AustralianSana & Kpopalypse podcast – Episode 11: Blackpink Lives Matter

AustralianSana returns with Kpopalypse with another podcast!

Timestamps and relevant links after the jump!

0:00 – Hannah Gadsby: who?
1:26 – It’s called “tomato sauce”
3:14 – AustralianSana’s Jar Jar Binks impersonation is here, please rate it out of 10 in the comments below, also bonus Gollum
4:43 – They’re really making a Space Jam 2, all hope for humanity is lost
8:15 – Yoongi’s scandal
14:39 – Jungkook’s ARMY tattoo
17:28 – BTS “self-producing”, fact or marketing?
21:28 – Dear AustralianSana, why are you so hot?
22:12 – Jungkook traffic accident and long term consequences of fandom shielding
24:34 – South Korean government using K-pop as a distraction to cover up other scandals?
28:05 – Kpopalypse gets a boring question about this lame article and turns it into a discussion about this much more interesting article
31:11 – BTS making a statement about Black Lives Matter, #2MforBLM and black ARMYs being bullied out of their own fandom
39:37 – AustralianSana – a bully?
40:01 – Tik-tok
40:56 – Yubin and Real Recognise Real
41:44 – Pledis
42:47 – Joe Biden
44:55 – Non-standard meal times?
45:21 – What would you change about MNet and Produce 101?
48:46 – Ever considered writing for Seoulbeats?
52:40 – a fairly crap question that we already had in the previous episode makes Kpopalypse wonder if we’ve reached the end – not a chance
53:00 – Racist book retailer?
55:00 – Australian man wrestles python to save kitten, also how is Australia handling COVID-19
59:01 – Nobody in Australia cares about Yahoo Serious anymore or even knows who he is
1:00:00 – Lame COVID-19 conspiracies, of course we don’t care about this, I mean sure we’re k-pop fans but even we’re not that retarded
1:00:28 – Personal experience with a “Karen”
1:03:38 – Jeb Bush’s real name
1:03:58 – Favourite and least favourite Tarantino films
1:07:11 – Favourite April song
1:09:27 – Do you know any furries IRL?
1:10:42 – Compatibility with the Big 3 CEOs according to the (incorrect) 12-sign zodiac
1:15:42 – AustralianSana and Kpopalypse both struggle with the sports ball shape
1:20:31 – You know it’s not an AustralianSana & Kpopalypse podcast if it doesn’t have…
1:21:59 – Sorn from CLC’s inspiring words
1:26:38 – Your regular rumination on how the American healthcare system is a joke
1:32:51 – Doctor Who
1:33:24 – AustralianSana’s thoughts on the entire Star Wars series
1:43:14 – Japanese Mayor: Only Men Should Go Shopping During Pandemic Because Women Take Too Long
1:44:16 – Rate Lee Sooman’s and Ed’s “90 day fiance” sexiness on a scale from 1-10
1:45:26 – “Superstar Woollim” vs “Superstar BTS” mobile games – which is best?
1:49:01 – How to reach AustralianSana on Twitter these days, in case you need reminding
1:49:34 – Does racism in the music industry hinder k-pop groups in the American market?
1:58:09 – Rich people need a hand because of COVID
1:58:51 – #BlackpinkLivesMatter
2:07:09 – conclusion

Note: podcast title and YouTube header images are chosen by Kpopalypse, not AustralianSana.

Transcription coming later, if someone could be bothered!

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