Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 1/6/2020

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s check out some new releases!

Gosh, Yoongi is looking a bit sweaty and clammy there, maybe it’s the humid “atmosphere” in Korea at this time of year.

Twice – More & More

The people who write all the music for Twice got drunk together and JYP said to them “I bet you a free consult with Nayeon’s dentist that you can’t use a tropical house theme and a dubstep breakdown and a half time trap breakdown all in the one song and make it not suck”.  Little did they know, JYP’s soju bottle was filled with spring water and there was no way he was giving away sponsored sessions with the bunny-flosser.  The joke’s on all of us.

Swervy ft. Captain Rock – Blue

Not at all what I expected from Swervy… but also actually pretty good once it gets going, sort of like BOL4 with balls.

Moonbyul – Absence

The absence of a good song, also the absence of sensible fashions – it must have been hard work making Moonbyul look so awkward in that straitjacket/dress/suit hybrid thing.

Stray Kids – Top

The generically-okay type of song that all Stray Kids’ Japanese stuff is.

Victoria Song – Nostalgia

Just checking in again in case you missed it last week, letting you know that f(x)’s Victoria has not been vanned by the Chinese government yet.

Yoyomi – Moving On

Yoyomi’s dress doesn’t suit her but the song does, a 2009-style throwback which is actually pretty cool.

Momoland – Tiki Taka

Any song with that fucking bird or whatever in it fucking sucks. 

Monsta X – Fantasia

Moonbyul and Yoyomi might have poor dress sense this week but the award for k-pop’s worst dress definitely goes to Monsta X.

EDIT: I see you kids who can’t take any criticism of your faves found this one… and I was being pretty damn gentle here tbh, compare this to the roasting that almost everything else got – trust me, Monsta X got off super lightly.  One day you’ll grow up and learn to deal with someone else’s different and honestly quite mild opinions.  In the meantime, if you want to cry, cry.  If you want to look like the biggest bitch fandom ever, even worse than ARMYs, just complain more.  And if you want to fight, better learn to duck.  Sorry not sorry.

Onewe – End Of Spring

Hey it’s pretty good and holy fuckballs look at that keytar with the black keys, isn’t that the best thing ever.  Black keyboards matter.

Park Jihoon – Wing

There’s a pleasing level of songs this week that are just kind of okay rather than the absolute festering turds we’ve been getting lately.

Punch – Say Hello

Punch looks good and the song is even okay but they managed to make her look bland for this somehow.

Punch ft. Moonbyul – Say Yes

Whereas here she looks better on the non-singing shots but now the song is bland instead.

Sunwoojunga – Idle Idle

The usual garbage.

Cheeze – That’s Ok

No it’s not okay.

Uza – Odd (Acoustic version)

I’ve already covered this song and honestly I don’t like the acoustic version much, but there is cat content so stan UZA anyway.

Baekhyun – Love Again

Some songs you can tell are going to be trash just from the thumbnail.

Monsta X – Stand Up

It’s hilarious how you people never learn that submitting “but it got played on a music show!” songs is always a horrible mistake and I’m just going to shit on it every time.

Kim Wooseok – Somebody Like You

Actually, I make an exception, this one is actually prett…. ah no it sucks too.  Had you going for a sec there didn’t I.

Park Jihoon – Driving

Okay, sometimes they’re okay.  This is better than his feature track.  Also a bold choice to actually sing it for real and reveal how bad a vocalist he is.

GWSN – Wonderboy, The Aerialist

Yeah this is pretty bland.  It must be nice being the “designated Amber” in these groups and being grateful you don’t have to worry about dolling up for the gym too much.

Lady Gaga, Blackpink – Sour Candy

K-pop fans lose their shit over “omg my bias has such stable vocals” but it’s all machine-stabilised anyway you dumb fucks.  Lady Gaga has something that pretty much no k-pop singer has – actual identifiable character in her voice.  That not a coincidence either, in k-pop they train the character out of your voice.

Infinite, Lovelyz, Golden Child, Pocket Punch – Relay

Notice how the boys and girls are all filmed separately, Woollim too scared to have these people all in the same room for more than the bare minimum three seconds at the very end of the video so all you obsessed pieces of shit don’t freeze frame the 0.02 seconds where they look at each other and write a 105-page shipping fanfiction based on it.

Jvcki Wai, Coogie, Paloalto, The Quiett & Bassagong – Fadeaway

Jvcki Wai’s looks hard-carry this to relevance.

Tiger JK ft. twlv – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

It’s always sad when music like this exists but it’s even worse when it’s from people who should know better.

Loopy ft. pH-1 – Go! Shopping!

