[BREAKING] Kpopalypse uncovers SHOCKING and HEARTBREAKING NEW dating news in the world of k-pop

I’m sorry to inform readers that I have some shocking and heartbreaking dating news to share.  Please take a moment to grab some tissues and make sure you’re sitting comfortably.

You take responsibility over the person that you love, but I’m sad that you’re not taking responsibility over the person who loves you.



I regret trying to grab onto what I should’ve let go.
Honey Popcorn is a group that will forever be my youth, but because of Yua, this image is gone.



Were we only a business relationship?.. You didn’t make a promise to us forever?



I thought that if we had to set priorities, we should’ve followed those priorities and made so we understand each other, but right now, you actions are just showing that fans and you were just a business. That’s why I’m so disappointed and my heart hurts even more Yua-yah.



You were the “trustful Yua” and now your labels changed to “premarital pregnancy” and “kid’s mother” etc. my heart just hurts so much, it just hurts.



The road that we still have to walk together is still long, I don’t want us to stop now, and you either. Did you want to walk on the way that the fans paved for you? You’re too selfish Yua-yah. I knew you didn’t want to do SNS. And you probably don’t look at the comments on Youtube either. So there’s not much ways we can communicate but I still tried to write something… The letter that you threw away. I’ve been crying for so many hours being confused, I was pitying myself.



I loved you, but I think that I will love you in the future too. That’s why Yua-yah just say “I’m sorry” once. I think this should be taking each other into consideration.



I received an alarm and I was so happy thinking that it could’ve been the news of your solo concert but my hands started to tremble and my tears started to fall out as I dropped my phone. You probably didn’t know how I felt right?



Happy (t/n: no pronoun). Still be happy.



4 thoughts on “[BREAKING] Kpopalypse uncovers SHOCKING and HEARTBREAKING NEW dating news in the world of k-pop

  1. Written like a true heart-broken fan. Now you know how Chen stans and all stans of idols caught in horrible dating scandals feel like! Now go reflect upon this and return with a more mature image. I trust you will no longer admonish these stans.

    Also, luckily for me, my unnies, my queens would never do anything that will possibly hurt the fans who love them. Your faves could never.

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