

#42 – Ten – WayV/NCT U/SuperM

#43 – Xiumin – EXO

#44 – Byeongkwan – ACE

That’s all for this post!  Happy objectifying – Kpopalypse shall return!

13 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse 2020 Objectification Survey results part 1 of 4 – best FEMALE BOOBS and MALE TORSO/ABS in k-pop

  1. Kpopalypse 2019 (on Eunha getting 13th place): Eunha honestly isn’t that busty, but is really good at presentation, and the poll DID say “best”, not “biggest”.

    Kpopalypse 2020 (on Yeri getting 13th place): Y’ALL BLIND AND ON DRUGS.

  2. Whenever a female diets so severely that she loses the fat deposits in her face then you can bet the same thing happened to her chesticles; which results in loss of mass and introduces sag. A few releases ago, Jihyo lost her chubby cheeks. As a result, I wouldn’t doubt that she’s now using padding to maintain her buoyant appearance. When her face hollowed, I wept for the loss to society as a whole. #realtears

  3. Yeah, well,……
    2020 is sure THAT year, innit.

    At least My Favorite Chest miss Hyosung is still in there, because yum.
    Even when she’s ‘thinner’ she’s STILL thicc. And that’s A Very Good Thing. ^__^

    Plus on the male side, I am still very happy for Shindong – I have a feeling that by losing all that excess flab and living very healthily, he’s lengthened his lifespan by at least a decade if not two.
    We should all be energized by his example….
    (typed as I finished my evening cocktail and evil sour cream and onion crisps).

  4. Do people really still vote for Jonghyun? Yes, we all miss him, but his body, while very objectifiable while he lived, wasn’t really unique as far as kpop physiques go. On another note, NCTzens stay winning with Johnny’s rock hard abs. Let’s all work hard for Ten and Lucas to join the fray next year!

  5. In a way, it’s fitting that people aren’t using the “innocent” Gfriend as fap material, even though their latest release shows them as white and black witches, finally giving in to temptation, dressed as goddesses (see “Apple.”) My lovely girls are all grown-up now, so I fondly expect to see them here next year… Of course we’ll see Eunha, who’s not the biggest, but some would say the best, cutest example of perfect young womanhood. Not to skew the voting, but some of her groupmates have wonderful figures, if you like the thin Korean ideal.

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