Get out of the corridor we’re trying to get through to somewhere where there isn’t shit music.

Loopy ft. Young West – Prada Shoes

And it’s the same sound again.  I guess there must be people alive who think music like this sounds good but I hope I never meet them.

Im Dai – You’re Not Me

It took this nugu to finally break the “producer’s curse”.  Or maybe she’s not nugu and I just don’t remember what group she was in back in 1983, but it’s cool and she looks great too.

Crucial Star – Stranger

Crucial Star are one of those groups that I don’t know any songs of but I know their name because they’re always putting out shit I don’t like.

Cheetah – Need Your Love

You know a song is going to be terrible when the performer could only be fucked doing a video for half of it.

Chungha ft. pH-1 – My Friend

Everyone is supposed to give a fuck about Chungha for some reason but I can never manage it.

Moon ft. Vince – 2night

Now that SM have acquired all these nobody labels they gotta release stuff that would normally just go straight to Nugu Alert, which is kind of weird and cool, even if the songs themselves usually aren’t.

LA Galbi – Burn The Ribs

If you’re a vegan maybe skip this one as the power of metal will definitely compel you to eat barbequed meat.

Jooboring – Club 11am

I tried to think up a pun with the name “Jooboring” about how this was a boring song, but I got so bored by it that my capacity to think up witty roundup lines just kind of fell apart and I got nothing, sorry.

London Fuzz – Honey Fiction

Incredibly dull droning crap.

Jungwoo Kim – City Of Lights

This is actually not bad at all, in the absence of every second k-pop group delaying their comeback some of the nugus have been killing it lately.

Band 88 – Riff-Raff

And another one that’s cool.  Also these guys got the memo about how watching Korean driving gives me anxiety and decided to use that to fuck with me in the video, points for that.

Choi Cello – Blue

Super dull.

Lee Jin Ah – Dangerous Dream

I had a dangerous dream that Korea stopped liking coffee-shop music.

Shin Wonho – Trust Me

The other Wonho nobody gives a fuck about just released a song, and predictably nobody gives a fuck.

Roy Kim – Linger On

A ballad calculated and timed so his criminal investigation doesn’t “linger on” in people’s memory and they will be able to empathise more easily with his struggle of being a guy spreading hidden webcam rape porn.  Can’t you just feel his old reputation washing away with the rain?  Ah it touches the heart… although I’m not sure if the heart consented.


Nu’est – Challenge!  Clay Shooting King

Watch Nu’est’s JR and Aaron do what they’ve always wanted to do before they die – shoot guns at things.  Apparently dancing with After School Blue wasn’t enough for them to reminisce about on their deathbed, so they had to do this too.  I really liked the pistol on a chain, designed so if the Nu’est boys suddenly went psycho they wouldn’t be able to grab the gun, turn around and start seeking out fans to shoot in the head, which I’m sure is a temptation for all of these k-pop folks from time to time.

That’s all for this week’s roundup – Kpopalypse returns with more roundup next week!

12 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 1/6/2020

  1. God, that Twice song sucks ASS. I called the fucking beat drop like ten seconds in, right after the drum beat or whatever it’s called in English right before the first verse started. And the Fucking styling. Literally only Jihyo looks good. I couldn’t possibly imagine a worse start to the summer season. City of Lights was great tho, I vote we nominate that as the song of the summer instead of More and More.

  2. All those fangirls leaving “I support you oppa 😘” kinds of messages on that Roy Kim video just have me fuming.

    I fucking swear when they a woman’s greatest hater is another woman, they’re not REALLY that far from the truth.

  3. My 2nd favourite 3rd generation girl group (Loona) was recently ruined by the awful yell-pop trend, and now my 1st favourite (Twice) has been ruined by tropical shithouse, dubstep, AND trap.

  4. “Notice how the boys and girls are all filmed separately, Woollim too scared to have these people all in the same room for more than the bare minimum three seconds at the very end of the video so all you obsessed pieces of shit don’t freeze frame the 0.02 seconds where they look at each other and write a 105-page shipping fanfiction based on it.”

    I’d say they are more concerned about stupid dating rumors that fangirls create that causes female idols to get hate over a 0.00002 sec look, but yeah. I hope that’s what you mean by shipping fanfiction, lol

  5. Am I crazy, or does the Band 88 song sound like an homage to “Blue Monday”? I noticed it first and most strongly at 2:24, thanks to the drum (machine) break, but the synth bassline, drum machines, and some of the synth/keyboard (?) textures throughout sound inspired by that song. I’m not knocking it; it’s clearly its own song, and it beats the pants off of the one actual cover of “Blue Monday” I’m familiar with.

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